Local College Football Today Finals

Posted by Andy Durham on October 1, 2011 at 11:02 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

N.C. A&T 24
Morgan State 3

Shenandoah 30
Greensboro College 7

Washington & Lee 63
Guilford College 0

Georgia Southern 41
Elon 14

Wofford 28
Appalachian State 14

  • J.D. Springer said,

    Greensboro and Guilford outscored 93-7. Why even bother? Football at these two schools is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, a way to get tuition out of the 50 or so freshmen who “sign with” them to play football every year. They don’t care if any of these kids ever get on the field, and the schools won’t spend enough money on the programs to be respectable. They just see having a football program and keeping most of those kids on campus even if they never play or quit the team as a net gain. And the kids who do play just get hurt or embarrassed every Saturday. Both schools need to make a commitment to the sport or drop the program.

  • not so fast said,

    Football programs “pyramid schemes” at some of the private D2/3 schools. That is a real interesting statement and I can actually see some real value in that statement. I agree that these schools could do a lot to increase the interest in their programs and to promote more (at least locally – ie triad area). Regardless, each time the school teams play it is drawing additional interest from potential students. Every time their name is printed in the newspaper, posted on this site or makes the local news, they are winning way beyond the field. It is also hard to see how 50 kids on the football can be a pyramid scheme when that 50 only is only 1 or 2% of the entire student population. On a larger scale, I would however agree that many of these “so called” sports programs are nothing more than a way to draw kids into these schools which are funded with a lot of federal grants, fundraisers and partial state/city funds. These programs are in place to help justify the extra cost and benefits that these schools are getting from the cities as a whole. There are few if any schools in the D2/D3 level that can cover their “sport programs” via gate receipts because their local draw is low and rarely promoted. Most D1 programs are also in the red but they are usually ability to get the state reps to fund any shortages because they can swing the public opinion via their larger media access and influence.

  • Quaker Shaker said,

    Guilford would kill UNCG in football and we’ve already destroyed Greensboro College. Bring on A&T!