TigerMan is no pussycat and he’s still falling in line at ORMA

Posted by Andy Durham on October 12, 2011 at 12:26 pm under College, High School | 2 Comments to Read

Good to get an update and receive the positive news on Evan ‘Tiger’ Miller last week….The TigerMan is still at the Oak Ridge Military Academy and he had a baseball workout in Winston-Salem last week, over at Wake Forest University and the college coaches still like what they are seeing…..

Tiger has also expressed an interest in attending West Point and being a part of the ARMY program there and that might just be an option, that might work out for him too……

The TigerMan is still on the move and he is still falling in line at the Oak Ridge Military Academy…..And for that, he is no Pussycat…..

Tiger is a Winner and Bobby Bare had the song about ‘The Winner’ back in the mid-70’s and it told of, as Bare talked to another bar patron about who is ‘The Winner’, Bare said to the guy, “TigerMan you’re a pussycat and a then a hush fell over the crowd, let’s you and me step outside and see who’s ‘The Winner’…….” Bare told of the times he had spent being ‘The Winner’ and how he had arthritis elbow, he had dislocated heel and he suffered all kinds of problems, just trying to maintain ‘The Winner’ status and in Bare’s words, it was like, “here you take it, you be ‘The Winner’,” cause it was a rough and tumble title to hold on to and you proably would get your brains beat out, just trying to stay, ‘The Winner’……

Others have left ‘The Academy’, but the TigerMan is still holding down the fort, and for that, today, he is, ‘The Winner’……Good job and good luck to Tiger Miller……..

Your mom would be proud son, your mom would be proud…….

  • Gfan said,

    Tiger is the man! Good luck wherever you end up going to college.

  • ORMA said,

    Tiger is a special young man. Wish him all the best