High School Football Tonight for 9/30/11

Posted by Andy Durham on September 30, 2011 at 10:18 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

We will have the Page-Grimsley game on radio at 950AM and we will have updates on all the other games in the area/county…..Radio coverage will begin at 6:45pm and the kickoff is due to come at around 7:30…..Lots of events and presentations at and during the game tonight and we will have the updates on the County games here at the site and also on the radio broadcast from Jamieson Stadium……

Here is a look at all the County Contests/Matchups:

Grimsley(1-5) vs. Page(5-0) at Jamieson Stadium
Eastern Guilford(3-3) at Northern Guilford(4-1)
Southern Alamance(1-5) at Southeast Guilford(5-1)
Smith(0-5) at Western Guilford(1-5)
High Point Central(2-4) at Northwest Guilford(5-1)
Ragsdale(5-1) at Southwest Guilford(2-4)
Northeast Guilford(5-0) at Asheboro(3-3)
Southern Guilford(4-1) at Southwestern Randolph(3-3)
WS Atkins(0-5) at High Point Andrews(5-0)


Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews

*****(9-2) last week and now something like (49-10) for the season……*****

  • asdfasdf said,

    what people cant seem to understand is…. grimsley regardless of the record, talent, strength, skills, size n etc. you just dont know who will win this game.. it will always be a toss up and a 50/50 chance for both teams.. so dont under estimate those whirles with that record, we gotta get this win tonight so lets gooo whirles!!!! SINK THE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John said,

    Grimsley offense averages 11 points a game. Page averages 37 per game.

    Page defense allows 9 points a game.

    If you can calculate that out to 50/50 and a toss up, I’ll have what you’re having.

    Grimsley will give their all. Doubtful that it will be enough

  • T.A.G said,

    Northern might be prime for the picken tonight. The Nighthawks may get more than they bargain for. Momentum has a lot to do with how things roll in football and Eastern’s JV and Varsity are starting to play really well. The JV won last night in convincing fashion, and Northern barely escaped last year in Gibsonville. The Cats on the prowl!!!

  • asdfasdf said,

    haha john this is grimsley-page were talking about here.. if you watched any of the games anything could happen, you just cant say this n this about page

  • Here Kitty Kitty said,

    You just keep on thinking that TAG. I sure the Nighthawks will change your mind tonight!

  • Nighthawk Down said,

    Seriously???? What is there to be so impressed by about Northern?? There Purple Bucket??

  • Todd said,

    SOUTHERN ALAMANCE IS AT SOUTHEAST GUILFORD…..don’t drive to Alamance County or you will miss it.

  • John said,

    asdfasdf; I have followed this series, which Page currently leads 39-11-3 and have won 4 in a row, the last 3 of which haven’t even been close.

    Look man, I understand how you feel; I know Grimsley will give Page their best shot. Page is loaded this year with seniors, guys who have been playing together for years. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope we see a great game. I just don’t want you to set yourself up for too much disappointment. Grimsley could keep it close, like Northern, or Ragsdale. Both teams are far superior than Grimsley and Page ran them both out of the stadium.

    Sure, anything could happen. Just don’t bet the farm on it.

  • John said,

    I am also aware of some very bad behavior on the part of Grimsley students who were photographed and videotaped coming onto Page campus at lunchtime this afternoon and vandalizing Page students’ cars. That is so not cool. Plus there were “F— Page” signs posted at the intersection of Cone and Alma Pinnix this morning.

    I certainly hope Page students have not responded in kind. At any rate, it will all be settled on the field tonight. I hope the Pirates hang 70 on those thugs tonight.

  • tote our bucket said,

    ” Seriously???? What is there to be so impressed by about Northern?? There Purple Bucket?? ”

    well that and a few other things…what a complete domination tonight, great job NG!

  • John said,

    asdfasdf; you’re right. Anything can happen. And something happened tonight. The only toss-up was the Swirlys tossing their cookies after the first quarter, trailing 20-0. Maybe next year we’ll actually let you get a first down. By the way, #8 sure fell gracefully for a big guy.

  • john party said,

    hahahaha grimsley…..u fall like the red sox….hard and fast….20-0 first quarter? im in new york and i could smell your crappy offense and defense from here…..way to go pirates….u didnt just make me proud….u gave me a reason to talk junk 2 my dad and all 6 of my uncles who went to grimsley like 100 years ago and it was totally worth it…..congrats pirate nation and…..REDDDDD DEATHHHHHHH