Power Team Sales/Greensborosports.com Player of the Week

Posted by Andy Durham on October 7, 2011 at 11:29 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

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The Northwest Guilford offensive line will shine this week, as their Viking runningbacks picked up another 248 yards rushing last week, to go with the 600 yards in the two previous weeks…..The NWG RB’s have gained right at 1832 yards rushing this season, with Reid Baxter at 710, Dalton Dillon right at 445, Anthony Harding near 350 and Kyle Kristy at the 230 mark….That says something for the Northwest offensive line with Tyler Campbell at center, Aidan Smith and Ben Yates at the guards and the tackles are Clay Shelton and Paul Crane…..

The Northwest Guilford offensive line checks in as the Power Team Sales, Players of the Week……

  • NW Viking Fan said,

    Congratulations to the Northwest offensive line. It’s nice to see linemen get some credit for a successful running game.

  • #10'sMomma said,

    WOOOOOHOOOOO . . . . . . Props to the Vikings O-line!! You guys ROCK! Thanks for going hard every Friday night & allowing my son & other teammates to do their jobs succesfully! Much deserved recognition! Proud of you . . . . .now, let’s go catch some Tigers by the tail!!!! Thanks for the recognition, Andy!

  • DynamicUno said,

    Whaaaaaat It ‘Doooo

  • NW said,

    put the team on yo back!

  • Mike L said,

    I realize the NW parents wil be disappointed with this comment but their o-line is the worst o-line we have seen all year, Most of Baxter’s and Kriisty’s yards are around end and outside the box. they were unable to get any yards between the tackles. After several of us watched film on the game it became more apparent. Pawlowski did a good job scrambling and breaking containment. he was sacked several times and spend the night running. And he did a good job of it of getting outside the box. I felt bad for the kid getting pounded back there.

  • Viking Dad said,

    @ Mike L., I don’t know if you are a coach, parent or player but your comments at this point provide us Northwest fans with a good laugh. However, be man enough to say which of the three you are because if you are a coach I am thankful that my son doesn’t and has never played for you.