New state-wide AP Polls are out, with Greensboro Page #3(4-A) and High Point Andrews #3(2-A), plus Northern and Northeast Guilford receiving votes(3-A)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2011 at 10:39 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

New polls are in and Mallard Creek is #1(4-A), with Richmond County #2(4-A) and then Page rolls at #3….WS Mount Tabor is on board in the 4-A’s at #7 and the Spartans are (4-0) overall……Page(5-0), Mallard Creek(4-0) and Richmond County(5-0)…..

High Point Andrews holds down that #3 spot for the 2-A’s at (4-0), while Burlington Cummings(4-1) is in at #7 and WS Carver is still in the Top 10 2-A’s at #9 with a (2-2) record….WS Atkins got votes(1 vote) for the 2-A’s and I don’t remember seeing that before….

Northern Guilford(3-1) and NEG(4-0) both gots votes in the 3-A poll…..NG(8) and NEG(3)….

CLICK HERE to see how they all sort out……

  • NotAGoodOlBoyPollsterFan said,

    Northern Guilford was ranked 7th & 8th in the 3A poll most of last year. NG was equally as good last year(maybe better) than Page is this year and they never got to be ranked 3rd in their 3A state poll. NG beat 4 very good conference champs to win the 3A State Championship last year. What a joke this poll has become.

  • who said,

    Whos coming to the rib shack tonight?

  • Andy said,

    Jamie Cunningham and Matt Colvin from Southern Guilford are coming and we are hoping to get the Bridges brothers from Southwest back in there tonight….Tried them last week, but they had transportation difficulites and we will give it another shot tonight…….

  • Brian said,

    Northern Guilford is not 4-0, they lost the first game of the season at Page 35 to 14

  • Brian said,

    Northern also had two losses in the regular season. Lucky for Northern Guilford this is high school and not college football. They got their chance to earn it on the field. Pay no attention to the polls, all that matters is what happens on Friday nights.

  • Andy said,

    For sure and plenty of numbers, polls and weeks to keep up with….Thanks for the heads up….

  • Metro4-A said,

    NotAGoodOlBoyPollsterFan : If last years northern team was just as good if not better than this years page team, how is it that last years northern team lost to dudley and page beat dudley? Considering last years northern team arguably had the easiest regular season schedule possible, dudley was their only legitimate game in the regular season and they failed to beat the panthers.