A look at how our guys compare in numbers with the others at NCPreps.com

Posted by Andy Durham on September 16, 2011 at 11:08 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Rankings of some of the players in our area compared to players in the rest of the state according to Deana King at NCPreps.com/www.ncpreps.com


# 4 Josh Thompson Western Guilford 71 completions – 130 attempts 1205 yds 8 TD’s

#27 Quentin Chavis High Point Christian Academy 55 – 128 743 yds 4 TD’s

#37 Garrison Herrodon Ragsdale 43 – 73 648 yds 5 TD’s

#40 Matt Pawlowski Northwest 28 – 36 611 yds 4 TD’s

#54 Jamie Cunningham Southern Guilford 30 – 59 528 yds 8 TD’s


#1 Jordan Collins Andrews 98 carries – 859 yds 9 TD’s(The Collins kid is actually from Andrews High School up in the North Carolina mountains area…Easy to confuse…I almost brought him on here back in the Summer pre-season time, but he is from Andrews High and not T. Wingate Andrews….We’ll keep him around for this week anyway….Good kid and not to be confused with the Corban Collins, that used to be at HP Andrews and left out for the Christ School in Arden…….)

#17 Malik Moseley Southern Guilford 68 – 461 yds 5 TD’s

#72 James Summers Page 47 – 451 yds 5 TD’s


#7 Dorian Anderson Western Guilford 19 receptions – 432 yds 5 TD’s

#35 Kedish Edwards Western Guilford 22 – 298 yds 1 TD’s

#42 Anthony Stewart Ragsdale 16 – 286 yds 2 TD’s

#43 Reid Flippin Western Guilford 14 – 283 yds 1 TD’s

*****Interesting numbers and if anyone has others that we can use for study and comparison, send them our way to the site or to andy@greensborosports.com….*****

  • Joe Barile said,

    Summers and Rogers number haven’t been updated on NCPreps.

  • defense said,

    Do you ever track defensive players?

  • Andy said,

    We do, but there isn’t as much out there on the defense as there is on the offense….If you come across some key defensive numbers send them our way to here at the site to andy@greensborosports.com…..We had one of our Players of the Week from the defensive side of the ball and that was the kid from Northern Guilford for his play in the Dudley game at Dudley….Send us a few of those defensive numbers if you see them elsewhere and send them to andy@greensborosports.com.

  • Andy said,

    If some of you get current updated stats on the guys we have up here now, send our way…….You know the address….It is andy@greensborosports.com.

    We have a good friend of the site tracking these stats for us and we hope to have an update each and every week…..

  • Joe Barile said,

    Summers updated rushing total is 47 carries, 451 yards 5 TDs.
    James also has 7 TD passes so far on the year. I’m not sure of his official passing yardage though.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Back in the day (My senior year) WG had 8 shutouts. The current team scores lots of points and gets plenty of yards no doubt. The saying is true however “Defense wins championships”
    It may be a good time to change the defense. WG has not had a good defense since Coach Holifield was there.

  • Andy said,

    Very good points 77 Hornet…..I was thinking the same thing yesterday….My last round up at the Hornet’s Nest we had I think it was 6 shutouts and then your year they 8, so that’s 14 shutouts in 2 years time….I remember on week we had Eastern Guilford on a Monday(beat them 45-0) and then Madison-Mayodan(McMichael) on a Friday and beat them 56-0, so there was offense and defense both back in those days….Out score the oppostion 101-0 and that’s a busy week…I did not score a single point that week, but was able to receive at least a couple of those penalties for not stopping on the whistle and making the ball carriers’ lives a little uncomfortable….The ref said put the guy down and I said I couldn’t hear the whistle cause everyone was yelling put the guy down….I put him down, but it was 15 yards back up the field….

    Very tough defense with Bill Hollifield in charge…..

    Western needs to bring back Doug Henderson Sr. and let him coach a little defense on the side……He could give those guys a boost or maybe a good boot in the seat of the pants….He didn’t care….He and Hollfield had one rule, “my way or the highway” and or “my way or Trailways”……

    Take it or leave and if you want to win you take it and run…..Run real fast…..

  • Brian said,

    Coach Griffin had plenty of good defensive teams when he was head coach in the 90s. i think you are suffering from a little biasthere Hornet 77.

  • john said,

    How is western 0-4, yet rocks these charts.

  • stats said,

    Most of Western’s stats are when the other team has their 2nd string in. Sad but true.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Brian, was Hollifield not the Defensive coordiator for Griffin?

  • Steve said,

    Andy, I think you folks do a great job of posting stats on players and their accomplishments in all sports. I believe that transparency keeps out a lot of guess work . If coaches or whomever does not send their reports in either good or bad, then I believe that in the end when superlatives are being handed out based on updated data; then no one should be bringing up folks if their results were never published on a consistent basis and make it look like that respective athlete got shorted. EXAMPLE:

    If a kid rushes for 140 yards one week and his performance is never published again but some other kids coaches made sure that they got their kids production up whether they won or loss or whether that kid rushed for 170 yards or 30 yards and when the season is over and the coach whom sent in the kid that rush for 170 yards or 30 yards and the kid ends up with 1200 yards for the season, then it is unfair for someone else to later say, “What about Johnny” whom no one ever saw anything but one time. How would anyone really know if what is posted later to be fact after it is all said and done when there is no consistent tracking system to go from?

    Superlatives should only be given out on what is seen and not heard!

    Every College and Pro Team stats are posted and many highschools from all across the nation as well.

    When it comes to recruiting, no coaches have the time to invest a serious amount of interest if they have nothing to go on. Imagine trying to tell a coach about a kid as an offensive lineman that you do not have his height or weight posted and see what type of interst it would bring. One can mention tough all day but a 5’10 lineman weighting 170 pounds does not get it at the collegiate level. At least not to coaches whom are trying to keep their jobs.