Pack coming back:Mark Packer’s radio show to return next week, but where?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2011 at 11:31 am under College, Professional | 6 Comments to Read

from Mark Packer at

Last week, I came to terms on a new radio show.

The details will be announced later this week. I’m excited about the opportunity, and thrilled to be associated with the new regime.

I will give out the details when all the paperwork is signed, sealed and delivered. The new show will premier on Monday, September 26th… stay tuned…

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Many Triad sports radio listeners have become fed up, with the current offerings of “The Drive”, on the Triad Sports Network and they have been asking me when Mark Packer would be back, because they want to hear him again and they do not enjoy Taylor Zarsour and Mark(with a “C”) James…..

What are your thoughts on this one and are you ready for a return of, “Prime Time with the Packman”?

Do you want “The Packman”, or do you want to keep, “The Drive”? Does Dave Glenn trick your trigger???

This is the heart of the ACC and Carolina Panthers football is very hot…..What are you looking for in a good sports radio show and isn’t it a good thing, somebody like our fine staff here at took time to ask……

BTW, would you like to see a return of Jim Rome or The Fabulous Sports Babe? What about “The Big Mo Show” and a strong heaping helping of Paul Lambeth on the side??? Matt and TJ are still out there somewhere and Bruce Mitchell, with his “King of the Wrestling Reporters” special programs, can be found on tapes across the USA, Canada and in parts of Japan/China…..Somebody tried to Torch the Mitchell Tapes, but word is they are 101% Fireproof…….

And you thought Sports Talk was dead…..No way Dog! It lives right here in this box…….Dream On!!!!!


Are you ready to drive a nail into the coffin of “The Drive” and is your interest in The Packman Show still alive? Good topics for a Thursday sit down comment box…..

  • Mick said,

    I much preferred Packman and Co to The Drive. I have tried … just a no go for me. But I do on occasion listen to The Drive. I do like DG. Absolutely cannot stand and do not often listen to that ESPN dude from 10-12. Really miss Dan Patrick Show but watch it on the TeeVee some.

  • Tom said,

    The drive is terrible. Those 2 guys aren’t entertaining and they don’t seem to know what they are talking about. I can’t wait to be able to listen to the Packman again. David Glenn is excellent. If you are interested in the ACC, he is the guy to listen to.

  • Paul Jones said,

    Bring back Larry Davis and if we can’t get him I’ll take The Packman over The Drive.

  • no question said,

    First my top of the line show for sports/entertainment:
    The David Glenn show is the standard for all shows. His show is the only show that I absolutely look forward to hearing whether it was the Saturday morning show or brief week day appearances all the way up to its current outstanding show. He is the best mix of knowledge, honesty, energy and fairness that a host should have.

    Now my bottom of the line show for sports/entertainment:
    The Drive is terrible. I may have the guys mixed up but I think it is Taylor that came from Raleigh. I like his general style because he is fair and level headed. I think the best problem with him is that he is too much of a SEC man in an ACC country radio station. He will praise the SEC in a heartbeat and talk Bama all day but I do not hear the love for the ACC enough. The other host (I believe is Mark) from Tampa is a joke. This guy is beyond bais and does not want to hear from anyone that disagrees with him (hello – you are on a statewide radio show). He only seems to love Maimi and the SEC. He has been the local version of guys like Terry Bradshaw against players like Cam Newton. This guy is useless in this market and needs to go back to Florida tonight. Again too bais, no useful knowledge of this area, and just makes too many stupid or shamming comments on the air. I will also say a word about the “QBC”. I wish the QBC (and the show in general) would not curse so much but he does add some good value to the show and they seem to always cut him off just as he gets going. He should have more time on the air and less the Tampa guy.

    The Future Packman show:
    There were several things about the old Packman show that I did not like but it was much better than the current Drive show. The new Packman show needs to cut a lot of the cursing out, bring energy, good guest, fairness in opinions, allow callers some freedom to express their views, bring the QBC and hitman with him along with a guest host or side kick that understands this market, the ACC and what’s important (ie ACC, local pro sports, local college and high school recruit info and area achievements).

  • calvinhead said,

    I’ve warmed up to “The Drive” after first hating it but enjoyed Packman more when it was on. I agree that he needs to limit the cursing as it was a problem when my young children where with me in the car. Mostly I miss “Jim Rome” the most. He is/was by far my favorite radio show and wish he could come back to this area. For some reason I don’t like his TV show but radio is great.

  • hear me out said,

    I’m a long time listener of Sports Talk in the Triad. The Sports fanatics with Matt and TJ was AWESOME!!!!!!! back in the day. I like David Glenn. The Drive is ok, but I MUST agree with no question. It seems sometimes like we are listening to THE SEC Today. These guys seem to only want to talk abot the SEC. News flash. This is not SEC country.