Grimsley vs. Page:Battle of the Bays going on this week at the Battleground Water Works Touchless Automatic Car Wash

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Big Fundraiser working both ways, in the “Battle of the Bays” going on this week, at the Battleground Water Works Touchless Automatic Car Wash…..

Make you choice/take your pick…..Grimsley or Page, Page or Grimsley or head to the Undecided bay and have it your way, on your day…..The fundraiser runs until the end of the week and proceeds from the sales of Grimsley car washes and from the Page car washes will go to the two schools…

A neat way to raise funds for the schools athletic programs and you can get right in the middle of it, in the “Battle of the Bays”….At the Battleground Water Works Car Wash at 2612 Battleground Avenue…….

You can see the “Battle of the Bays” on the marque out front and hit the Bays in the fundraiser that pays back to the schools……

The “Battle of the Bays”, PAGE vs. Grimsley and GRIMSLEY vs. Page is under way now, at the Battleground Water Works Touchless Automated Car Wash…..Stop in and support your favorite school/team, as they get ready for the Big Battle at Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium, on Friday night…….

Visit the other Water Works locations at Cardinal Water Works on Inman Road near Fleming Road and in the Northwest Guilford area, West Market Warter Works, on West Market Street near the Biscuitville, and the Randleman Water Works, on Randleman Road near the Libby Hill Seafood and in the Southeast Guilford and Southern Guilford districts…….

And while you are there, Enjoy the Suds…….

Visit their web site at………

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