JV Football Finals Tonight for 9/23/11

Posted by Andy Durham on September 29, 2011 at 9:57 pm under High School | 22 Comments to Read

Eastern Guilford 33
Northern Guilford 12

Page 33
Grimsley 8

Page(6-0)….Grimsley was up 8-7 at halftime……

Northwest Guilford 27
High Point Central 14


Southeast Guilford 34
Southern Alamance 32

Northeast Guilford 24
Asheboro 22

Smith 33
Western Guilford 6

Ragsdale 52
Southwest Guilford 0

High Point Andrews 54
Walkertown 8


  • John said,

    Congrats to the Page JV. Kept the streak alive tonight. We just got back from the Page bonfire. I’ve been going to this bonfire just about every year for the past 8 years or so and I’ve never seen the students more fired up. Looking forward to a fun game.

  • carolinablue said,

    Smith 33 – Wg 6

  • John said,

    Page Pirates you are being DISSED this morning, all morning by News 2, as they are going wall-to-wall coverage on Grimsley, live at that high school, showing footage from their lame bonfire last night. No mention of Page, or our student-athletes, our marching band (which is terrific by the way).

    No respect. But that’s okay. We settle the score on the field tonight.

  • are you kidding said,

    Are you kidding!!!!!!! Page gets far to much coverage as it is. Just look at this site everyday.

  • John said,

    I was posting about News 2. Not this site. News 2’s rationale for all the Grimsley coverage was “well, the game is at Grimsley.” The Page game is always at Grimsley!

  • noone said,

    EG 33 – NG 12. these young kids for EG will be though their senior year.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ John– That’s exactly what I meant by choosing my moniker. In my humble opinion, Page doesn’t get the media (note–the word MEDIA) coverage they deserve but ya know what? I think it might be a good thing (in a way). It keeps the young men grounded PLUS, as long as they continue to win on the field, that sort of makes up for it. I’m beginning to feel the same way about Ragsdale and a few others as well. With the exception of this site, I see very little media coverage i.e. local newspapers and such. A few years ago, there was more local media coverage with Dudley when they lost than a team when they won. Maybe, Guilford County newspapers are just not that interested in football and even when they do write, reading it–you almost get the feeling that the reporter were writing a 1/2 baked attempt at an overdue homework assignment.
    OK……..Enter the counter Page bloggers to tell us we’re whinning in 5…4…3…2…

  • John said,

    Good points, UU. I am confident that Coach Gillespie has impressed upon his team that Grimsley will not lie down for them tonight. Grimsley will come into the stadium with a chip on their shoulders and something to prove. They have the “it’s us against the world” mentality, despite all the coverage their school gets on TV. They are playing on 3 days rest and without their starting QB.

    I expect them to try to score early on a big play…I think Reader will figure into this offense more than usual. Page’s front 7 will have to be ready.

    I think Page should put 8-9 guys in the box and dare Grimsley to throw. And when their second string QB drops back to pass, blitz the crap out of him.

    At the bonfire last night I saw a lot of the Page players. They were all business. The atmosphere was electric with the students. This team is ready.

  • PagePirate said,

    If Santa Clause wore blue & white, he would only come about once every 10 or 12 years. Go PIRATES.

  • Rumor MIll said,

    @UU and John,
    I heard around town that Page was asked to participate in all this media hooplah and declined, anybody know anything about that? Specifically the pancake thing at Tex and Shirley’s which I was told was Page’s idea to do football against football and then they backed out is why it turned out to be all from Grimsley. I do agree that media coverage in this town is terrible with respect to local sports of all types. I saw the stuff on channel 2 this morning and it looked to me like the story was more about how #8 eats pancakes than anything dealing with the game–heck, he was holding a plate of pancakes during the whole story. If we didn’t have Andy and this site, we wouldn’t know anything about sports in gso.

  • bossesrow said,

    I think Page rolls in this one but do not look for Page to run it up, the HC is to classy for that but my God Grimsley is awful, worst I have seen in 15 years. What is going on over there???????????? 2 wins in 2 years so far, heck they were at least winning 3-4 games a year a few years ago and people on this board were saying they were awful then.

  • John said,

    Rumor Mill, I have not heard anything about Page declining to be covered but it’s highly unlikely they would if the pancake breakfast was their idea. But absolutely this is a very cool local sports site and kudos to Andy for keeping it up.

  • NW Viking Fan said,

    The Northwest score was actually NW 27 HPC 14.

  • Andy said,

    I used to work at Tex and Shirley’s when the All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Day was Wednesday and the cost was just 49 cents for all you could eat pancakes…..Used to clean the tables at that place and the customers could clean up on the 49 cent pancake deal…..

    I heard in the contest this week, you had to eat the Pancakes dry and then wash them down with water….No syrup and butter….Could be a tough eat with that criteria of no syrup and butter……Bring back the Boysenberry Syrup……

    I wonder who sells more pancakes in this town, Tex and Shirley’s or the IHOP up on Westover Terrace….I would say Tex and Shirley’s, which used to be Uncle John’s Pancake House at Friendly Center, before Mr. Moore came here from Texas, by way of Michigan and bought the restaurant……A good man Tex Moore and tough Texan at that…….You don’t find many All-You-Can-Eat Pancake deals for 49 cents these days….

  • John said,

    I like Tex & Shirleys

  • Bossesrow 2 said,

    Whats Going on at Grimsley? Ill tell you…They are playing with a bunch of kids on varsity whom never won a thing. Never a JV game, never a Varsity Game. Come on man. Look at the deal. No JV wins in 4 years (2 this year). When these seniro kids were freshman they lost to Page 76-6. IT IS GONNA TAKE TIME FOR THESE GUYS THERE TO DO IT RIGHT because when they were “winning”…It was all wrong.

  • Brian said,

    How did they ever score 6?

  • bossesrow said,

    When they were winning it was all wrong????????? What that does not even make sense bossesrow2. Original screename by the way, anyway time how long did it take Smouse and Shuping to turn it around????????

  • Andy said,

    From the Pancake eating event at Tex and Shirley’s……


    Good photos from Grimsley and IHigh.com…..

  • bossesrow2 said,

    ok boss…valid point, but u seem to forget that these guys took over in July of last year…last season was a struggle, and this season is much better for those guys. They are a lil over a yea in, are building a foundation, playing a ton of young kids.

  • John said,

    bossrow2, I’m sure one day Grimsley will once again be a formidable football team who will be capable of beating Page.

    It’s unlikely, though, that day is today.

  • bosses2 said,

    john you are correct theybare on the way. Page is good in all the right spots. They have 30 seniors. All in all lets hope for a game w no injuries, a good clean game.