Carolina Panthers lead 13-7 at halftime and then fall behind 20-13 in the 3rd Quarter, at BOA Stadium(Final Score Packers 30, Panthers 23)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 18, 2011 at 3:13 pm under Professional | 5 Comments to Read

Packers top Panthers 30-23 at Bank of America Stadium, in Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers are going to have to get some kind of running game going….Cam Newton passing was 28/46 for 432 yards with 1 TD and 3 interceptions….Here’s the Panthers’ running game from the Sunday loss to Green Bay:Cam Newton 10 carries for 53 yards with 1 TD and a long run of 12 yards…. DeAngelo Williams had 5 carries for 13 yards with 0 TD’s and a long run of 6 yards….The Panthers need a running game to go with this passing display……

Green Bay 0 7 13 10 30
Carolina 10 3 0 10 23

The Panthers had cut that 23-13 lead to 23-16 with 4 minutes remaining and now the Packers have jacked the score back to 30-16, with the 2-minute warning approaching….
*****Cam Newton very strong and poised early in the game, at least up to halftime and somehow the Panthers have fallen behind 20-13, now in the 3rd quarter, at the Bank of America Stadium, in Charlotte, N.C.*****


A. Rodgers 19/30 308 2 0

J. Starks 9 85 0 40
R. Grant 6 25 0 9

Receiving REC YDS TD LG
J. Finley 5 68 0 39
J. Starks 3 30 0 11
R. Grant 3 14 0 8

C. Newton 28/46 432 1 3

C. Newton 10 53 1 12
D. Williams 5 13 0 6

Receiving REC YDS TD LG
J. Stewart 8 100 0 21
S. Smith 6 156 0 62
B. LaFell 4 49 1 32

  • Alumni said,

    Newton overrated……..he killed the panthers today…we need Luck!

  • Andy said,

    The words coming from the Charlotte Observer web site say that mistakes have haunted the Panthers….2 Cam Newton INTS and one big Steve Smith fumble…..Newton looked like a world-beater early and now he doesn’t appear to even be an egg-beater as the game has moved on….

    Fans calling for Andrew Luck….Tim Tebow billboard replicas can’t be be too far down the road from BOA……How much are those boards, $1,000 a pop….The can turn on you in a hurry….

  • Are you kidding me said,

    Andrew Luck couldn’t hold Newton’s jock strap! The kid was thrown in the fire and has come out with his guns blazing. If any blame need to be handed out it should go to the coaching staff. With two high paid running backs, why not get a running game going to take some pressure off. If your going to pass 40 to 50 times a game, then trade one of those running backs for some better receivers.

  • The coach said,

    I agree. I’m a die hard Panthers fan, and the run game was nowhere to be found in the state of North Carolina. The guy threw for 432 yards and had a chance to win the game. Cam Newton is a winner, he just got to have a little help from the run game. Lets talk about how bad that fumble was by Steve Smith. Your a vetran, tuck the football.

  • Fan said,

    Cam Newton is the right choice for Carolina. He has superceeded expectations even if folks do not want to admit it. The only reason Carolina has been in games right now is primarily because of Cam’s ability to make things happen. His mistakes which happens to every young quarterback are minute and can be corrected with more experience. Lets put things in the proper perspective. What quarterback that was a rookie and started has accomplish what he has in the NFL history of the game?

    Yes, the Panthers are 0-2 and there is no denying that. But they are not 0-2 because of Cam’s play. Both games were winnable games and a break down or two in other areas have been crucial. These are exciting times for the Panthers and their young leader has the right disposition to carry this team now and in the future.

    Those days and thoughts of you have to be twice as good needs to be thrown out the window because who has been twice as good as his production as a rookie starter. Cam has set the bar for the Andrew Luck’s of the world to follow. Who knows he probably was better than Tebow at Florida but they never wanted to admit it.