Hank walks the plank and is out, then What’s In? Suggestions for new Monday Night Football Theme Song???

Posted by Andy Durham on October 6, 2011 at 2:05 pm under Professional | 4 Comments to Read

Any suggestions for a new Theme Song for ESPN’s Monday Night Football Games???
(Check out some of our suggestions below…We have a few good ones…..)

What should they go with?

A new remake version of Donna Summers’ Thank God It’s Friday and call it, Thank God It’s Monday?…….Faith Hill’s This Kiss, This Kiss becomes, “This Kick, This Kick”(Unmakeable?)…..How about Bruce Springsteen’s “Tramps Like Us Baby We Were Born to Run”…….Or something like that……

Got any suggestions? How about making and taking Andy Griffith’s What it was, was Football and making it into, “What It Was, Was Monday Night Football”(Minus Hank Williams Jr. and his theme song)……???

Do any of these click and will they stick and what is your pick……Hit us with your best shot and there you go Doctor D, with another good one…..Bring on Pat Benatar’s, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”…….Worked for boxing, why not football?????

Hit us with your best suggestion or suggestions…..Why not some double-shot power……

Let it rip……..

*****Who did that tune, “Monday Monday”……Was it The Little Rascals or The Young Rascals? or something like…..What about 6 o’clock pm already and I was just in a middle of a dream, I was chasing Tony Romo down a crystal clear Italian stream….It’s just another manic Monday…..Oh yeah, thought it was Sunday…..Oh yeah……Just another Manic Monday………

“Just Another Manic Monday”……I think we’re on to something, or as they say out in California, we’re on something……This is the best so far, don’t you think? “Just Another Manic Monday”……..Can you top this one?????*****

  • Axel said,

    Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

  • George Jones said,

    They could play ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ by Hank Williams Sr. cause Hank Jr. got cheated out of a job.

    They could also go with my new tune ‘Finally Monday’ and that would let the people know that it is time for Monday Night Football.

  • Gfan said,

    It is a tossup for me between Boy George “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” or “It’s Raining Men”

  • E Ford Jr said,

    What about (THIS IS HOW WE DO IT)