Friday Night Football – Rain Delay – Monday Night Live Scores – 09-26-11

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East Forsyth (4-2) – 13
Ragsdale (5-1) – 20

Northwest Guilford (5-1) – 28
Southwest Guilford (2-4) – 7

Western Guilford (1-5) – 13
Grimsley (1-5) – 12

Southeast Guilford (5-1) – 41
Smith (0-5) – 36

Dudley (2-4) – 40
Southern Alamance (1-4) – 7

Eastern Guilford (3-3) – 26
Morehead (0-6) – 6

South Granville (2-4) – 21
Northeast Guilford (5-0) – 31

Thomasville (2-4) – 38
High Point Central (2-4) – 35


High Point Andrews (5-0) – 30
Oxford Webb (TBD) – 6

Trinity (0-6) – 7
Southern Guilford (4-1) – 47

Northern Guilford (4-1) – 38
Eastern Alamance (4-2) – 19

  • nw said,

    NW 20 SW 7

  • the man said,

    Dudley 40. Southern alamance. 0

  • nw said,

    FINAL NW 28 SW 7

  • anonymous said,

    Western with the first win!! Yes!

  • John said,

    So the stage will be set for the annual Page-Grimsley grudge fest.

    I think at this point the Pirates really need to guard against overconfidence. I think they went into the Grimsley game last year expecting a walk-off win. I am hoping Coach Gillespie has used the bye week to pound into his team that this Friday’s game represents Grimsley’s entire season. They aren’t going anywhere after the regular season is over. No post-season play for the Swirlys this year.

    So that means Grimsley is going to throw everything they have at Page this Friday. Expect the works; fake punts, on-side kicks (yes, I think they will score once or twice), fake field goals, the old hook and ladder, every gadget play their coach ever learned or dreamed. Why not? They have nothing to lose. They’ll get the ball to their 300 pound kid as much as possible.

    It’s all about pride at this point and give ’em credit, Grimsley plays hard. Beating Page will be the BCS Championship, the Super Bowl and game 7 of the World Series all wrapped into one.

    The fact is, Grimsley is 1-5 now. They just lost to a Western Guilford team that was 0-5 going into this game. I still expect Page to win, and to win big. But I don’t expect Grimsley to take it lying down.

    But Grimsley having to face a daisy-fresh Page team on three days rest? Yeesh.

  • Gfan said,

    Well I certainly hope Grimsley got all of their stupidity out in the Western Game. Western battled hard to give the game away but we simply did not accept it. We must of had 200 yards of penalties mostly off sides on 3rd and 4. You know it’s bad when the winning team is the one that makes the extra point.

    We shouldn’t be working on any trick plays this week. We need to work on snap drills and the basic game of football for the rest of the week. I will say that our starting QB got injured early and our backup did a good job. I can also say our punter did a whale of a job. Several times he brought down some high lofty snaps and basically kicked around oncoming punt blockers. I don’t see how he go a couple of them off.

    Lucky most fans stayed away this week. They missed one of the ugliest games of high school football I have ever seen.

  • mark said,

    Yeah – Grimsley will throw everything they got at Page and even if Page doesn’t play their best they’ll still beat Grimsley by 4 TDs easy.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ John–

    Believe me, my Pirates are not taking Grimsley light! They know it’s NOT going to be an easy wi…I mean, walk in the park. **stops to look around for Gfan** (Back to the topic) I think that with all the pounding they are doing in practice coupled with everything Coach “G” is throwing at ’em, if they keep their heads, I think they at least limp away with the “W.”

    At any cost, it’s going to be a great game on Friday night!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I thought SA scored at least 7 tonight against Dudley. No??

  • mark said,

    Very physical game at Ragsdale tonight. East pounded Ragsdale on both sides of the ball tonight. But Ragsdale pounded right back. Both teams earned every yard tonight.

    East was as good as advertised. Pass rush was the as good as Page’s and Herndon seldom had time to set up in the pocket. East had a few drops tonight as well that could have changed the game if they had connected. But Herndon connected when it counted – TD pass to Anthony Stewart in the third and a huge third down conversion late in the fourth quarter to Brandon Walker to set up Brad Davis for his second FG of the night to make it 20-13.

    And of course Duncan Sparks once again comes up with the huge interception around mid field with two minutes left to seal the deal. Sparks has four – maybe five interceptions this year and this one was a stretched out diving catch.

    Ragsdale with the balanced attack again tonight. Eleazer had a nice TD run in the second quarter which was really the only quarter where Ragsdale moved the ball effectively on the ground.

