Update on Tuesday’s #’s and stats for area high school football leaders

Posted by Andy Durham on October 5, 2011 at 11:15 am under High School | 2 Comments to Read

I went back and did some more research at MaxPreps.com and was able to catch a few more updates on our kids’ numbers from yesterday’s NCPreps.com report…..

Here are some of our updated stats on yesterday’s players and we will have that we could obtain from MaxPreps and if you have more, or we are missing some players that stack up in the stats, please send that to our attention…..

Here we go with what we could grab/catch….

Malik Mosely(Southern Guilford) 114 carries for 872 yards and 11 TD’s…..

TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 102 carries for 792 yards and 13 TD’s…Logan has 15 TD’s total and two, two-point conversion scores….His teammate Daniel Downing has 459 rushing yards for the Nighthawks….

Marquez Eleazor(Ragsdale) 138 carries for 753 yards and 8 TD’s…..Tiger teammate Xavier Jones with 193 yards rushing and Brandon Walker adds 114 yards on the ground to the Ragsdale attack….

Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 86 carries for 710 yards and 11 TD’s….NWG also has Dalton Dillon with 445 yards, Anthony Harding has 345 and Kyle Kristy checks in with 230 yards on the ground…..

Garrison Herndon(Ragsdale) 71-121 for 963 yards and 9 TD’s…..

Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) 61-114 for 980 yards and 14 TD’s and Cunningham has 261 rushing yards and 5 TD’s on the ground with 19 total TD’s worth of scoring for SG…..Solid touchdown responsibility…

Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford) 43-69 for 693 yards and 5 TD’s….

Anthony Stewart(Ragsdale) 28 receptions for 424 yards and 5 TD’s….Teammate Brandon Walker has 237 yards receiving….

Matt Colvin of Southern Guilford has 391 receiving yards…..

*****Other names and numbers stayed the same and some of the names where we don’t have updates, they don’t have #’s at MaxPreps and we will have to just keep on getting their info at NCPreps.com and that is fine….We will update again soon…..*****

  • NW said,

    NW QB Pawlowski also has 1 rushing TD and 1 Recieving TD along with the 5 passing td’s for a total of 7 td’s on the year and they are listed on Max Prep as well.

  • Baller said,

    I wouldn’t conceed Player of the Year to James Summers yet of Page. If TJ Logan of Northern Guilford and Jamie Cunningham of Southern Guilford continue to perform well and their teams continue to win, this could become interesting. Don’t give it to the person based on the school(college) that they will be going to or whom one likes. Let the performance and the performance only be the determining factor.