Friday Football Fever and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports Highlights from Friday night’s games

Posted by Andy Durham on October 8, 2011 at 11:30 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read

Here is a look back at last night’s games, courtesy of Brian Hall, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and if any of you have video or photos from last night’s games, please send them along to us too….Would love to print and post……Just send to….

Here is the action from last night and I didn’t get to see the show, so let’s look on together when we CLICK HERE…….

Thanks again, to Brian Hall and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and don’t forger the College Football Blitz with Brian Formica, set for 7:10 tonight, on WFMY NEWS 2; Get Answers/Get Video……

  • Page Fan said,

    It is funny how Page is ranked in the state and hardly gets any highlights or coverage by our own News 2. Unbelievable.

  • Damon said,

    There are other teams in the Triad besides Page! I have supported the kids from Page and wished them well, but some of the fans are beginning to be annoying. I wish all of you were more like UU. TV producers have a difficult job with all the schools in the area. Page receives more than their fair share of local coverage. Brian’s job is not to chronicle Page’s dream season, it’s to cover local area high schools. The are other area high schools that have kids that deserve coverage also. Brain doesn’t have unlimited resources. If you like to supplement Brian’s budget, send him a check and he’ll cover Page from whistle to whistle. Just be glad that your coaches go the extra mile by submitting your kid’s stats to the local paper and high school sports websites.

    Side not…….Page is also getting a lot of attention from colleges. I know Summers is NC State bound, but scouts still seem to be showing up to check this kid out along with a few other players. That helps all kids on Page’s schedule! It provides an opportunity for other kids to get noticed. So for that…I thank the kids and the coaching staff for having a special season. There’s a theory out there that special teams need that one loss to wake em’ up. SEG will be happy to provide that loss for the Pirates.

    Good luck to all our local athletes and stay healthy!

  • To Damon said,

    Let’s keep this in perspective…MOST ALL Page fans realize that we aren’t the only team out there, so try not to collectively put us ALL in the same “annoying” group…There are some “annoying” SEG fans as well, but I don’t see the point in letting everyone on this site know it…Seriously, who cares if we have one or two whiners???…Page has gotten plenty of attention…There, a Page Fan said we have gotten plenty of attention…Personally, I could care less if the media ever shows us again so long as we come home with a ring…If the news channels need to fix anything its that they need to stop showing so many highlights of the losing team…

  • Damon said,

    I didn’t lump you all in the same boat. I said some fans. I also pointed out UU as always being very positive.

  • To Damon said,

    You lumped all as being like UU stating “I wish all of you were more like UU”…Now, UU is positive for Page, and some of the whiners that we do have should take lessons from her, but you made a comment lumping us together…

    Its not even a big deal, but my comment was suggesting that all teams have those “annoying” fans…So, why worry about posting about it?..More importantly, the morale of the story is “Don’t throw stones at glass houses”…lol…We all have our annoying fans, so just ignore them is my suggestion…

    Most of the Page fans want to keep a positive light on the school…Channel 2 and Fox8, y’all keep doing your thing…Personally, I would much rather have a recorded game at Wake Forest in several more weeks…