High School Football Postponements courtesy of WFMY NEWS 2 Sports(Anybody heard about any more PPD’s?)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 23, 2011 at 12:28 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

Let us know if you have or hear of more…Can send to andy@greensborosports.com….

from Brian Hall at NEWS 2 Sports and DigTriad.com…..Reports also coming in from Jason Wolf and Robyn Taylor at www.news-record.com……Also reports from Coach Loosemore at Eastern Guilford and Coach Brewington at Smith…..Brindon Christman at SWG also….

Western Guilford at Grimsley: PPD until Monday at 7pm

Southeast Guilford at Smith: PPD until Monday at 7pm

Dudley at Southern Alamance: PPD until Monday at 7pm

East Forsyth at Ragsdale: PPD until Monday at 7 pm

Thomasville at High Point Central: PPD unti Monday at 7pm

NW Guilford at SW Guilford: PPD Until Monday at 6:30pm

Eastern Guilford at Morehead Monday night -(TBA:either 7 or 7:30pm)

South Granville at NE Guilford: Postponed Until Monday At 7pm.

Burlington Cummings at Providence Grove: PPD Until Saturday At 7:30pm

Parkland at Glenn: Postponed Until Monday At 7pm.

West Davidson at Randleman: Postponed Until Monday At 7pm.

  • Brian H. (WFMY) said,

    Burlington Cummings at Providence Grove: PPD Until Saturday At 7:30pm

  • Brian H. (WFMY) said,

    Trinity at Southern Guilford: PPD Until Saturday at 7:30pm

  • Brian H. (WFMY) said,

    NW Guilford at SW Guilford: PPD Until Monday at 6:30pm

  • Joe Barile said,

    Next week, Page will be coming in on 2 weeks of rest, Grimsley… 3 days.

  • Gfan said,

    Yeah Joe I feel sorry for Page coming in so rusty and us battle tested and ready to whirl.

  • Andy said,

    Any word yet on Western Guilford at Grimsley?

    We could all meet there and they would sell the place out……

    Maybe we will have one game tonight….

    If Southeast Guilford would have been home tonight versus Smith, I bet you they would have played that game…..I was there at SEG a few years back and nobody played that night because of rain and SEG played on…..Bought an umbrella on the way to the game that night and had never owned one before that night…SEG played Eastern Randolph and the game went into OT where the Wildcats got the win….

    Rainy night in Forest Oaks and Nelson Kepley, photographer from the News and Record came dressed in rain gear like he was ready for the rain forest……

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Checking all the sources and haven’t heard anything yet.

  • Andy said,

    Shucks, just got the word and no WG at Grimsley tonight….Has been moved to Monday…..Well, there still is the possibility of Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance in Mebane or High Point Andrews at Oxford Webb or still yet closer to home you have Thomasville vs. High Point Central at Simeon Stadium….

    Three left and will they play???

  • Gfan said,

    No word yet. I am suppose to be helping the band cross the street…may need an umbrella.

    I say they leave it as scheduled then we all meet at Yuppy 32s or Taste of Thai or the Indian buffet after it is over. Andy maybe you need another poll to decide the spot. So many choices how about the “new” Anton’s? Haven’t been there in a while but wasn’t it recently remodeled?

  • Andy said,

    Maybe we can get Coach Coiro to set us all up, up at Shane’s Rib Shack and then we can down there and check out Northern Guilford vs. Eastern Alamance…..

  • Joe Barile said,

    @ GFan:

    The only thing that will be Rusty at Page is our AD’s first name.

  • Brian H. (WFMY) said,

    Trinity at Southern Guilford is back on for 7:30pm tonight

  • Underdogs Unite!!!! said,

    @Gfan-See I didn’t even have to comment to your comment but I DO have a 56 oz. Bag of M&Ms peanuts waiting for ya. Grimsley has two games within a three day period? Are you sure you don’t want to reschedule? I can make it happen ya know! Just let me know. Wouldn’t want to to chalk that big ol’ “L” ya got coming from Page next week to being too tired. Lol! See you next week!

  • John said,

    If Page doesn’t hang 50 points on the Swirlys they’re not trying.