Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 7, 2011

Posted by Don Moore on October 7, 2011 at 8:00 pm under High School | 33 Comments to Read

Update #14 – 10:16 PM

Northwest Guilford (7-1) – 31
Ragsdale (6-2) – 28

Southern Guilford (5-2) – 29
Northeast Guilford (6-1) – 41

Southeast Guilford (6-2) – 17
Dudley (3-4) – 20

Page (7-0) – 42
Smith (0-7) – 12

Western Guilford (3-5) – 19
Southern Alamance (1-7) – 7

East Forsyth (6-2) – 45
Grimsley (1-7) – 0

WS Parkland (4-4) – 2
HP Central (3-5) – 12

Southwest Guilford (2-6) – 17
Glenn (3-4) – 24

Rockingham County (6-2) – 14
Eastern Guilford (4-4) – 18

Northern Guilford (6-1) – 55
McMichael (2-5) – 23

HP Andrews (7-0) – 54
Trinity (0-8) – 7

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    @ the half Andrews 28 Trinity 0

  • gsofan said,

    Northern 35. McMichael 10( half. TJ 3 TDs.

  • coach stanley said,

    Half time. E Forsyth 28. Grimsley 0

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I had to travel to New York for a funeral but I’ve got my faithful followers keeping me abreast of my Pirates. They’re telling me there are a bunch of flags being thrown at the game. I guess the refs wanted to visit the U.N. during the game (again). (sigh)

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    28 to 6 @ the half….two touchdowns called back???? It seems like another day at the office.

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    10:00 left in game Andrews 42 Trinity 0

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Debo just scored (for Page) Yaaay Debo!! So, I think the score is 35-6 Page. Yes!!!!

  • gsofan said,

    49-16. Northern. TJ w 5 TDs and a ton of yds.

  • coach stanley said,

    Final. E Forsyth 45. Grimsley 0

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    Final Andrews 54 Trinity 7

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Glenn 24
    SW Guilford 17 *Final

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Dudley 20
    SE Guilford 17 * Final

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    N. Guilford 55
    McMichael 23 * Final

  • TheDynamicUno said,

    VIKINGS – Whaaaaat it doooooooooo!!!!!

  • GCcoach said,

    Eastern is 4-4 not 3-5

  • John said,

    Wow. Page dissed again by News 2. Not one highlight from the Smith game. This after the absurd soft-focus puff pieces on Grimsley last week in both the morning and evening newscasts. You know, just from a news standpoint, WFMY might just want to provide some coverage on the third-ranked team in the state. I’m just sayin’.

    That’s okay, News 2. Go ahead. Ignore us. We’ll still be winning.

  • witness said,

    Dudley rallies to beat Southeast guilford on a great fourth quarter drive. Qb richard hayes goes down with injury midway on the final drive and back up qb adrian slade who has been starting at wide receiver lately for the panthers calmly took on his receiving gloves and moved in as the signal caller and led the panthers into the endzone as he connected with demetrius mccorkle in the endzone on 4th down. the Dudley defense stepped up big in the 2nd half and pitched a second half shutout. props to coach davis and his coaching staff for the adjustments. panthers move to 3-0 in the conference. lets keep this momentum going panthers!!

  • Damon said,

    I’m not sure why SEG keeps kicking the ball short. It makes no sense. Costly turnovers, penalties, and questionable calls cost the Falcons tonight. Dudley fought hard and took advantage of SEG left the door open. Coach Davis does a good job getting him motivated and taking advantage of their strengths.

    On a side not…is horse collar tackling legal in high school?

  • Brian H. (WFMY) said,

    It’s not that we did not want to cover Page tonight. We lost a shooter so i was down a person tonight, thus i lost 2 games for our show. Page is on our schedule for the next 2 weeks for their games against S. Alamance and Dudley. Have not made them out further ahead than that.

    WFMY Sports Producer

  • wgdub said,

    wg lets go! great stuff boys

  • Gfan said,

    Don’t worry Brian. Stuff happens. John is just…John. That’s the nicest way I can comment on him. Page has a great team but some of the fans are a little hard to take sometimes. You know…like most UNC fans until this year.

