Should the ACC bring on the Texas Longhorns? Texas hold ’em or Texas dump ’em and what about adding UConn and West Virginia, as numbers 15 and 16?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 19, 2011 at 11:51 am under College | 16 Comments to Read

Do you think the Texas Longhorns will end up in the Atlantic Coast Conference? Will the ACC Texas hold ’em or Texas dump ’em? Texas loves to do their own thing and they may just be looking for a stopping-off place, in the ACC on their way out of the Big 12 and their way on into the PAC 12……

Texas loves their independence, but if they came in, you would have a big-time football program and just think of the fun that the ACC would have with the ACC-Mack Brown matchups and in basketball what about the Rick Barnes battles, that would come from the ACC-Hook ’em Horns in Hoops hookups???

Notre Dame and Texas love to do their own thing, but if you can’t see them in the ACC, what about Connecticut and West Virginia? With Syracuse and Pittsburgh already coming and Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech already in here, this would almost be like one of those ACC-Big East mergers……

UConn and West Virginia seem like they would be a good fit and that sure would take the league due east in the future…..Is this the way you see it going?

If the ACC did get Texas, you can’t be sure how long the Longhorns would stick around….Unless you make them sign to a 10-year contract and a get a long-term Longhorn commitment, they may be ready to pull up stakes and leave in a couple of years…..

With UConn and West Virginia, I don’t see either of them looking at the greener grass, on the other side of the fence, like a Longhorn would be prone to do……

UConn and West Virginia would appear to be a good fit, but is that it and can we get both of them???

They used to ask the question, “Is eight enough”? Now you have to ask the question with all of these new SuperConferences forming, “Is sixteen enough”?

The ACC may end up hearing from UConn, by the end of the business day on this Monday and West Virginia may be the next card in the pile, as the Atlantic Coast Conference ‘Sweet Sixteen’ starts to take shape……

Can you see the ACC cards and what do they say?

  • yeah said,

    The ACC had a meeting on Sunday morning and in addition to accepting Syracuse and Pittsburgh, they unanimously decided to raise the exit fee from $12 million to $20 million. Currently the Big East exit fee is $5 million and I am unaware of the Big 12 exit fee. All I know is that clearly the ACC wants to prevent teams from joining and then leaving. They want teams there for the long haul. If Texas joins, they will stay.

  • Andy said,

    $20 million is probably a drop in the oil bucket for Texas and do the Longhorns fit or should the ACC keep the focus on the Big East teams and look to bring in Connectitcut and West Virginia?

    There has been talk about adding Louisville or Kentucky? Both very big on basketball, but not much on football…….

    #’s 15 and 16, the next ACC perspective members, are standing at the door……Who’s that knocking, looking to come in?

    Who will it be?

    West Virginia
    Notre Dame
    South Carolina
    East Carolina

  • Rod Mitchell said,

    IMO the ACC needs to forget about Connecticut and bring in West Virginia and Tennessee. These two schools can really help the ACC with football and in basketball too. I have been hearing that Tennessee has been trying to get out of the SEC for years. The SEC has been known to break the rules and the ACC does things the right way and when they get caught cheating they don’t try and hide it they fess up. The SEC has always been known as the coverup conference. Georgia Tech, Miami and North Carolina have all done a good job in working with the NCAA to clear up all the confusiion in regards to their allleged corruption.

    Bring on West Virginia and Tennesse and the ACC would be set to compete in football and basketball with all the teams in the NCAA’s top tier.

  • Rocky Top said,

    Bring on Tenn. and I like WVA too. Both to the ACC for some real football.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Seems like UConn has already submitted their application to join the ACC.

  • john olszewski said,

    i believe UConn and Louisville would be a great fit. I am on cloud nine right now with my Syracuse Orange entering the ACC with pitt. If you add UConn and Louisville, the ACC would be adding 3 hall of fame hoop coaches ( Boehiem, Calhoun, and Pitino) and another on his way in Jamie Dixon that the ACC really needs for hoops.Before the expansion the ACC is lacking coaches besides K and Roy. Heels and Devils are dominating ACC right now but with these additions it would be like having a sweet 16 all season long.

