Predictions on tonight’s games?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 30, 2011 at 1:56 pm under High School | 25 Comments to Read

Got any scores/predictions on the Grimsley at Page game, in Jamieson Stadium for tonight?

How about that key soccer game with Wesleyan at the Greensboro Day School?

Or maybe the Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford game? That one looks like it may get interesting…..

Exact score on the Page-Grimsley game may get you a trip to Tex and Shirley’s Pancake place/restaurant…..I have to figure out how they work their deals/gift cards……

Lay it out there if you will…..Exact score on Page-Grimsley, or Grimsley-Page for tonight?????

Hit the exact score and that’s what makes you a winner and it makes it a good contest……Five and a-half hours till kickoff at Jamieson Stadium…..

  • Todd said,

    42-13 Page on top. Lots of tradition tonight, but I will be surprised if it’s much of a game. I know kids on both sides and wish both teams luck and more important, everyone finishes tonight able to play next week.

  • William said,

    56 Page- 14 Grimsley

  • Jim said,

    As much as I would like to hear about an upset, I say Page wins 35-6. I will be out on Spencer-Dixon Road for the Northern/Eastern game, which I see Northern winning by at least 3 TDs. Good luck to all the student athletes tonight.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    **peeks in and looks around for Gfan**
    I predict…..**looking into my crystal ball** the score to be…38-10 (Page)
    **quickly exits thread**

  • John said,

    I’m really bad on predicting final scores. But I think a valiant first quarter (or even first half) Grimsley effort will give way to a steady pounding by Summers and Rogers.

    Fatigue will set in by the 4th quarter for Grimsley, playing on 3 days rest. Reader will get some carries but he won’t be able to do it all by himself.

    Page will win by a comfortable margin.

  • FridayNightBird said,

    Sorry, NG still has some of the quickest athletes in the county on both sides of the ball and unfortunately for EG the score of the JV game has no impact on what happens Friday night.

    Too quick, too tough at home.

    NG up 3 scores by halftime and I’m home watching baseball by the the final gun. (Cubs are playing right???)

    NG 35 EG 17

  • Jessie said,

    Page 35
    Grimsley 0

  • Bison!!! said,

    All yall that think NW just gonna blow out Central think again!


  • Just sayin said,

    @ Central


  • T. A. G. said,

    Page/Grimsley= PAGE
    Eastern/Northern= NORTHERN
    Southeast/Southern Alamance= SOUTHEAST
    Smith/Western= WESTERN
    HPC/NW= NW
    Ragsdale/SWG= SWG
    NEG/Ashboro= EG
    Southern Guilford/SW Randolph= SOUTHERN GUILFORD
    WS Atkins/HPA= HPA
    Reidsville/B Cummings= Reidsville

  • ron said,

    21-14 Grimsley!

  • John said,

    I am aware of some very bad behavior on the part of Grimsley students who were photographed and videotaped coming onto Page campus at lunchtime this afternoon and vandalizing Page students’ cars. That is so not cool. Plus there were “F— Page” signs posted at the intersection of Cone and Alma Pinnix this morning.

    I certainly hope Page students have not responded in kind. At any rate, it will all be settled on the field tonight. I hope the Pirates hang 70 on those thugs tonight.

  • whoa John said,

    John, this is like the pot calling the kettle black. Look at your own roster.

  • John said,

    Hey, Swirly apologist; do you have proof of bad behavior or vandalism by any Page students or players? If so, back it up. If not, step off.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Western 38
    Smith 35

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    End of 1st qtr Andrews 28 Atkins 0

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    @ the half Andrews 34 Atkins 0

  • Ol' Ball Coach Jr. said,

    Who cares whether Grimsley or Page wins tonite. Grimsley isn’t going to the playoffs and Page will get beat up pretty badly by Butler or Mallard Creek……..

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ Ol’ Ball Coach Jr..
    Who cares????? Whelp–YOU might not have cared but over 10,000 people sure did!
    @Gfan–I left the bag of M&Ms (peanuts) in the stands for ya! Oh…there on the 50 yard line, row 7 seat 7 on the PAGE side. Enjoy!

