West Virginia turned down by the ACC and the SEC

Posted by Andy Durham on September 20, 2011 at 4:40 pm under College | 4 Comments to Read

Many ACC fans were waiting on the Mountaineers with open arms, open paws, open wallets, but it does appear, not withstanding and there is no real understanding of this; not with open minds…..The word through the tobacco row/tobacco road/grape vine, is that West Virginia did not meet the ACC’s academic standards and they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but what about wasting a chance to get a hot football/basketball bunch, like the good guys from West Virginia??? Maybe the ACC is saving up a space for Notre Dame or Texas…….West Virginia is out, before they ever got in and it looks like the SEC is closed for the next few years to West Virginians too…….Almost Heaven, but not anywhere near the ACC or SEC, that’s West Virginia today/tomorrow…..

Andrew Luck’s dad, Oliver Luck(West Virginia AD) has something to say about this one…….

West Virginia appears like it will remain in the Big East, as league sources told CBSSports.com that the Mountaineers will not be accepted into either the Atlantic Coast Conference or Southeastern Conference.

WVU had enquired with both leagues, but WVU officials told representatives of the Big East those overtures had been denied and they were remaining in the Big East.

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck released a statement on Sunday concerning conference realignment and ironically did not mention the Big East once in his statement.

“There is no question that the landscape of college athletics is once again changing,” Luck said. “West Virginia University has great tradition as the state’s flagship land-grant institution and we will continue working to do what’s best for our University and its athletic teams. No matter how the college athletic landscape changes, there is no doubt WVU is and will remain a national player.”

CLICK HERE to read all from Brett McMurphy at CBSSports.com…….

  • Andy said,

    Dave Glenn was talking about this on his show today and he was academics and the fact that West Virginia has such a small TV market, those were the key drawbacks…..

    Would have loved to have had West Virginia on our team/league/ACC……….

  • just wandering said,

    How can UNC and Miami and Ga Tech not embrace WVU academics when they admittedly have tudors writting papers for athletes, athletes plagerizing documents and athletes “tweeting” that they don’t go to class for entire seasons and that they don’t even know the professors names or where the classes are held? What a double standard.

  • Tom said,

    West Virginia is one of the easiest colleges to get into in America. Look at their standards and their average SATs/grades. They really don’t even come close to the level of the schools in the ACC. They are a better fit for the SEC. The nonsense about UNC, Georgia Tech and Miami does not reflect the academic standards of those schools. They reflect the academic corruption of a few in the athletic department.

  • ziggy said,

    This has nothing to do with academic standards or even sports. West Virginia’s biggest flaw is that it has too few TV eyes. Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut, and Rutgers are better for that reason.