JV Football Tonight for 9/15 with your Finals

Posted by Andy Durham on September 15, 2011 at 9:46 pm under High School | 16 Comments to Read

Smith 7
Dudley 6

*****Smith wins over Dudley for the first time in 17 years……*****

Ragsdale 30
WS Parkland 0

Big fight with ejections in this one…..

Northern Guilford 22
Burlington Williams 12

Got this one from last night’s WFMY NEWS 2 Sports with Brian Formica…..

Northwest Guilford 14
Glenn 0

NWG JV has not lost a game in over 3 years….

High Point Andrews 47
Southwest Guilford 0

Southeast Guilford 34
Grimsley 6

Page 56
Western Guilford 0

Page JV has not lost a game in nearly 3 years….

from Wednesday night:
East Forsyth 21
High Point Central 0

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    Andrews 47 Southwest 0

  • Viking said,

    Northwest 14 Glenn 0

  • smithfan said,

    SMITH 7
    DUDLEY 6


  • Dale Holder said,

    Page JV has a couple of guys that will continue to feed the Pirate machine in the future. #7 AJ Capel and #2 Jalen Gavin both scored at will and were running wild on offense. On defense, 6’4″ 193lbs #72 Lorenzo Featherston, had multiple sacks and controlled the field for the Pirates before being pulled once the game became one sided.

  • Dave said,

    Ragsdale 30
    Parkland 0
    Game ended at 8:00 minutes due to fight. Parkland player had Ragsdale DB pinned on the ground throwing numerous punches. Numerous players ejected. All ragsdale players were ejected due to being on the field while the Parkland player threw punches. I assume you should sprint to the sidelines if you see a fight. Parkland coaches have no control over their football players and I’m concerned for the safety of their varsity player tonight.

  • go figure said,

    Talking with the chain crew from last night they said the whole 2nd half the Parkland players were telling each other to go out and whip the — of the ragsdale players. Their coaches were telling them no but obviously could not control them. A big kid from Parkland just pounded on some small kid from ragsdale yet they both got ejected. Maybe in the future when you play a team with a very good player you should intentionally pick a fight and both kids get tossed. gets the good player out of the game.

  • mark said,

    wow – I started to go but never made it up there. Looks like I missed all the excitement. Losing 30-0 I guess a team will resort to some pretty ridiculous stuff.

    I wonder how they dole out punishments for JV fights if multiple players get ejected. Can’t ban them from the playoffs since they don’t play any.

    And I really hope none of this spills over into tonights varisty game. Ragsdale can’t let Parkland bait them into any fights because there will be implications if that happens.

  • Dave said,

    I’m sure our coaching staff will be very prepared for this tonight. Hopefully, the refs will be looking out for this also.

  • stayclassy said,

    Nice of Page to show “class” and fake a punt up 35-0 last night…..Great team with great tradition but no need for that.

  • keepitreal said,

    I saw the game last night parkland vs ragsdale and the control was lost by the officials not coaches 2 players fought and only 2, ragsdale had more kids ejected than parkland. the chain crew were varsity players from ragsdale. keep it real with the comments stop being one sided

  • To stayclassy said,

    Stay classy,

    If you would have watched what the coaches did to the kid after the play then I would believe you would have thought the kid called his own number…The punter was getting chewed out after the play, so I seriously doubt the coaches called that one…

  • stayclassy said,

    So I guess the Varsity Page kicker called his own onside kick last night when Page scored to go up 28-0 right before halftime?

  • To Stayclassy said,

    Stayclassy stop whining. Seriously, the score Friday night could have been 50-0 instead our 2nd stringers came in the game midway through the 3rd…I talked to the varsity kicker and he said he was suppose to pooch it to keep it out of their returners hands but just missed kicking the ball right…

    Maybe you should put more focus into your own team instead of whining about little things like that…Western Guilford has too many good players to be as bad as they are…

  • stayclassy said,

    Whining? I couldn’t resist the fact that two “unintentional” plays happened in back-to-back nights versus Page. You covered for the JV punter and then this happens….coincidence???

    FYI-Pooch kicks go straight up, not two yards and into the ground with your cover team in tight like they would be for a surprise onside kick.

    I don’t think anyone could hang with Page when they turn the ball over 5+ times in the first half.

    Good luck Page, I look forward to seeing you play someone down the road that will give you a game.

  • Like I said said,

    Obviously you believe Page was trying to run the score up on Western Guilford for some unGodly reason, but I don’t understand when it was obvious starters were out of both games in the 3rd quarter. Look at it how you feel, but I know the head coach and some of the other coaches and they don’t try to embarrass other teams.

    When Page puts backups in the game midway through the 3rd quarter in both games, then I hardly consider that trying to run the score up and actually trying to stay classy. If it were me (IMO), I wouldn’t have taken my starters out until we had 40 or more points just because Western has weapons to be dangerous enough to make a comeback.

    Coincedence or not, I just told you what I saw and what I heard. If the kid was trying to kick a pooch to the middle of the field to keep one of Western’s dangerous returners from returning, then why in the world would their kickoff team be spread across the field when they know its going to the middle? I mean, that is the first question I would ask myself, non-the-less, if it was an onside kick then wouldnt the ball had been on the ground instead of in the air? I really believe you are fishing for something, because an onside kick usually means the ball is rolling around on the ground. Even if it were an onside kick the score was 28-0 before halftime. I’ve seen Page up bigger than that and have Davie County come back and beat them. So, yes you are whining. If you put more energy into your own team and quit worrying about how others are mistreating yours then it might do you some good. Again, WESTERN GUILFORD HAS TOO MANY GOOD PLAYERS TO BE 0-5.

  • OH AND ANOTHER said,

    Oh, here is another coincidence for you.

    I do believe it was 14 seconds left on the clock after James Summers scored before halftime. Do you really believe Page had enough time to try and score again had they recovered your so called “onside kick” from midfield with less than 14 seconds left? Other than maybe a Hail Mary, I can’t think of a reason why they would try an onside kick at that particular point in the game. And if you believe it was just to mock Western Guilford then I know the Page staff better than that and know that was not the case.