NCAA Response/here’s what Heels would do:UNC proposes all wins gone from ’08 and ’09, plus scholarship reduction, a $50,000 fine and 2 years probation

Posted by Andy Durham on September 19, 2011 at 4:01 pm under College | 33 Comments to Read

Chapel Hill, N.C. — The University of North Carolina released a 111-page response to the NCAA notice of allegations Monday.

In the response, the university self-imposed the following penalties:

They will vacate all wins from 2008 and 2009.
They will reduce their scholarships by a total of nine (three each year for three years).
They will pay a $50,000 fine.
They will self-impose 2 years probation starting with the date of submission.

In the response, the university says the proposed sanctions should be enough due to their cooperation in the investigation.

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  • Butch said,

    So how many wins versus State will UNC have to vacate during Butch’s tenure?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I really wanted that win back they stole from Tennessee! Go Big Orange!

  • Andy said,

    What about bowl winnings/earnings????

    Will money/monies have to be returned?

  • Andy said,

    There’s been talk that Tennessee might be interested in joining the ACC. If they do they could bring that win in with them…..Derek Dooley’s uncle coached at two ACC schools…..Bill Dooley at UNC and Bill Dooley at Wake Forest……That would kind of make it like All in the Family if Derek Dooley brought his Vols to the Atlantic Coast Conference…..The Vols wouldn’t have to worry about messing with Florida any more either if they came across the mountains to the ACC…..Heath Shuler left North Carolina and went there….One of the Streater brothers, I think it was Jimmy went there to Tennessee too……

    By the way, how did that game end up on Saturday? Florida and Tennessee?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    The Vols lost by 10. The Streaters were really something and yes it was Jimmy. He and his brother Steve went to Silva Webster. One of the power houses of the day. Jimmy was QB in the 70’s and was a running type QB. Jimmy died unfortunately about 5 years ago after a lengthy illness Steve was a punter and went to UNC. He signed with the Redskins and on the way home was in a very serious accident. He was paralyzed in the wreck and the Redskins went ahead and paid him a good sum of money even though he never got to play for them. Heath Shuler played at Swain County HS and was one of the better QB’s that UT had up until Manning got there. The reason he went to UT was totally the short distance from his home town and Knoxville. He said he wanted his family to be able to see him play. Heath also signed with the Redskins but held out for more money on the advice of his agent. That did not sit well with fans and team mates. His career was short lived as a Redskin. He was traded to the Saints and bent his toe backwards and had it removed thus ending his football career. Heath now a US Rep from NC.

  • Gfan said,

    Gee I feel like somehow NCSU is getting cheated (even more) since they would not need to give make games to us. Maybe they can paint the old well red. Maybe rename the library Cozell McQueen Hall. Franklin Street can become David Thompson Avenue. Others have ideas on this. Somehow the punishment they have picked just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think N.C. State fans will get cheated. As long as Debbie Yow is there in Raleigh, the Wolfpack fans will get their money’s worth….

  • Corporal Agarn said,

    Never underestimate the power of 800 unemployed engineers. I thoroughly expect the posters at pack pride to tear through this farce and expose the Holes for what they are…..CHEATERS. Somehow, offering up what was inevitiable….vacated wins, probation, 50K…LOL!….doesn’t really seem to cut it.

    As they say…..every dog (wolf,tiger,turkey,deacon, devil, etc…etc.) has its day. And those in the ACC that are not Tarholes are about to have theirs.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    This is far from over. UNC will get more than what they have “Self – Imposed”.
    Also keep in mind that the stuff with McAdoo and the most recent visit by the NCAA to the UNC campus IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS NOA.
    Also Butch’s 216 area code calls have not been exposed. UNC still has plenty to worry about. If someone in the media really decided to dig into the academic issues with the Swahilli professor and his former department then all hell could break loose because the ROY’s BOYS would be under the NCAA microscope. Have a nice day tarhole fans. Today may be the best day y’all have for quite a while.

  • Mickq said,

    You’d think State fans would have something else to celebrate other than Tarheel Troubles. Unfortunately, when you suck at everything for a decade and more then I guess “haterade” is all there is left in the fridge. And I am absolutely sure all those State Mensa Member basketball players are among the 800 unemployed engineers.

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. I hope all this mess leads to some clean up of college athletics. But I know it wont. Are you sure you want inquiries into your programs State fans? Clemson,? Va Tech? Anybody? WFU? I would like to think Duke does it right but does anybody really?

