New “List of the Week”:Guilford County natives coaching at Guilford County Schools and elsewhere

Posted by Andy Durham on October 5, 2011 at 11:36 am under High School | 33 Comments to Read

We had a brief look at this list a while back, but it does get you thinking about how many of these names you can rattle off in succession, before your mind goes blank….

I will list a few for this LIST and then leave room for others to add to the listings…..

A few for the list to get us started:
Robert Kent(Western Guilford-grad) Boys basketball coach at Page
Rusty Lee(Northeast Guilford-grad) Athletic Director at Page
Debbie Jones(Southwest Guilford-grad) Girls basketball coach at Page

Darren Corbett(Southern Guilford-grad) Boys basketball coach at Grimsley

Sonny Gann(Northwest Guilford-grad) Baseball coach at Northwest Guilford
Lee Reavis(Northwest Guilford-grad) Boys basketball coach at Northwest Guilford
Darlene Joyner(Northwest Guilford-grad) Girls basketball coach at Northwest Guilford

Brett Garrett(Southeast Guilford-grad) Baseball coach at Wheatmore
Jake Smith(Southern Guilford-grad) Assistant baseball coach at Wheatmore

*****That is a few of the obvious ones and enough to get us started…..***** What else do you have for us and you can include private schools too, why not?…..Guilford County Schools grads coaching in Guilford County or elsewhere, public or private……*****

  • Andy said,

    Here is one that I need to add…He was on our original list when we looked at this a few years back…

    Daryl Brown(Southern Guilford-grad) Football coach at Southern Guilford

  • Simmons is Cute said,

    Jason Simmons: Head Baseball Coach, Grimsley High School
    Graduated: Southern Guilford High School

  • Carter is Gorgeous said,

    Jeff Carter: Head baseball coach southern guilford, also a Southern Graduate.

  • SG Supporter said,

    Charles Schoffner- Grimsley Graduate, Track Coach Dudley High School
    Jamal Willis- Dudley Graduate, Track Coack Southern Guilford High School

  • Bengals said,

    Bill Welch – Western Guilford grad, Track and Cross Country coach at Greensboro Day

    Buddy Walker – NE Guilford grad, Baseball coach at Greensboro Day

    Taylor Johnson – NW Guilford grad, Boys Soccer coach at Greensboro Day

    Robert Mimms – Grimsley grad, Asst. Boys Soccer coach at Greensboro Day

  • Gfan said,

    How can you forget the Charlie Gambles SG now at SEG baseball?

  • Andy said,

    What about Coach Freddy Johnson at Greensboro Day? Grimsley or Page grad? And coach Smith in basketball too and maybe more of that boys basketball staff also went to Guilford County Schools…….

  • Andy said,

    Yes and Charlie III from SEG-grad and Charlie IV Southern-grad……And the head baseball coach at SEG, somebody needs to name him too…I would, but it would spoil the fun for somebody else…..You all know him, now name him…..

  • Gfan said,

    Gee I don’t remember him. He can’t be easly remembered. I guess he was a SEG grad also.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Dave Beasley SE – baseball SE
    Doug Henderson Page? – Asheboro football
    John Ralls WG – Ledford Women’s basketball Men and Women’s golf
    Daniel Barrow WG – a few schools including NE Guilford and S. Alamance football
    Tommy Waynick WG – NW middle baseball

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Tommy Grayson HS? Guilford College – Eastern Guilford football Guilford College football asst. baseball asst.

  • Andy said,

    I think Henderson did go to Page and played backup QB over there back when Page was loaded during that 80’s run….Was it Chuck or Doug that went to Page and then on to Asheboro……I know one of the Henderson boys was Doug and the other was Chuck and there may have been a third one named Rob….I don’t know what in the world happened to him, but he is probably out there coaching somewhere…..One, Chuck or Doug ,went into coaching and the other went to Omega Sports…..Both have done real well and made their dad proud…..

  • Chris Smith said,

    Coach David Blue (Page Graduate) NE Guilford HS Cross Country and Track

  • 77 Hornet said,

    The Asheboro HS site says Doug

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Make that Chuck

  • Andy said,

    Good deal on Doug and I bet all of those Henderson boys said they were Doug at one time or another….True football family and the father’s blood ran Carolina Blue…..

    Speaking of Blue, David Blue, a true legend in Guilford County Sports history……Former football player at Page and then became a runner and one of the best teachers around……His daughter is a prodigy, that fits in this same mold….Former NEG runner, ran for UNC-Charlotte(Charlotte) and now teaches and coaches at Page…..I think it is Lia Blue and she was one of the best female runners in Guilford County girls history……..

    The Blues and the Hendersons…..A tough bunch to beat, but they say it is really tough to beat The Blues…….

  • Andy said,

    I thought it was Chuck and I’m glad we got that cleared up and Doug is probably still with Omega Sports……

    More from others…..On Freddy Johnson, on the current WG football coach, on the hoops coach at HPCA……..Bring ’em and weep………We need to keep this tab running a few days……

    I think Coach Tommy Norwood at Ragsdale used to attend Guilford County Schools….I know he used to coach at Gibsonville/Eastern Guilford and was in that area, but he may have grown up over across the line in Alamance County……..

