Mission Malaysia:Eric Cunningham ready for IBSA World Championships

Posted by Andy Durham on September 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm under Amateur | Read the First Comment

Local Greensboro bowler, Eric Cunningham, is headed to Malaysia for the 2011 International Blind Sports Association’s World Ten Pin Bowling Champiosnhips. The event gets under way on October 11 and Eric will fly out of PTI on October 6….His flight will take him from the Greensboro airport to New York and then on to Dubai and Malaysia….

Cunningham is part of a five-member team, with other bowlers to join him in Malaysia, from Raleigh, N.C., Detroit, Michigan, Augusta, Georgia and their coach is from Bulter,Indiana. There will be 15 teams in Malaysia for the competition, with each team being made up of five bowlers…..

The event will be taking place at the Sunway Pyramid Megalanes, which is all part of a multiuse entertainment center….All of this will be going down in Malaysia and not at Eric Cunningham’s home lanes, Gate City Lanes, on Hornaday Road….Eric has been working out at the Gate City Lanes, prior to his Malaysian trip, coming up in October. He trains on Thursdays amd Saturdays, with Thursday being league night and Saturday being his practice session and he will practice for 2 hours non-stop…

Eric carries a 150 average and that’s not bad at all for a visually impaired bowler and Eric’s dad Lonnie, can do him one better, as Lonnie Cunningham posts a 160-170 bowling average…..

More Pin Point info from Eric Cunningham, as we spoke about the upcoming IBSA Wolrd Ten Pin Championships, back on Wedensday evening…..

AD:How much will the trip to Malaysia cost and how have you covered your expenses?
EC:The entire trip will run right at $3,000……We have had several fundraisers here in Greensboro, in conjunction with Gate City Lanes and other establishments and the money is there to make this trip happen……

AD:Will their be a language barrier in Malaysia?
EC:No, English is a secondary language over there and we should have no problem with communication……

AD:What are you hearing about certain rules and how they pertain to your tournament?
EC:International rules will be in play, just like what you see in the Olympics….There will be drug testing, equipment checks and you must wear the US Team Uniform when you are participating/in competion…..All of these standards assist with the competition, safety and security for this large event, that will be held within a Multiuse/Multipurpose Entertaiment Complex, there in the host city of Kualalumpor Malaysia……

AD:Any second thoughts about taking such a long trip for a bowling tournament?
EC:I’m excited to be going and very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this event and this will be my first trip outside the United States, but no second thoughts whatsoever……We will get the chance to meet with the US Embassy while in Kualalumpor…..

AD:What size city is Kualalumpor:
EC:From what I have heard, it is very similar in size to our US properties/holdings, in Los Angeles and New York City…….The economy of Malaysia ia very stable and they are known for their banking industry…..They have set up several sight-seenig tours for us, so that should be a lot of fun, to visit the Malaysian outposts…..

AD:What about food? Do you take a large sack with some good ‘ole USA sandwiches, or can you find the food you will need to keep you sharp while in Malaysia?
EC:The food will be fine. There is a Pizza Hut and a Kentucky Fried Chicken just down the street from where we will be staying and that should be all we need to keep us rolling/bowling…..There are plenty of other possibilities for us near our hotel, since we are right in the middle of a major shopping district, within the Entertaiment Complex, where our event is being held…..

AD:Any predictions?
EC:I feel real good about our chances….We will do well and I can’t wait for the bowling to begin there in Malaysia, on October 11……..

Eric Cunningham from Gate City Lanes and he will be participating in the International Blind Sports Association’s World Ten Pin Championships, at the Sunway Pyramid MegaLanes in Kualalumpor Malaysia, on October 11-15…..He will return to the US on October 16…….

  • Eric Cunningham said,


    Thanks again for everything my man! I’ll be at the Dudley/Smith game tonight on the sidelines. Give me a ring and i’ll come up to the pressbox during pre-game or halftime and we can rap for a bit.