Guilford County High School Football with Week #10 of the Guilford Orthopaedic Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on October 21, 2011 at 11:25 am under High School | 15 Comments to Read

The Guilford Orthopaedic Poll

Here is our latest poll/Top Ten:

2)Northern Guilford(7-1)
3)Northwest Guilford(8-1)
4)Northeast Guilford(7-1)
6)Southeast Guilford(6-2)
7)High Point Andrews(7-2)
8)Southern Guilford(6-2)
10)Eastern Guilford(4-5)

*****I see both Ragsdale and SEG moving to (7-2) tonight, so that explains the fall and landing of High Point Andrews. Could all end up differently and if so, we’ll be talking about that tomorrow……*****

  • panther4lyfe said,

    How is SEG #6 when the lost to Dudley?

  • fbfan said,

    High Point Central has the same record as EG but has played a much tougher schedule, they have played 3 of the teams in your top ten with the 4th next week, you must have been real busy and overlooked that.

  • Andy said,

    SEG has the better overall record right now at (6-2) versus the Dudley(4-4) and that was a very close loss by the Falcons at Dudley…..Good point, but hard to move a (4-4) past a (6-2) at this stage….

    High Point Central’s biggest problem is they can’t score points…..Offense is lacking and without Crosby and the defense, HPC might be in trouble….Heard they had super little JV kid at HPC, in Jamelle Mack…..He could be a Bison on the beat real soon……

    Hope those keys help out with the rankings as we all look them over…..

  • Damon said,

    Also…..when it comes to polls, it matters how you win. Had Dudley beat SEG soundly, then you rate them higher than SEG. Dudley won the game, but it was anything but convincing. The poll is just for fun. Everything will be settled on the field during the playoffs. Good luck to all our student athletes and stay healthy.

  • JD Higgins said,

    Andy I do not have a dog in this fight but I went back and looked and EG was outscored by HPC last week, EG only had 3 points last week so they are not scoring many points either.

  • Andy said,

    EG did score just three points last week, but that was against a very tough unit from Western Alamance…..HPC scored 7 points, but for the year, the Central offense has been semi-productive……EG still gets the edge over HPC for now, but as for tonight, both teams still need to win to even be in the Hunt…..If not they may end up fighting it out to see who gets to attend the Don/Ozzy Osborne concert up in Galax, Virginia the first week of the playoffs…..The Eastern Guilford fans will let you know, they want that #10 spot and they don’t care who J.D. Higgins was or is………Try and take that spot from EG, it means a lot to the Wildcats right now……

  • Panther4lyfe said,

    I never knew you had to beat a team by 30 points in order to have a better team. A win is A win. Also look athte 4 teams that beat Dudley. Southern Durham, Northern, Ragsdale and Northern. All of these teams are quality teams and they are ranked in the state polls. (except for SD)

  • Andy said,

    Dudley is still on the rise with 4 wins in a-row…..And Durham Hillside was one of those 4 non-conference games and you guys had them beat……You had and came back and took it from you, just like guys did with SEG…..Dudley has come a long way this season, but are they back all the way? We will find out tonight and we can let this game at Tarpley Stadium settle the score and the poll…….If SEG falls to WG tonight, they will have flown South early for the winter…….

    It is make or break time this week….

    Time for the Panthers to prove everyone wrong…..

  • Brian said,

    People please, this is not college football. “Just win baby”. That is all that matters. Win and you’re in. The polls only tell you what others think. Each of these teams control their own fate.

  • Damon said,


    It happens all the time in polls. You guys won the game, but like Andy said, you have a 4-4 record. Yes, the losses were good teams, but the way a team wins does matter in polls all the time. They are subjective. That’s why people want to do away with the BCS. I’m glad that in the end, it’s all settled on the field in a tournament. I’m a math and science guy, but no matter the formula applied, polls always leave someone feeling slighted. Congrats on the victory over SEG and good luck the rest of way through.

  • Mike said,

    Im sorry, but putting Dudley at # 9 is a joke!! Dudley would go 7-1 or 8-2 aganist the eight teams above them if the season were to start right now, period!!
    Even if Dudley loses toniight, I mean. look at who they have played…give me a break!! they could be 2-7 and i still think they are the #2 or 3 team in the county!
    at the end of the day, Dudley will be in the playoffs, probably in the third round grinding it out and busting u in the mouth untill the last minute! Good luck to Page, Dudley , SE, NE, Ragsdale, NW, Northern, Southern, Andrews in the playoffs, bring home the Tropy to where it belongs, GUILFORD CO!
    P.S. Page, I know it seems like i have been hating on you guys but i havent, I hope I have motivated and got you pumped up for those tough games down the road, i wish you the best of luck!

    Vegas Mike

  • Gfan said,

    ***ignoring to psuedo Guilford County fan above***

    Dudley has a good test tonight. If they go down by 40+ then they deserve the #9 spot. If they only lose by <20 then they should move up to 7ish. Andrews is still way overrated in this poll by the way.

  • Andy said,

    This poll does have legs or wings….I can’t decide which one, or both…..

  • ron said,

    My money is on DHS tonight!

  • To Ron said,


    I hope you didn’t lose too much money…