Northwest Guilford JV Football team finishes (10-0):Check it out from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports

Posted by Andy Durham on October 20, 2011 at 10:50 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford JV’s over East Forsyth 43-20 tonight and you can enjoy and celebrate with all the video when you CLICK HERE for WFMY NEWS 2 Sports with Brian Hall and Brian Formica…..Congrats to the NWG Vikings on another unbeaten JV Football Season and that makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-plus wins in a-row now for Northwest Guilford…….

Again, great work/good job NWG JV Football Vikings………

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Northwest Guilford’s JV team for their undefeated season. That’s not any easy feat and that says a LOT about your upcoming Varsity season. It’s your time to shine fellas!

    You deserve it. Great work, guys! (I just wish that media outlets would follow Andy’s lead by giving these guys (JV) their due props). This is one of the few places that the JV teams gets recognition.
    **quickly exits thread to avoid the ‘bashing” I’m SURE to get from my NW fellow bloggers**

  • Undefeated said,

    Going 39-1 in the last 4 years including 3 undefeated seasons couldn’t have ANYTHING to so with a little bit of recognition could it?

  • runninram said,

    Hey Andy, Why don’t you take a look at NEHS JV Football record over the last 18 years, and look at how many Conference championships Tommy has won. Not trying to rain on NW parade, but we at NEHS have been doing this for a long time.

  • Fans Suck said,

    It’s pitiful really!! But FANS suck..Most people in Guilford County are well aware of the winning tradition and history of schools like Northeast,Page,Grimsley and others yet whenever accolades are giving to a school that doesn’t include their own the fingers start pointing. It would be impossible to cover every school’s season. Besides this story was covered by the News 2 JV Game of the week which has also covered18 other JV teams and 18 additional Varsity teams this season. It’s a shame one can’t display the excitement of a undefeated season without digging up the history books of other teams to so they don’t feel left out. MAN UP. Instead of doughnuts it’s Kleenex for everyone! Turn that frown upside down 🙂

  • Andy said,

    I would like to get those numbers on Northeast Guilford and post them…..Coach Pursley has put together a super Ram program and I believe they have been in the playoffs for something like 18 straight years now with the Varsity and this year would make it 19 in a-row…..Coach Woodruff at NWG and Coach Pursley at NEG are very good friends and they share in the fact that they have successful programs on the Varsity and JV levels….

    I have really enjoyed following the exploits of NWG and Page during their runs of the past couple of years…..It is fun to track the teams when they go off in that long-term winning direction…….Look forward to seeing what NWG does with their current run when they hit 2012…..Keep up the good work Viking players and coaches, there’s a lot to be said for the building work you men are doing on the JV level…..

    Page keep it rolling too….The bounce-back week next Thursday will be the real test for you……High Point Andrews has had a great year, I think they are still unbeaten…..SEG’s JV team has been very tough in recent years…..Southern Guilford is on the threshold of Conference title……

    Sometimes we do take for granted the great job that Coach Pursley and his staff have done, because they have been doing so good, for so long……18 years-plus…..Get us some info on the Rams overall record for this year and more details on the overall run over the last several years……Send to…..Since we can’t be at all the games, we count on you the football fans/readers to keep us informed……Big fan of Coach Pursley and his work and just as big a fan of his son Brock, who is now coaching on the college level(Brevard) and has made many people proud of how far he has gone on, after his days on the sidelines carrying a clipboard and helping his dad, even back when he was still in Middle School….

    Let us know about your teams……That is the only way we can let others know…….Thanks…..

  • Undefeated said,

    @runningram – there you happy now? A shout out to NE Guilford on the post celebrating the NWG undefeated JV season

  • Andy said,

    Sort of on the same subject, another kid I should give a shout-out to is Ty Norwood, student assistant coach up at Appalachian State University….Came from Ragsdale and has made great decisions on advancing in his chosen profession and he also comes from great football stock with the coaching bloodlines….Wish I would I have had that kid’s foresight as a youth…..Smart to be where he is and he earned the shot…….Good news to shared all the way around…..

  • runninram said,

    “undefeated”…..Grow up man.

  • runninram2008 said,

    Andy, I appreciate your comments. I used to coach over at NEHS and I dont think people really know what Coach has done/does over there. This is not a slight to any other coach, but Tommy has continued to coach the players that are given to him and he continues to have success. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with him.