    These are dark days for the Heels no doubt. Butch sort of performed as I expected as far as I am concerned. Unfortunate. Take the medicine Heels. Clean up. Foloow the rules. They really are not that tough. Complex… yes. Stupid sometimes … yes . Just do it.

  • So Carolina said,

    Mickq…..soooo Carolina of you……did you actually lower your nose to type that!

    “We’re great, you’re not…….everyone is doing it…….the NCAA is to blame”

    Bottom line, you’re a cheating athletic program…….everything you say now is BS!

  • Mick said,

    Help me out. Where did I blame the NCAA? Almost everyone IS doing it. I hope you dont think that is incorrect. I didnt say that made it OK. Quite the opposite actually. UNC should get all it deserves as they brought it on themselves. You did read my post right? Or did you just copy and paste your response from one of your ABC sites? Pretty much all WolfPack sites are anyway is ABC. Dont have much else to talk about in this century.

    Have your fun now. Because in 2-3 (or 5!) years The Heels will have recovered and hopefully learned some REAL lessons. And you guys will still be wondering why you continue to be stuck in mediocrity, changing coaches like underwear and ABCing.

  • smh said,

    Trust me. It’s not worth wasting your energy and time on these guys. Thanks for trying, but it really is a hopeless effort.

  • UNCheat said,

    When to say….”Follow the rules. They really are not that tough. Complex… yes. Stupid sometimes … yes.”…..that’s blaming the NCAA…calling the rules complex and stupid.

    It doesn’t matter who is or who isn’t doing it……you’re a documented cheater. Quit acting like a 5 year old with the “Billy is doing it too!!”

    When you say recover… what level is Carolina football trying to recover…..Tire Bowl? That’s where Butch had you! Please refer to the first question posed here……it’s not as if you’ve ever been great. Then again…’re are Carolina…which by nature means arrogant…just don’t show it so clearly.

  • Mick said,

    How about responding to what I actually say instead of making stuff up. Who said “great” other than you? UNC football will recover as will all Tarheel sports. The image is probably tarnished forever (which should make you and your ABC buddies sleep well at night). But that is why I think Thorp needs to go too.

    If anyone isnt acting their age it isnt me. And it does matter who is or isnt “doing it”. Sad that you feel that way.

    UNC football will recover to the current mediocre to kinda good level of the ACC pretty quickly. State aint no powerhouse brother, Just ask the last few opponents. You shoulnt be so pissed off about your season so early. There is plenty of time to recover and salvage your season. Projecting your frustrations on others is unhealthy and silly. Your foaming at the mouth apparently has infected your typing skills as I cannot cipher your last question in the least.

    Now, go back to the huddle at or whatever and figure out which Wolfie coaches to fire next. Being an ABCer doesnt make you a fan of anything. Just a hater, By definition I might add.


  • Fan yes, Grad No said,

    Mick…..stop……you’re making Carolina people look bad.

    You decipher something that is confusing… make something confusing you might create a cipher. Stay away from the big words mi amigo.

    Edumacation my Carolina Wal-Mart fan!

  • Mick said,

    It was sort of a Beverly Hillbillies reference. Jethro use to do a lot of “cipherin”.

    You are so smart brother. Why dont you tell me what that last paragraph, sentence thingy was supposed to mean. You probably have more experience translating State-speak than I. Lil help?

  • Last One said,

    If you don’t know what “Carolina Wal-Mart Fan” is…….you’re probably one of ’em. Ask around. Out!

  • crackride board monkey said,

    smh and Mick,
    How nice of you to drop by again. I thought the sinkhole from Chapel Hole swallowed both of you.
    Are you guys going to take another long vacation beginning October 28th?
    When is the funaral for the “Carolina Way”?
    What happens after the 216 phone records are released?
    What are you UNC folks trying to hide in the 216 records?
    Why doesn’t Ms. Wiley tell us her side of the story?
    Why does UNC want McAdoo to drop his lawsuit?
    When is Chris Hawkins actually going to trial?
    How come the official response to the NCAA says that Blake was fired(asked to resign)? And why was he paid $75K?
    One of these days some or all of these questions will be answered and it will not be pretty for UNC.
    I just wanted you two to know what the future brings.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    typo Funeral for the Carolina Way

  • Andy said,

    Not sure if the Butler team from Indiana might make it to the ACC(I believe it was the Butler Bulldogs and they have been to the NCAA finals the past two seasons), we’ll any way/any how, last night on the Hillbillies, Jed and Granny said you have to watch out for that Butler and I’m not sure exactly what that means, but the Butler would not do any washin’ or cookin’, because he was, “The Butler”…..