  • witness said,

    SA did score against Dudley tonight.. but it was against all the reserves for the panthers. it was literally the 3rd, 4th and 5th strings they scored against. and they decided to throw the ball all the way down the field on them instead of just running out the clock. QB richard hayes put on a show,he accounted for 5 td’s! throwing 4 Td passes including one to back up Qb Adrian Slade who started the game at WR and ran in a TD from about 40 yards. defense played lights out tonight and showed a glimpse of what the old dudley Defense looked like. hopefully dudley is starting to get on a roll and getting some confidence and play up to the talent and their ability.. they have all they talent needed to make a run lets just see of they can do it!!! it was also great to see RB Edward Mosley dressed out tonight along with DB Mykael Martin as both have been out with back injuries. mosley dressed but did not play. the coaching staff seems to be holding him out till southeast next week. Edward mosley was the starting wingback for the panthers all during the summer and in the scrimmages

  • topfin29 said,

    Grimsley QB broke his fibia on 3rd play of the game. Out for the year.

  • ad4deacs said,

    I would like to commend the Grimsley Defense. Lots of sophomores on the D and they played well tonight…even scored. Coach Pat does a great job.

  • Damon said,

    Jamal Petty put SEG on his back tonight. Another 4 TD game and over 200 yds rushing. Will Greene didn’t play tonight due to an injury from the last game.

  • Gfan said,

    What is a fibia? Is that the bone between the fibula and the tibia? In any case he has done a very good job for us this year and hope he recovers quickly.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Where did the starting QB go to middle school?

  • Grey said,

    Simpson went to Kernodle, and split time at QB with Proehl on a pretty impressive team.

  • NW Viking Fan said,

    Well done Vikings. Stout TEAM defense after Southwest’s first possession and a balanced very efficient offense all night. Harding and Baxter with over 100 yds rushing each and Dillon with 87 yds. Pawlowski with 110 yds passing and Overcash with 58 yds receiving. Four different players with TD’s for NW (Overcash, Kristie, Harding, and Dillon). None of this could be accomplished without the hard work of the offensive line, TE’s, backs and receivers blocking. Very much a full team effort last night.

  • Carolinablue said,

    Will Smith Win a game this year !!!!!!!!!!!! The defence is givin up 37.6 points per game. WoW

  • I said it before said,

    I said it before and I will say it again,

    Brewington had been quoted in the community telling people that he was going to have a better team this year than last year. I did not believe the hype at the time, and it was confirmed for me (and in my opinion) when I saw them at their jamboree. They have some good players, but most of them go both ways.

    Last night at the Southeast game, you could see that the defense just got wore down. Players were hanging over and resting on their knees. Same thing when they played Northwest. They don’t have the numbers to withstand the pound it at you teams, however, I do believe they will beat Grimsley, Western, and Southern Alamance, which would put them 4th in their conference. Yet, this is still my opinion and everyone has them.

  • bossesrow said,

    Pat Neil should be Head Coach at Grimsley looks like the Whirlies are done and it looks like that new feel everyone had when the current coach had is pretty much the same feel of losing. Same ole same ole, football losing coaches leaving and the same person running athletics. Well at least there is Smith and Southern Alamance left.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    So why is Simpson at Grimsley and not at WG? Yet another transfer?

  • Grey said,

    I cannot definitively comment for their reasons, but i feel pretty confident it was not an athletic-based decision. The Kernodle group from 2009-2010 is spread through Grimsley, Western, and NW…which is somewhat unfortunate that they could not stay together. Good group of athletes in all sports(undefeated in football and basketball, one loss in baseball…conference champs in all three)…and a great bunch of kids. The ladies were equally successful in their sports, as well.

  • John said,

    Underdog, sounds like you have some “inside baseball” (er, football) stuff on Page at practice. Good to hear they are practicing hard. Last year Grimsley blocked something like 3 punts in the first half. The fundamentals never go out of style; remember your assignment on defense, block until the whistle, wrap up while tackling, remember the snap count, and above all, hang on to the ball. Really looking forward to Friday night.

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr. said,


    Who gives a “blip” about WG? Quit getting on here complaining and crying so much. All schools lose players for whatever reason particularly here in Guilford County it is rampant. Your beloved hornets are not immune to this.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Sorry, but it won’t go away and I won’t either

  • Grey said,

    I think it is a legitimate question, but its not like this is a transfer…so nothing to really get excited about.

  • Gfan said,

    I”m still wondering what a fibia is and how you can break one.

    Hornet can’t you help with this? Aren’t you a doctor?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Tibia and Fibia fracture is treated by surgery done by repair of broken bones of the lower leg by casting or splinting. This type of surgery depends on the severity and type of fractures. Usually, individuals are given a general anesthetic and the surgeon aligns the broken ends of the bones using a fluoroscope, a specialized x-ray device, as a guide. After the fracture has been aligned properly, a cast or splint is applied. Depending on the severity of the injuries or breaks and the age of the individual, the person may be sent home as soon as anesthesia has worn off or the patient may also stay at a hospital for a period of 1-6 days.

  • yankeeclipper15 said,

    To 77 Hornet – great explanation, but I think you missed Gfan’s point…it’s a fibula not “fibia”. Good medical descripton though. LOL