High School Football Tuesday Morning Rewind

Posted by Andy Durham on September 27, 2011 at 11:27 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

It is usually the Saturday morning rewind, but today it becomes the Tuesday morning rewind, after the Monday night games…..

Some of the numbers that reach out and grab you, after all of the action from last night….

From last night, Richard Hayes, with 4 touchdown passes, for the Dudley Panthers and you haven’t see four TD passes by a Dudley QB, in a while…..Hayes also ran for a TD and that’s responsiblity for five touchdowns in one game….Big-time performance, by a Panther…..

Jamal Petty for Southeast Guilford with 4 touchdowns and close to 200 yards rushing and this is not the first time that Petty has posted a four-touchdown game, this season…..He may be the area’s leading TD scorer now….At one time Reid Baxter at NWG had that distinction, but it looks like Petty has taken over the top spot….The Miller kid at Rockingham County had 6 TD’s in a game this year, but not sure of his overall totals, as of this week….SEG also had to go with the backup QB, in Cody Ezell, as Will Greene had to miss the game due to injury……SEG is rolling right now at (5-1) and the SEG-Dudley and SEG-Page games are looking real good, for down the road……

Northwest Guilford has found balanced scoring to the Vikings’ liking, as Overcash, Baxter, Harding and Dillon all scored last night, in the win over SWG and one report I saw said that Kristy scored, but not sure who’s spot he would have taken in the box score….Solid night for NWG QB Matty P, with 110 yards and one TD, on what I heard was 9-12 passing….Harding and Baxter both over 100 yards rushing and Dillon was close…..The Ragsdale-NWG game is just about 2 weeks away in Jamestown and both clubs sit at (5-1/2-0) as of this morning…..

Grimsley could have won that game with Western Guilford last night, but they missed both of their extra points…..13-12 WG final and the Whirlies came up empty on each of their PAT’s…..Josh Thompson was big for WG and DeShawn Jones had a 100-yard rushing night for Grimsley, with one TD….(12 carries for 142 yards for Jones, the missed opportunities on those missed PAT kicks, kicks you in the rear)…..

Was at the Ragsdale game and the Tigers faced a very tough opponent in East Forsyth….The Eagles have a very strong running game, with their big QB in Garrison Duncan and EF has just enough passing in their offensive arsenal, to make them dangerous…..A very good kicker for East as well, in Chad Hollandsworth….Two excellent kickers in last night’s game in Jamestown, in Hollandsworth and Ragsdale’s Brad Davis….Davis is among the best in the state and so is Hollandsworth….How would you go about picking an All-Conference kicker from among those two, they are both so good……Great late pass pick-off, by Duncan Sparks of Ragadale, as he was like a sniper at mid-field and he snuck in took away the Duncan pass….That was the fourth interception of the year by Ragsdale’s Sparks and great defensive support last night, from fellow Tiger LB Trey Grimes and from the front line…..Marquez Eleazor ran hard and so did Brandon Walker for Ragsdale…Walker had one over-the-top catch from Tiger QB Garrison Herndon and Anthony Stewart also made big play catches for the Tigers and one of those went for a TD….

For Northeast Guilford it was again a strong night for senior runningback Jacob McCann, with 138 yards on 13 carries and one TD and NEG QB Kyle Martin goes 7-8 passing, for 173 yards and a TD….

Eastern Guilford had a big night from their QB Heath Justice, with 208 yards on just 6-12 passing and one TD and the one TD came on a long play of 85 yards, on a pass to Milton Walker….Walker had two catches for 104 yards and EG picked off two Morehead passes and took them back for the Pick Six, that in turn, became the Pick Twelves….INT’s for EG by J.D. Hewitt and Derrick Whitsett….

From last Friday night we had TJ Logan from Northern Guilford with his 259 yards rushing and two TD’s and he threw for one pass and Southern Guilford’s Jamie Cunningham passed for three TD’s and ran one in and he had 231 yards of total offense for the Storm and it all came in the first half…..

And that is it for the Tuesday Mornnig Rewind….Have anything to add???

  • Andy said,

    I was thinkng about Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale HS) and his big pick/INT at MLB in the game last night and he may be the second coming of Ted Hendricks(The Stork) who played for the Oakland Raiders, back in the day……Ted Hendricks was a great one and tall and rangy just like Sparks at 6’5 and Duncan isn’t Hendricks or The Stork yet, but hey, you never know about down the road…..

    How many of you, if any, remember Ted Hendricks? I used to love to watch the Raiders play, back in the day….Down and dirty on defense and real, real good teams…..

    Distant Replay or at least a Flashback to Ted Hedricks…..

  • Andy said,

    Just a little more on Ted Hendricks from Wikipedia and if you missed him, you missed a good one, a real good one….