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Norwood was at NE too.

  • Gfan said,

    What about Lynn Coble? I’m pretty sure he was a SEG grad now head coach at Parkwood High.

  • Andy said,

    Let’s look at two at Eastern Guilford…..

    Tina Gunn Eastern Guilford-grad now girls basketball coach at Eastern Guilford
    Scott Loosemore Southeast Guilford-grad now football coach at Eastern Guilford

    AD Randall Hackett is also a Guilford County Schools grad too if not mistaken…..

    Not so sure about Lynn Coble as SEG-grad, but maybe someone else would know…..Maybe Big Charlie is out there on the front line and he would know for sure……..

  • Ram Pride said,

    Dan Bozarth – Caldwell Academy Athletic Director/Varsity Baseball (Northeast Guilford graduate)

  • Pirate said,

    You guys left out the best high school baseball coach in Guilford County.and that would be Reid Holmes. He is at another level. He graduated from Western Guilford.

    Also Jeff Smith is the varsity asst. at Greensboro Day School. Handles their defense. Also a graduate of Western.

  • rachawk said,

    Chris Causey- Current Head football coach and baseball coach at Western Guilford (Western Guilford Grad) or was that already mentioned?

  • Andy said,

    Good calls on Coach Causey, Reid Holmes, Jeff Smith and Dan Bozarth…..All great selections and Dan Bozarth is doing a whale of a job, building that program over at Caldwell Academy……Interesting, that Causey, Holmes and Smith all came out of Western Guilford….Wonder which school produced the most coaches?

    Still a coach out there at High Point private school and I know of an assistant football coach at Northern Guilford, 2 or 3 at Dudley and there’s more that all came from Guilford County schools and the Dudley basketball team has at least three coaches from GCS and now’s there’s one at HP Andrews….

  • Andy said,

    At least one NEG assistant coach from GCS and did we ever decide where Coach Freddy Johnson went to high school in the GCS? Was it Grimsley or Page?

  • fj said,

    Freddy went to Grimsley. Clifford at HPCA went to Page.

  • StormFaithful said,

    Looking at this list it appears that Southern Guilford has produced a lot of coaches from its graduating classes over the years, its great to see some of those names that have become great coaches and doing great things at other school. As i have watched many of those coaches play as teenagers over the years in the SG community. But more importantly look at the coaches they have on staff that are graduates of the school,

    Darryl Brown – Head Football Coach
    Calvin Brown – Asst Football Coach (Defensive Coordinator)
    Jeff Carter – Head Baseball Coach
    Beth Medaows – Head Volleyball Coach
    Jennifer Martin – Asst Volleyball Coach
    Sandy Terrell – Head Cheerleading Coach

    With all these former students of the school now coaching at the school, they are building a lot of SG Pride among the players that they coach. As a community member it is a great thing when you watch student athletes play and take Pride in their school as a teenager and then decide to come back and teach and coach and instill the same Pride in their school with their teams. It says alot about a community and school when individuals come back to their school to teach and coach.

    Go Storm

  • Andy said,

    You got to love that Sumner Community and it is a good one and at one time Mickey Atkinson was another one that came through that program and later coached the footbal team he once played for there at SG…..Lots of history in the Sumner area and a couple of former SG men later did some coaching at SEG too, in the Hackett Brothers, Joey and Dino….Good men and a strong support system at Southern and in the Sumner area, even delving into the Sumner Civitan progarm and their influence over the years…..

    One more to give away today is Mike Everett at NWG as the assistant baseball coach….Former Western Guilford student/athlete and has coached at WG and at NWG over the years…..Used to be Jerry Steele’s top assistant at High Point U back in the days…..

    Football at Northern with at least one assistant and many in football and basketball at Dudley are still on the clock and we need to reel them in……

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Scott Muskat WG – Baseball coach St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill, New York
    Scott (pitcher) won back to back state championships at WG under Coach Brett Stell with team mate Chris Causey. Coach Causey coached Ryan Stell which is Brett Stell’s son. The Causey’s came out of the Southeast Guilford area.

  • Andy said,

    I will keep on adding a few….JR Troutman(Grimsley) assistant football coach at Northern Guilford……Evan Fancourt(Grimsley) JV Basketball coach at Southern Guilford….

    I will leave the Dudley guys out there a little while longer and see if you get any of them………

  • basehitter said,

    The Causey’s came from the Guilford College area…. Both Brian and Chris went to WG… and Both played football at carolina.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Yes they both are from Western. I was referring to their previous generation. Their dad went to Bessemer high school with Larry Moore (of Greensboro Colt Baseball) and their uncle Paul went to Southeast (they won state in baseball while he played in 1969 I think). They came from the Pleasant Garden area.

  • Pirateman said,

    At Page
    Robert Kent – Basketball (WG)
    Debbie Jones – Basketball (SWG)
    Rusty Lee – Athletic Director (NEG)
    Wilson Helms – Asst. FB (SEG)
    Earl Sams – Asst. FB (Page)
    Zack Osborne – Cross Country (Grimsley)
    David Hawkins – Swimming (NWG)

    At Northeast
    Bob Via (Page)
    Richard Sisk ( NEG)