Tennessee team forced to give up three wins after Mom spills the beans:Forfeits from the Family after messy room brings special investigation

Posted by Andy Durham on September 28, 2011 at 1:10 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read


“How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they’re only here on Saturday and Sunday?”

That’s what a mom in Tenneesee was asking about her boys, who were living at one residence during the week and at another, just on the weekends……..Their high school caught wind of it and ‘Poof’ there goes three football victories for the hometown team and some fans, who found the forfeits frivilous, are furious about their football teams’ misfortunes and they plan to unfurl a future fight and this one may end up going into the Lost 3 games because “Look What We Found File”…….

For a Crazy like a Football Fox Funny or Frown, mash down, or CLICK HERE…..(This is a goot one, as my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Franklin used to say)……….

  • Fairplay said,

    This is like Northern Guilford in 2009.

  • Tennessee Jed of the Grateful Dead said,

    The TSSAA has some of the strictest rules in the US when it comes to eligibility. If you transfer from one school to another without a change of residence accompanying that move, then you must sit out an entire year of varsity sports — no exceptions. In North Carolina, for example, under this rule if someone transferred from a public school in Guilford County to a private school in Guilford County for academic reasons, then he or she would have to sit out of varsity sports a year. In Tennessee, there are no musical chairs of kids transferring for sports. The private schools and public schools have an excellent relationship for this reason.

    Also, for the private schools, they have divided the teams into two classifications — one where student-athletes are eligible to receive need-based financial aid and another classification where students who receive need-based financial aid are not allow to play varsity sports at all. The existence of this second classification also allows those private schools to play in the public school conferences and state tournaments. Moreover, if ANY student in the state of Tennessee receives MERIT aid (like a scholarship awarded for exceptional academics), then he or she CANNOT play varsity sports for any school in any classification.

    Google “Carlton Flatt” if you want to understand these draconian tendencies.

    They are going to absolutely destroy Perry County on this.

  • justafootballfan said,

    I wonder if “mom” is some kin relation to ’77 Hornet…………………..geee whizz…………America is quickly becoming a doggie bag, nanny state………….

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Could be, I have been to Tennessee.