  • JD Higgins said,

    There are no teams looking to leave the SEC, the ACC TV contract is pocket change compared to the SEC TV contract and why would they want to join a bunch of CHEATERS, UNC, GT, Miami the SEC does things the right way and plays by the rules I do not think any of the teams in the SEC that are under NCAA investigation now, ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    I have heard rumors that Tennesee might want to jump to the ACC. I like that Tennesse/West Virginia entry better than I do the Connecticut/Rutgers entry possibilities…..A man said on the radio this morning, if you had a team in mind that you wanted then go after them, go ahead and go get them. Nothing is stopping the ACC right now. It is time to stay proactive. I don’t respect the SEC cause they think that they are better than us and their fans do too and I don’t like that type of attitude. This might mean Mega Conference Wars…….The ACC needs to stay on top and keep throwing the counter punches like they did on Sunday with the announcement of Syracuse and Pittsburgh coming into the league. I said it here about 6 weeks ago when all this talk started. We must stand up and take charge and that is what the ACC has done and I’m glad Mr. Swofford(Johnny) and the league(ACC) decided to listen to me…….I remember Johnny when he was the quarterback up at East Wilkes or was it West Wilkes……It was in Wilkes County and for a while it thought it was Elkin, but now it is time, “ACC TIme”…….Acquire Conference Commrades……Nikita Koloff would say it is time to lower the boom or to raise the sickle and then cut loose…….Everybody cut loose………

  • notjimmelvin said,

    I have heard that West Virginia does not meet ACC’s academic standards, although I would love to see them join.

    It is true that the SEC gets busted a lot for cheating. Those numbers would decrease if Tennessee left the conference.

    I would hate to see Rurgers and UConn join the ACC, Rutgers has zero athletic history, and UConn always appears on the verge of NCAA sanctions. But I don’t know where else to turn. South Florida seems to be an up and coming school, but they don’t bring any new TV revenue in. They can see who else wants out of the Big 12. Kansas?

  • Gfan said,

    Can we send UNC to another cheater conference such as the SEC? I think they would blend in better. Plus it would be funny to see them get beaten by 40 every conference game.

  • Drew said,

    Seems that a lot of people are saying UCONN is pretty much going to make the move. With UCONN I’ve heard Rutgers is going with them. Rutgers would be a bottom in football and middle of the pack at best in basketball. If you could get the mighty powerful Notre Dame to enter full time and not just as a basketball school that would be pretty impressive. West Virginia would be the most logical choice to come out with UCONN because of location and a rivalry with Virginia Tech and Virginia. Just my opinion…

  • Andy said,

    The strongest vote right now seems to be leaning toward adding UConn and West Virginia…..Bring on the Huskies and Mountaineers…..

  • Joe Barile said,

    West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC!/mcc/blogs/entry/29532522/32130111

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I keep hearing talk of the Huskies looking to add some blacktop up in Storrs to lead the way right to the ACC. This should be interesting over the next few years to come…………I’m just wondering how UConn joining the ACC will affect the Big East. Again, this should be v-e-r-y interesting……..
    **just thinking out loud**

  • Andy said,

    Called meeting of the Big East members tomorrow to see who is staying and who is going…..Ready to look to each other in the eye ESPN is saying and find who is in and who is out…..Future conference member of the Big East Texas Tech will be on hand…….

    Look me in the eye and are you in or out? Wonder which eye UConn and Rutgers will be looking out of????? Which way will they turn?

    Syracuse coach basketball coach Jim Boeheim ruffling some feathers saying he would rather see the ACC tournament in New York, at the Madson Square Garden, than in Greensboro, at the the GSO Coliseum……..

  • Terry said,

    Id love to see the Texas Longhorns join the ACC. The ACC is becoming stale, who wants to see FSU and Virginia Tech pretty much roll everyone else
    Not me. UNC was on the way up in football but the NCAA made sure to stop that, The ACC is only interested in seeing FSU,Miami and Va Tech dominate in football. Clemson may be on the way up, which is good, it will be interestig to see what the NCAA does to Miami. Texas would bring some serious competition to the ACC. Sorry but Syracuse and Pittsburgh wont change the football landscape in the acc very much, look at Boston College they have become watered down washouts. Bring in the LONGHORNS!!!!!!! Doubt it will happen, folks from FSU, Miami and Va Tech dont wont it to happen. Texas would be a great add for the ACC.