  • whoa, john said,

    John, not a swirly. Several of your players are major smack talkers. a 3 yard gain is enough to send one back into a smack talking frenzy. I don’t think you want me to recite all the numbers of the kids. Dancing on the field during the game, taunting. Classy bunch.

  • Underdog's Unite!!! said,

    I’m not going to excuse any of the Page Pirate players who showed any type of taunting. However–there have been several incidences (leading up to this game) of smack talking that has gone too far. Some of us know what happened between a few football players from another school who (incidentally Page ALREADY BEAT THE BRAKES OFF) apparently still has a chip on their shoulders. This incident happened at Cook Out. Be that as it may, I still stand by my opinion in saying that what you do OFF the field can have an impact on what happens on. For the MOST part–the Pirates seem to keep their opinions in check and simply handle their business on the field and THAT’s the way it should be…all business. Again, I won’t say they don’t take jabs and or taunt but if “EYE” was to witness it, I’d shut it down. Like my grandmother always said…actions speak louder than words” and it seems to me that they don’t talk about it…they BE about it! What’s ironic though…Page has some football players from Mallard Creek and Butler checking for them via text messaging and fb wishing them well after most of their games while football players RIGHT HERE in Guilford County wants to taunt and throw shade. Go figure…………
    Another one in the record books Pirates! Let’s put this one behind us and concentrate on next week ’cause just as sure as you’ve gained more endearing fans, you’ve acquired others who can’t WAIT to see you fall.
    Ahhhh….it gets soooo cold and lonely sitting on the top of Guilford County!!!

  • Mike said,

    Page has a great team and will have a great run, but it will be tough to get past Butler or Mallard CreekI I wish Page all the luck in the world and i hope u do beat them, im just saying its going to be tough. Mallard Creek is as tough as any highschool team you will ever see around here.. and needs a butt whoopin, lol work hard and stay focused Page, you have got one heck of a team, coaching staff and parents and classmates!! Complete Class Act!! Im pulling for u to go all the way. They put there paints on one at a time like u do! And guess what Page, I promise u they dont want to see u down the road, i promise you!! this is coming from one of there coaches!!

    Vegas Mike

  • Big Sis said,

    Why is it when Page wins someone always wants to tarnish it by bringing up “oh but they______”? All the players at one time or another, at some level, have displayed actions unbecoming of a student athlete in Guilford County- but as previously stated, there were no Page students taped vandalizing another school’s property. I have been to every Page game and I also witness some very upset players on the other teams who get rougher as the game progresses, and sometimes it looks like it my come to blows- but we’ll never hear about them huh? I’m glad my Pirates are maintaining their cool and focus- there are bigger things ahead and they don’t have time for some of the “hate” they receive locally. I love you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing! You work hard and it’s YOUR TIME. #RedDeath

  • ItsMe said,

    I read this blog only because my mother leaves it up from time to time. Most of you are pretty funny but some of you are down right classless. From what I can tell everybody here is an adult, and you are talking about children as if they are in the NFL. I see why some of our kids act out with taunting and vandalism, because of adults in there lives like some of you. I know some of these guys off the field because my brother goes to Page. I have walked in on 4 or 5 players working on plays Saturday night. I have seen well over half the team getting together to watch film after practice. Over the summer guys getting together to workout on off days. Page (mostly class of 2012) not only dreamed about their high school football ring, but have put in the work to get it. These young men push themselves (and each other), and are making all those sports cliches true. So step back and proof read your comments before you post. These are TEENAGERS you are posting about, and if you don’t have nothing nice to post then don’t post at all.

  • John said,


    The vandalism that some Grimsley kids did at Page is documented. It’s on tape.

    I am also aware of some extremely profane Facebook postings by some Grimsley students, using homphobic slurs to describe Page students.

    Some Grimsley students all day yesterday were Tweeting taunts and smack about the game.

    And you want to lecture about Page students having no class.

    Like I said before, respect is something that is earned. Grimsley no doubt has a bunch of great kids going to school there. But a not-insignificant number of their students represented that school very poorly.

    Again, if you have evidence, hard, factual evidence of Page students vandalizing property at a rival school, let’s hear about it. Don’t give me this “three yard gain” crap that happens in the heat of battle on the field. Prove it. Or shut the **** up. I’m done with you.