Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 14, 2011

Posted by Don Moore on October 14, 2011 at 8:07 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Update #13 – 10:42 PM

Dudley (4-4) – 20
Western Guilford (3-6) – 13

Southern Alamance (1-8) – 0
Page (8-0) – 70

Smith (0-8) – 12
Grimsley (2-7) – 22

WS Parkland (4-5) – 7
Northwest Guilford (8-1) – 42

High Point Central (4-5) – 7
Kernersville Glenn (3-5) – 3

East Forsyth (7-2) – 34
Southwest Guilford (2-7) – 7

Northeast Guilford (7-1) – 62
Southwestern Randolph (3-6) – 29

North Forsyth (2-6) – 6
Southern Guilford (6-2) – 42

Rockingham County (5-4) – 7
Northern Guilford (7-1) – 42

Eastern Guilford (4-5) – 3
Western Alamance (7-2) – 28

Randleman (7-2) – 23
High Point Andrews (7-1) – 14

Southeast Guilford

  • Coach Turk said,

    Page 21
    Southern Alamance 0

    Western Alamance 10
    Eastern Guilford 0

    Asheboro 12
    Ledford 0

    NE Guilford 14
    SW Randolph 0

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    @ the half Andrews 14 Randleman 13

  • Coach Turk said,

    Southern Guilford 28
    N.Forsyth 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    HP Andrews 14
    Randleman 13

  • joe barile said,

    Page 42-0 at the half. Not 41.

  • coach stanley said,

    End of 3rd. Smith 6. Grimsley 22

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    End of 3rd Andrews 14 Randleman 16

  • coach stanley said,

    Grimsley 22 Smith 12

  • coach stanley said,

    Final. Grimsley 22. Smith 12

  • Cowgirl/Raider Parent said,

    Final Randleman 23 Andrews 14

  • Joe Barile said,

    Page had a punt return TD, 2 interception returns for TDs (4 INTs total), and a fumble recovery scoop 6 as well.

    Summers, Rogers, and Hatfield all had big nights. 2nd and 3rd string guys played for most of the 2nd half and scored as well.

  • Gfan said,

    Hummmm all you folks that didn’t pick my Whirlies…I smell those hot and nows cooking.

    I bet we still had 15 penalties tonight but we looked good otherwise. Smith had a tough night. They like us appear to be young and struggling. Also the officials had some interesting calls tonight. On older gentleman called for a measurement when even I could see we were 2 yards short. Had some blantant miscalls and delays but anyways it looked liked they were equally bad for both sides.B

    Our QB didn’t have to jump quite as high to see over the D-line. Bless his heart he is going to be awesome when he grows a few more inches. He did a great job tonight. Big night for #11 Deshawn (sp?). Reader was in on most of our plays. #6 our punter and reciever had a good game. I’m still amazed at how he gets the ball off so well after running for his life after high snaps.

  • ad4deacs said,

    I agree Gfan. It was great seeing all those sophomores playing together tonight.

  • pirate said,

    joe i think there was only 1 int for 6

  • @Tonekupone said,

    Interesting score…
    Eastern Randolph vs. Bartlett Yancey, 0-0. Both teams forfeit due to fighting. They both can forget the playoffs, expect fines and multiple suspensions. This is an ugly situation and could possibly mean some jobs lost. It’s a sad situation and a black eye for both schools. Anyone know what happened over there?

  • Footballfan said,

    Boy Andy..ranking HP Andrews 2nd over Northern Guilford…are you kidding? HP Andrews got beat up by Randleman friday night…was it happy hour when you did these polls…lol…just kidding…we will give you another chance to redeem yourself..overall I think you do a great job.

  • Go Big Blue said,

    The young Whirlies played a very inspired game last night. It was also good to see the fan interaction with the players after the game with a lot of hugs going around. Even though Grimsley is struggling in the win column, the student section enthusiasm has not diminished and they remain vocal and supportive throughout every contest. Good Job all the way around last evening.

    Also, I was hoping that one of the news crews captured DJ Reader’s touchdown run which was one of the most determined plays I have ever seen. The young man ran over 3 Eagles around the 20 yard line, stiff armed another at the 15, lost his helmet at the 10 with two players hanging on his back, regained his balance after 2 more Smith players wrapped around his legs, shook all of them off and bulled into the end zone standing up. Unfortunately the play was ruled dead at the point where his helmet came off, but no one knew this until long after the play was over and the referees met. The Whirlies scored on the next play and it set the tone for the remainder of the game. DJ’s positive attitude and work ethic has been a gift to this school that will be sorely missed after this year.