    Theodore (Ted) Paul Hendricks (born November 1, 1947 Guatemala City, Guatemala) is a Hall of Fame former American football linebacker who logged 15 seasons for the Baltimore Colts (1969–73), the Green Bay Packers (1974) and the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders (1975–83) in the National Football League. In 2007 he was named to the Florida High School Association All-Century Team which selected the Top 33 players in the 100 year history of high school football in the state of Florida’s history. He was nicknamed “The Mad Stork” for his quirky personality and his tall, thin physique.

    The 6’7”, 220 pound Hendricks was a highly regarded defensive player in his day.

  • Football Fan said,

    Wasn’t Hendricks missing a few teeth up front?? This jkust shows you how down and dirty they were back in the day!!

  • Andy said,

    Down and dirty and tough too…..I remember one year that Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds, LB/DE for the Los Angelos Rams played 2/3’s of the season with a broken leg……And Conrad “Dirty” Dobler was at one time the posterboy for the NFL and he did a pretty neat Miller Lite ad too…….Bubba Smith also hit the Miller circuit for a while and there were several other professional athletes in those ads……..Who was the pool player? Was it Steve Miserack? John Madden was famous or became famous in those ads……..Larry Mahan from the rodeo circuit was in there……..Just a few of the names from the past……

  • mark said,

    I’m not sure Sparks is mean enough to be a Ted Hendricks. He’s tough and can lay a lick but they don’t make linebackers like Hendricks, Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke any more.

    I know there are plenty of tough linebackers out there like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher but those old school linebackers played in a different era. Those guys were mean enough and tough enough to rip a running backs head off and not think twice about it. No such thing as a personal foul for hits like that either back in the day.

  • Andy said,

    They say speed kills and today’s young players are so fast and athletic…..Back in the day it wasn’t about beauty, it was about booty and they used to kick it all over the place…..I still remember the time that Mike Curtis ran down a fan that come out on the field and he clothes-lined that fan so hard it pretty much took the guy’s head off…..Curtis was from Duke and he played for the Baltimore Colts and the Washington Redskins if not mistaken…..The Redskins had several players kind of like that back in the day, with Verlon Biggs, Diron Talbert, Jack Pardee, Mike Bass, Pat Fischer and others…..That Pat Fischer at 5’9 180/185 pounds as a DB, was one of the hardest hitters in the history of football…..

  • Andy said,

    As settlement with my curiosity, here is some more news on Mike Curtis, fullback and linebacker in college and then he became a full-time LB in the pros:

    James Michael “Mike” Curtis (born March 27, 1943 in Rockville, Maryland) is a former professional American football player for the Baltimore Colts, the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins, who played 14 seasons from 1965 to 1978 in the National Football League. He was a four-time Pro Bowler in 1968, 1970, 1971 and 1974. He was considered one of the meanest players of his era. Although sacks were not official, Curtis was a good blitzer, recording 22 sacks, including one in which a famous photograph was taken of Curtis tackling Roman Gabriel’s head. Curtis also picked off 25 passes and was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Year in 1970 by a panel of 101 sportswriters. Curtis went to Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland, and was a 195 lb fullback as a junior in 1959. He played college football at Duke University, where he was a two-time All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection. GoDuke.com selected Mike to their All-Century Team in 2000.

    Curtis was drafted as a fullback in the first round of the 1965 NFL Draft by the Colts, but later switched to outside linebacker on the weak side (away from the tight end). He was a team captain for most of his Baltimore career. In 1970, he had five interceptions and that same season made a key pass theft that set up the game-winning field goal in the Colts’ Super Bowl V win over the Dallas Cowboys. He and Ted Hendricks, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, formed a potent tandem at the outside linebacker position from 1969 to 1973, after which Hendricks was traded. Curtis was named the Colts’ Most Valuable Player in 1974.

    Feel free to comment on this or jump on the high school football notes as well…..

  • Mike L said,

    There were several big plays in that game, especially in the 2nd half. The stop by Trey Grimes on 4th down on the screen that stopped East inside the Ragsdale 30 in the the qtr. The completion by Brian Herndon to Brandon Walker for 30 yards on 3rd down to sustain the drive and set up a field goal by Brad Davis. Then with EF driving with just under 2 minutes and Duncan Sparks intercepts EF to stop the drive and allow Ragsdale to run the clock out.

  • like father, like son said,

    Garrison Herndon. Brian had a lot of completions but it’s been a few years since was at ECU.

  • mark said,

    You nailed it Mike. Those were three huge plays. That hit by Grimes really fired the Tigers up. And after struggling to move the ball through the fourth quarter that pass to Walker from Garrison was a game saver. If East got the ball back down 4 and that much time might have been a different outcome. And Duncan really has a nose for the ball when the game is on the line.

    What I liked was Ragsdale proved they could tough out a win against a physical opponent. No finesse last night in that game.