HoopGurlz’ Mark Lewis says the athlete must make the decision on what college they will attend, not Mom and Dad

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2011 at 12:44 pm under College, High School | Read the First Comment

from Mark Lewis at www.espn.com and the HoopGurlz site at ESPN.com…..

The classes may change, the talent level can be scholarship or walk on, and the priorities will differ from one prospect to the next. However, the one constant from year to year and player to player is that the athlete will be the one packing her bags and going to college. Mom and Dad aren’t moving to the dorm, the coaches won’t be sitting in the classroom, lifting the weights or even breaking a sweat. In the end, nobody else will have to live with the decision day-to-day the way the recruit will.

Because of that reality, it’s critical throughout the recruiting process and at the end that she can take ownership of her choice and say: “This is my decision and where I want to go to school.” Over the years I’ve seen and heard countless stories of prospects making commitments because of what their parents want or as a result of a high-school or club coach’s self-serving agenda. The only obligation a student athlete has is to herself: to find the best fit for her academic, athletic and personal future.

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  • Justin said,

    I agree that the student athlete had better make darn sure that it is their decision and not for the ske of the feelings of other people. No wonder so many darn transfers are happening all over the country. Especially kids leaving high profile schools or Big name schools.