Aycock Lions top Guilford Tigers in Middle School Football today at Page High School

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Aycock Middle Lions 6
Guilford Middle Tigers 0

AYCOCK-Jahleel Levette 8 yard run on an end around(reverse) with 4:40 remaining in the 4th Quarter…..2-point conversion run failed…..

Excellent job today by the public address announcer at Page’s Marion Kirby Stadium(Mr. Norman Smith)….Mr. Smith is a downtown banker by day and on the PA in the afternoons for Aycock Middle School, where his daughter teaches and coaches soccer….She also coaches soccer at Southwest Guilford and she plays for a local adult team….No sign of Mr. Smith’s sidekick, Larry McCuiston, today….Again, great job by Mr. Smith….It was like being at a Notre Dame game back in the 50’s….

More on the game below…..

Quick hits from this game…..

Three fumble recoveries by the Guilford Tigers and one by Aycock…..Guilford recoveries turned in by Marquis Ellis, Amir Blackwell and Caleb Washington……Aycock fumble recovery by R.J Cheston…..Aycock interception by Jahleel Levette…..

Levette intercepted Guilford QB DeShaun Taylor, who has one of the strongest arms that I have ever seen on an eighth-grader…..DeShaun Taylor completed a pass late in the game, to his teammate Christian Sarpy, that traveled nearly 40 yards in the air and the pass was up in the air and had such a tight spiral…..That was the thing about Taylors’s passes and he completed several, they were all tight and delivered on a turning spiral rotation……Wild passing late in the game by the Guilford Tigers, as they took the ball through the air down to the Aycock Lions 20 yard line and the Lions keep them there as the clock ran down in the fourth quarter and the game was over……

Super drive by the Aycock Lions late in the 4th Q to get that ball into the end zone, on that end-around run by Levette…..The Lions get the only score of the day and it proved to be the game-winner……

The numbers are unofficial, but I would say that Amon Harris was the top ball carrier on the day for Aycock….He had numerous carries and ran very strong and got good support from fellow-runningbacks Jahleel Levette and Omar Hernandez…..Hernandez had a couple of real solid runs to back up the Lions….Guilford’s top ball carriers were Andrew Rogers, Marquis Ellis and Clarence Goings….Josh Hopkins also had a couple of carries for Aycock….

The Guilford Tiger defense posted the follwing unofficial numbers….
Andrew Rogers 7 tackles…….
Marquis Ellis 5 tackles…..
Eddie Goldman 4 tackles….
Amir Blackwell 3 tackles…
Raymond Duncan 3 tackles…
Bryson Tucker 2 tackles..
Jeremy Thomas 2 tackles..
Anthony Thomas 1 tackle.
Daniel Lopez 1 tackle.

The quarterback for Aycock was R.J. Cheston most of the afternoon and looked just as strong on defense as he did on offense….

Unofficial Aycock defensive stats and Quick Hits…..
Alize Lewis 8 tackles……..
Jahleel Levette 5 tackles…..
Amon Harris 5 tackles…..
R.J. Cheston 4 tackles….
Melvin Bailey 3 tackles…
Zachary Pressley 3 tackles…

Other Quick Hits….
Today’s kickers were Zachary Pressley for Aycock and Christian Bowden for Guilford…Guilford’s two key return men were Israel Jackson and Clifton Johnson….The return man for Aycock was Jahleel Levette and he had one run from scrimmage today for 21 yards and he is the man that scored the game-winning TD for the Aycock Lions….

In the 5th Quarter action, prior to the game, Guilford’s quarterback Austin Abourjilie hit Eddie Goldman for a touchdown pass…..In that pre-game play, Israel Jackson also stood out for Aycock and Ezra Perkins did the same, with steady play for the Guilford Tigers…..Same good work turned in by Cordell Dennis from Aycock and Clifton Johnson from Guilford….6-0 Guilford in the 5th Quarter….

Final Quick Hits on today’s game…..
Top Dog for Guilford would have to be that QB Shaun Taylor….The kid can throw the ball a mile and a-half and Christian Sarpy and Malcolm Faulkner were there to catch it…..

Top Dog for Aycock would have to be Jahleel Levette with his touchdown run for the only score and his interception of Taylor……….

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