Very big wins tonight for Northwest Guilford, Northeast Guilford, Dudley and Eastern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on October 7, 2011 at 11:49 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Those were four big wins by those teams tonight…..What did it go, NWG over Ragsdale 31-28, NEG over Southern 41-29, Dudley past SEG 20-17 and then Eastern Guilford topped Rockingham County 18-14…..

Many were saying that the NWG-Ragsdale game was the best game that they had seen all season and I’m sure the other three were just as good…..

A very entertaining night of high school football and now NWG is (4-0/7-1) and right there near the driver’s seat in the Pidemont Triad 4-A Conference…..NEG is back in the hunt in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A…..Dudley is (3-0) and unbeaten in the Metro……Eastern Guilford is now in the hunt to earn a playoff spot…..

Very entertaining games this evening and did we have any ones that were any better than those four finishes on this Friday……..

  • mark said,

    Congrats to NW. They never gave up and Ragsdale went all conservative in the second half and also let them keep two dead drives alive but screwing up on special teams giving up a fake punt and then touching the ball after a horrible punt by NWG on their first possesion in the third. Can’t give a good team extra chances. And you don’t throw over a short pass over the middle deep in your own territory when you have the lead.

    And as much as I don’t want to complain about the refs – if you want to see the epitome of a bad call just look at the pic in the N&R on Baxter’s first TD. My daughter said he dropped the ball and the picture don’t lie…

    Oh well – the conference belongs to NW now as long as they can beat East Forsyth in two weeks. That will be another helluva game.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ Mark–

    If you’re referring to picture #2 in the N&R, your daughter is exactly right. Stevie Wonder can see that he clearly does not have the ball.

  • Yuuuuup said,

    @Mark – it’s tough to tell through that picture if the ball came out before crossing the goal line but there was a ref right there. Clearly you want to make the right call in that situation and if the ball had come out before then yes horrible call, however if you’re not 100% sure it’s tough to take points off the board. I think there was some questionable calls also like the deep throw and catch right at the end of the first half where I feel like NWG should have had about 3 ticks left and clock should have stopped for a first down, time out called and then the Vikings possibly don’t go into half down 18 points. Then at the end when it appeared Baxter got in but the ref marked him down at the 6 inch line. Unfortunately, when it comes to the striped shirts its all about perception sometimes!

    Hard to take anything away from either one of these teams by saying a call the ref’s made changed the outcome. Quite frankly it is the play of the kids on the field that for the most part effect the outcome of a game like the ST spoof by Ragsdale and the two INT’s. As far as Ragsdale “going all conservative” in the 2nd half its hard to make changes and adjustments to what worked so well in the 1rst half. The Tiger’s offense put up 28 points in pretty much 1 qtr of play as NWG consumed the clock much of the 1rst qtr.

    The conference surely isn’t a lock and I think NWG knows and understands that. They must first beat Parkland a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain and I’m sure the NWG players and coaching staff are focused on the game right now. They have to beat them first before any showdown with East Forsyth.

  • PGAREF said,

    Come on boys, put them big girl panties on, and deal with it!! That pictures proves nothing!!! maybe who shot Kennedy, or how the earth began, but not that the ball, with a photo taken, was BEFORE, or AFTER the ball carrier crossed the goal line. The ball ONLY has to break the plane of the goal, then the ball, by RULE, can become loose…..GROW UP!!!!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    My copy didn’t even have a picture of Reid scoring.

  • NW said,

    Northwest was the better team tonight, Sorry Ragsdale, it was a would of. could of, should of, game for you. Your coach told you to stop the run and you did but he forgot to tell you that NW has a damm good Quarterback that was just waiting for this nite when a team stopped the run. Great game by NW and by the way, more penalties were called on us in this game so stop crying. We overcame and Kicked your Butts. Offensive and Defensive line were smaller but played as a team all night. There is no sweeter victory than coming from behind and a 4th quarter come back.

    Just win baby, just win is what we do best.

  • Perfect Example said,

    That slap-in-the-face-comment by NW sums up exactly why no other schools in Guilford & Forsyth County are happy for your little bit of success. After reveling in sports mediocrity for the better part of 2 decades, NW has a little bit of lime light and instead of being happy for the kids and dealing with the positive aspects, the NW fan base instead insults 4 separate schools and individual families. Winning is not all you do, you have perfected the art of self-alienation and also offered up another Perfect Example of how not to win with class.