    Let’s all come clean here…..These moves aren’t about football….It is all about basketball redemption and continual dominance by the ACC, as a basketball league and the home office wants to make sure that they get some basketball teams in here to even the playing surface with UNC and Duke…..Syracuse and Pitt are coming in here for hoops and Mr. Kimball and Mr. Swofford at the home office are looking for more basketball schools to go with them….

    The ACC with the problems surrounding UNC, Miami and Georgia Tech, has given up on that dream of being a football powerhouse conference and it is now time to get back to basketball….Bring on “The Butler”……..

  • Andy said,

    Gary McCann, Larry Keech or Meyer Anthony would know what is really going on with this expansion process and what should be done with the UNC penalties…….Anybody got their number? I do not feel Dave Glenn has a real feel for what is happening with all of this…..He is not a true born and bred Atlantic Coast Conference man……(Dave Glenn is trying to save what’s left of the Big East and get ECU in there. He must have stock in the Pitt County Bank and Trust….) I remember the day when the ACC headquarters/offices were in the old King Cotton Hotel downtown, right where the News and Record building sits today…..Jim Weaver was our leader back then……We need to slow down and make sure that we are covering our tracks as we form of new footprint for our hallowed league…..

    And then:

    We need to get to the bottom of these NCAA Sanctions at UNC and Miami and find out which way this expansion is going……Maybe Tony Barnhardt could come back to town and clear this up…….

    Mike Hogewood would know what we need to do……Have you seen him?

  • James Taylor said,

    What would Jimmy Buffet do?

  • Mick said,

    All in fun boys. There are lots of ways to make fan bases look bad.

    Crackride, whatever happens … happens. But your glee in others demise is rather pathetic. Typical life of an ABCer though.
    We shall see. This will be over SOMEDAY.

  • Mick said,

    Oh, but thanks for proving the ABCers aren’t all wrong about Carolina Fans. THAT really will help in the long run I am sure.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Bill Dooley was the coach at Virginia Tech before Beamer and Beamer flirted with Carolina!

  • crackride board monkey said,

    My glee in UNC demise is based on the desire for a level playing field in the ACC and all over collegiate athletics. UNC has had and is now proven unfair advantages in athletics. The “Carolina Way ” has been exposed as a fraud. Academic misconduct among athletes in Chapel Hill is now both proven and documented.
    UNC was so used to controlling the media and sweeping anything negative under the rug for years and they have now been exposed as an entity that is much less than virtuous. Those of you that stay drunk on the light blue Koolade are getting a big dose of reality along with some initial sobriety from your intoxicating Koolade.The truth hurts when you are not used to hearing it. You can survive if you will just adjust to the changing environment which is that your “Carolina Way” is/was a myth. UNC is like all other NCAA institutions and is not on a pedestal. Charles Darwin proposed The Natural Selection Theory that states that living things that cannot adapt to a changing environment become extinct. Face it “The Carolina way” is a dinosaur.
    You say this will be over someday. I heard that “It will all be over by Friday”.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    On another note. I do actually feel remorse for real UNC grads that care about the integrity of their school. For them it has to be hard wondering each day what new information will come out that further ruins the image and perception of their school. I have relatives that are actual UNC grads that fall into the with integrity category. It also has to be disappointing for them that instead of coming clean and trying to restore integrity UNC is continuing to coverup and hide information from the general public such as the Butch Davis 216 area code phone records. As for the bandwagon Walmart UNC fans, I very much enjoy their having to expalin away the scandal at every turn. I could give a rat’s tail what that element thinks.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    typo again explain

  • smh said,

    You are a sad, sad little man.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    I have no reason to be sad my school is not being investigated by the NCAA and I am not little I am average height.
    You cannot take it that your fraudulant “Carolina Way ” is gone so you resort to personal attacks on anyone that is not a light blue Koolade drinker.
    You cannot grasp the fact that many people do not give a rat’s tail about UNC athletics.

  • Mick said,

    I like the verbage “my school is not being investigated”.

    You do read the posts right? Or do you just skip to the end and paste your tired lines?

  • crackride board monkey said,

    I like the verbage ARROVE.