    There were some real shockers last night. Should make the next few weeks even more interesting for the contenders. I’m most surprised that Dudley got by SEG. I guess they have turned things around because SEG has a solid team this year.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,


    I’m not trying to take anything away from any other teams but (IMO) I think that the Page/Southeast game is really going to be something to see! I’ve been kinda keeping my eye on those boys and find myself constantly looking over my shoulder for a Falcon to swoop around somewhere near me.

  • Brian H (WFMY) said,

    thanks Gfan….as the producer, the hardest part is deciding which games to cover. On an average week there is 30-35 games around the area and having to whittle that down to 14-15 each week is difficult. some people forget we have to cover Alamance, Rockingham, Guilford, Davidson, Forsyth, Randolph and all of the other surrounding counties.

  • I Back John said,

    The local station should cover the best team in the area every week. That is Sports Journalism 101.

  • Footballfan said,

    WGHP Fox sports covered every game in the area last night except for guess who? Northern Guilford…didn’t even mention them…they beat McMichael 55 to 23. Fortunately WFMY remembered who they were. LOL…It’s no big deal…but WGHP is famous for that.

  • zduck said,

    northern.. who is northern?. by the way how is your recruiting class looking for next year?

  • ankersaway said,

    zduck…..I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public….who is your team?

  • Damon said,

    There are other teams in the Triad besides Page! I have supported the kids from Page and wished them well, but some of the fans are beginning to be annoying. I wish all of you were more like UU. TV producers have a difficult job with all the schools in the area. Page receives more than their fair share of local coverage. Brian’s job is not to chronicle Page’s dream season, it’s to cover local area high schools. The are other area high schools that have kids that deserve coverage also. Brain doesn’t have unlimited resources. If you like to supplement Brian’s budget, send him a check and he’ll cover Page from whistle to whistle. Just be glad that your coaches go the extra mile by submitting your kid’s stats to the local paper and high school sports websites.

    Side not…….Page is also getting a lot of attention from colleges. I know Summers is NC State bound, but scouts still seem to be showing up to check this kid out along with a few other players. That helps all kids on Page’s schedule! It provides an opportunity for other kids to get noticed. So for that…I thank the kids and the coaching staff for having a special season. There’s a theory out there that special teams need that one loss to wake em’ up. SEG will be happy to provide that loss for the Pirates.

    Good luck to all our local athletes and stay healthy!

  • Damon said,


    Let’s keep this in perspective…MOST ALL Page fans realize that we aren’t the only team out there, so try not to collectively put us ALL in the same “annoying” group…There are some “annoying” SEG fans as well, but I don’t see the point in letting everyone on this site know it…Seriously, who cares if we have one or two whiners???…Page has gotten plenty of attention…There, a Page Fan said we have gotten plenty of attention…Personally, I could care less if the media ever shows us again so long as we come home with a ring…If the news channels need to fix anything its that they need to stop showing so many highlights of the losing team…

  • Damon said,

    Some does not equal all. I said some fans. I also pointed out UU as being a positive fan. My post was in support of Brian and the work his staff does on a weekly basis. I stand by my post.

  • To Damon said,

    You lumped all as being like UU stating “I wish all of you were more like UU”…Now, UU is positive for Page; however there are a lot of other positive Page fans…Some of the whiners that we do have should take lessons from her, but you made a comment lumping us together…

    Its not even a big deal, but my comment was suggesting that all teams have those “annoying” fans…So, why worry about posting about it?..Why let it bother you?..More importantly, the morale of the story is “Don’t throw stones at glass houses”…lol…We all have our annoying fans, so just ignore them is my suggestion…

    Most of the Page fans want to keep a positive light on the school…Channel 2 and Fox8, y’all keep doing your thing…Personally, I would much rather have a recorded game at Wake Forest in several more weeks…

  • Damon said,

    What are you talking about? I’m not throwing stones. I am directly commenting on the above post about lack of coverage for Page. There aren’t any SEG fans on here complaining about lack of coverage. I have defended your fan base in previous posts this year and over the past two years. I’m sorry you missed them. Next time, I’ll be sure to list every positive fan from Page on here since listing one of the most vocal and positive wasn’t enough for you. I did not lump you all into the same annoying group. Reread my post.

    I’ll make sure I clear all Page related posts from now on.

  • Thanks said,