  • In The Know said,

    Guilford County places a hand full of players on the 2011 NC Shrine Bowl Team….Press release on Thursday..

  • leghooNW said,

    everybody hatin on us cuz they know we better

  • C'mon Man said,

    Perfect Example…C’mon man are you serious? Saying the whole Triad community shuns the Vikings because they’re classless. Not quite sure what rock you’ve been living under but the Northwest Community kids, families, coaches are some of the classiest people you’ll ever meet. Are the kids excited to have beaten Ragsdale well heck yeah they are. Is the fan base excited about the recent winning ways of the athletic program..better believe it! You must be able to see that the recent post from NW was a bit over zealous probably posted by a 16 or 17 year old kid still juiced up from last nights roaring comeback. So then you return jabs by insulting and entire school and community? Its pretty obvious that you have no reservations in stooping to the lowest of levels yourself. “Perfect Example” of how to be a double standard

  • Andy said,

    We have some very good fans around here and we need to stick together….Together we will stand every boy, girl, woman and man…….

    Good job last night and as the energy wears down and wears off, we will all have to let it go and move on to Friday October 14……

    Lots of juices flowing last night, but they won’t mean a thing if we are all not ready for the next bump in the road…..

    I went (0-4) in my Big Game picks last night and (7-4) overall…..I’m the one that ought to be crying this morning, but I think I will savor and enjoy all those good games from last night instead…..

    Let’s stick together…….

  • Tfan said,

    Hahaha. CANNED HEAT! Well done Andy. I’m sad for Ragsdale though. It’s weird, but it almost looked like they didn’t get to play the game the way they wanted to, from an offensive stand point. Otherwise, I think they’d won. But, dims da breaks. They’re a fine team of young men who played a good game last night; they’ll take their lumps, and move on down the road…They’re not done yet! Congratulations to NW on a big win!

  • woulda thought said,

    Woulda thought that Northwest fan base so excited about their sucesss would have brought more fans to watch a big game like that

  • NW said,

    Ragsdale player said this to our team before the final TD and I think it is appropriate to repeat it back to you guys “”””NITE NITE”””” LOL

  • SMH said,

    lol @ woulda thought…that is the best response you could come up with? Let me guess Ragsdale carries a crowd like last night to all their road games?!? Just the kind of dipstick stuff I expected to see!!

  • Grow Up said,

    A lot of smack talking going on here. Hope you know that you all act like you’re the ones who suited up. My son plays football for NW and he said that none of the players (meaning the majority of ALL the high school football players) ever read you guy’s comments because you embarrass yourselves. You’re not the ones out there taking the hits, punches or the low blows. Just shut up. Nobody cares what you’re pissed off about. The bottom line is one team is going to win and one team did. In fact, when the game was over all the players (from both sides) man’d up and gave each other an atta-boy at the end. They act more grown up then the people on this blog. We ALL have good fans. ALL the players are going to talk trash on the field. It’s what gets the players fired up. Get over it and just enjoy the games. You guys are ridiculous trying to live vicariously through these kids. I wish I knew how old you are.

  • Andy said,

    The kids that I talk to like the site and they appreciate the posting of their names when they win and have success and they read many of the comments by the parents and take those for/as entertaiment purposes only…..

    All and all we have great fans here and they are passionate about their teams/sports and in the end it is a good thng….Sometimes the fans do get a bit over zealous, but at the end of the day, those who come by here every day, 7 days a-week, they respect each other and know we are in this together, for the long haul…….Page at Wake Forest for the 4-AA’s/4-A in the finals, would be a real good thing…… NWG looks primed to be a playoff contender…..Northern is still in the hunt in a big way, but the team they traveled and faced last year, Wilson Hunt, they are still unbeaten too, at (7-0 or 6-0)……Ragsdale could make a move as a 4-A team and who knows, maybe Dudley has a real strong run left in them and Northeast as a 3-A will be tough…….Northern if they win out and take the Mid State 3-A Conference unbeaten, and with a win over Western Alamance in the last game of the regular season at home, that should give Northern a very long and you would think strong run at home in the playoffs…..