Power Team Sales/Greensborosports.com Player of the Week for week of 9/9

Posted by Andy Durham on September 13, 2011 at 2:17 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

The Power Teams Sales, Sporting Goods and Apparel; Player of the Week time is here again and it is time for you to vote at andy@greensborosports.com……Power Teams Sales, Sporting Goods and Apparel with Robbie, Abbey, Gary, Danny, David and Clark at www.powerteamsales.com……Check them out….

Check this out, with three names already in the running for the Player of the Year in:
Week One:James Summers-Page HS
Week Two:Reid Baxter-Northwest Guilford HS
Week Three:Ryan Johnston-Northern Guilford HS
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We are caught up through Week #3 and this week who will it be????(Remember it is American Idol style voting, so get those votes in and the Greensborosports.com judges have the final decision each week)…..

From Page, we have Ed Britt(DB), Shaun Workinger(LB/FB), Blake Hickman(LB), Orlando Hatfield(WR) and Drew Rogers(RB)…..James Summers(QB) also performed well in the Pirates win over Ragsdale, but James has won before, so we give some of the other guys a chance to etep into the limelight….

From Ragsdale we have Duncan Sparks(LB) with 2 interceptions, Brandon Walker(WR/KR)with several electrifying returns and Garrison Herndon(QB), who had his team up by one point, at halftime…..

TJ Logan(RB) from Northern Guilford had another big week with 205 yards rushing and 2 TD’s and a two-point conversion run…..Also from Northern, another steady week, for QB Daniel Downing…..

From Northwest Guilford you had Reid Baxter(RB) again and after two more TD’s in the Vikings 21-14 loss at Northern, Baxter scored both touchdowns for NWG and that gives him 13 TD’s on the year…..

For Southwest Guilford, Ray Bridges(Athlete), is a very strong candidate with a 93-yard kickoff return for a TD, a 60-yard pass reception for a TD and a 51-yard run for a touchdown, in the SWG Cowboys 42-41 victory, over Rockingham County….

For Northeast Guilford, you have to give it up to RB Jacob McCann(3 TD’S) and QB Kyle Martin again…..NEG topped Smith 35-13 and the two kids we just mentioned, were the sparkplugs…..

From Southern Guilford you have Malik Mosley(RB) 171 yards on 17 carries for 3 TD’s and Jamie Cunningham(QB), who went 8-13 for 128 yards and 2 TD’s, in the Storm’s 35-0 win over East Davidson…..

From Eastern Guilford we have Heath Justice(QB), who ran for 128 yards on 18 carries and 2 TD’s, plus Milton Walker(RB) 88 yards, on just 5 carries and 1 TD…..

From High Point Central we look at Justin Johnson who threw for 131 yards, going 14-24 with one TD and the recepiant of that TD pass, was Lashuarn Monk(WR)…..

From Southeast Guilford it was Jamal Petty(RB), with three rushing TD’s and over 100 yards on the ground, to lead the SEG Falcons over Thomasville, 34-26……I think Petty had 4 TD’s the previous week, for the Falcons….

And finally from Dudley, it was QB Richard Hayes spearheading the Panther cause, as Dudley played Durham Hillside straight up, with Hayes having a TD toss and a TD run, plus a two-Point conversion run for the Panthers, in a 15-14 loss to the Hornets….

But wait, there’s one more player we need to get in here and that is Josh Thompson(QB) from Western Guilford with 344 yards on 20-52 passing, producing 2 TD’s by air for the WG Hornets, in a loss to Eastern Guilford…..Thompson’s primary receiver was Dorian Anderson, with 8 receptions for 223 yards and the two TD’s…..

What a week and with the American Idol voting system in effect, cast your vote for your Top Player now, at andy@greensborosports.com…….

  • Tfan said,

    Andy, I like how the article from the Burlington Times was written, and your posting of it..It could have had a sinister conotation to it, but fortunately did not. He was a good kid.

    I am confused as to how to vote for Power Team Sales player of the week. This is my first time commenting, so maybe I need to create a username(?).

    Please advise, and thanks for all the great player/game coverage!

  • Tfan said,

    …I’ve already screwed this up. I failed to mention (in my previous comment) the subject of the article I referred to; It was about the sad fate of the Burlington Williams QB, Harry Cohen.

  • Page Fan said,

    Logan or Baxter…These two have put work in each week and deserve it…Wish these kids had a Pirate uniform on though…lol…btw, I know other kids have put hard work in as well, but Logan and Baxter continually do big things and not just for one week…

  • Andy said,

    Just send your vote/selelction to my E-mail address at andy@greensborosports.com….We give the fans a chance to have their say….Send per example, the name John Brown with the heading Player of the Week to andy@greensborosports.com

    Thank-you for your interest and others please follow suit……I want to be the Ryan Sechrest of Football Selection Shows……

  • mark said,

    My vote goes to the entire Page defense for the job they did on Ragsdale in the second half. Summers and Rogers and Hatfield did not beat them – the defense did

  • Tfan said,

    My vote goes to Garrison Herndon, Ragsdale QB. He handles the pressure well in the pocket. His passing skills are beautiful. If he can’t get it to the end zone, he often finds the man who can. He’s a good leader who works very hard for the team. I think he handles the pressure very well, especially since this is his first and only high school year as starting QB. In regards, he has shown patience and perseverance – strong qualities for a young man his age – qualities that can take a team to the playoffs!

    I was at the Page/Ragsdale game…the Pirates were gnarly good indeed!

  • Joe Barile said,

    I’d have to go with Shaun Workinger.

    He made multiple plays on defense at DE and also on offense at FB when he lined up in the I-Formation and Page wore down the Ragsdale defense. I’m not sure of his exact stats on the game, but I know he was picked player of the game by Andy, Jim, and Dennis on AM950, Friday night.

  • fan johnson said,

    James Summers from Page will be Player of the Year!

  • Leslie King said,

    I think Jamal Petty gets my vote

  • Oliver John said,

    Jamal Petty gets my vote,he is having a very good year for southeast,keep up the good work young man.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I’ll have to go with Shaun Workinger as well. This is as unbiased as I can get being that him and my son play the same position(s). Shaun has steadily improved each game and a lot of people are starting to take notice of his accomplishments. On another note–I’m glad to see some defensive players getting some recognition as a whole. Like “Debo” quoted someone by saying..”Offense sells tickets but Defense wins games!”