A preseason look at Girls Basketball for 2011/2012

Posted by Andy Durham on October 24, 2011 at 12:54 pm under High School | 32 Comments to Read

Special to Greensborosports.com:

Here are the Preseason Guilford County Girls Top Basketball Teams

1. Dudley
2. Southwest Guilford
3. Thomasville Prep Academy-Oak Ridge Millitary(Thomasville Prep with former ORMA players)
4. Page
5. Northern Guilford
6. Northwest Guilford
7. High Point Central
8. Southern Guilford
9. Southeast Guilford

Teams Looking In:
Ragsdale, Grimsley, Eastern Guilford, HP Andrews, Northeast Guilford, Western Guilford

  • Sturgy said,

    Nice preseason analysis! Basketball time is in the air!

  • What In The World said,

    Thomasville I thought was in Davidson County not Guilford and what about Greensboro Day?

  • Tom said,

    Eastern Guilford is always good. Coach Gunn will have them ready to play. I would not leave them out of the top 10.

  • M. Freeman said,

    C’mon Andy……

    Seriously, the Thomasville team is exactly what’s wrong with high school sports. We already saw this with that Northern Guilford/ Oak Ridge madness. Now the ENTIRE Oak Ridge girls team moves on down to Davidson County just because someone spoiled their nirvana at Oak Ridge? What a joke!

  • Missing some teams.. said,

    Why is Dudley in the “1” spot ? They lost more talent than SW and SW won the state last year. Neither Dudley or SW has enough talent to beat Thomasville Tech. Page really only has Paris returning. They had several key players from last year either graduate or transfer to another school. If you can stop or slow up Paris, then Page is not a top 4 team. If Northern can find a point guard, then they could be a top 5 team. I am not aware of what NW, Southern, SE or Eastern has coming back. I thought I heard that Smith had everyone coming back so how did they end up as the #10 team on this list. What about the private schools such as Greensboro Day and Westchester ? Also Andy, please continue to print as much information on this site as possible about good programs in the area whether its in Greensboro, High Point, Thomasville, Winston Salem, Reidsville, Burlington or whatever. People did not complain the last couple years whenever you reported on Westchester with Deuce and others even though Westchester is located in Davidson so they should not have a problem with reporting on other schools that have good programs and/or players.

  • Andy said,

    The girls are following Delaney Rudd and after the end at Oak Ridge last year, there wasn’t much if anything left for them there if they are serious about playing basketball….Many of them have scholarships in hand or they are working in that direction and they need Delaney’s help to reach that level…..

    We’ll see how it goes……As long as Delaney is building, we will give him his chance to show us what he can do….The ORMA girls did not create problems last year, those came in a different setting……

    Lookng forward to the season and will have seperate polls when our seasons get rolling so nobody will out to steal anybody else’s thunder……

    Really looking forward to the start of the season……I think you’ll hear more cross-over stir from the boys this year than you will from the girls……

  • Andy said,

    Whatever is hot, we are going to jump right in it……We covered a lot of private schools games last year and we will this year too….There may be some fire, but we will be there and it makes it more fun to see all of the teams in the area if possible….We may get burnt, but it is cold in the winter and we might just need some heat…..

  • Northern Spirit said,

    Look for our Northern girls to be at the top this year. We still have another Cofer (Amanda) leading the way! GO HAWKS!

  • Shara said,

    Greensboro Day is loaded and this should be our greatest year in private school competition. Bring it on Thomasville Tech! We are looking forward to capturing the Little Four Tourney as well. With Khadeja, Asia, Rogers and Tanesha we shall rock and roll!

  • Player Jones said,

    Mr. Freeman

    What are you saying concerning Thomasville Tech?

  • Tom said,

    I don’t like the way kids move around for basketball reasons. It appears that Delaney left Oak Ridge and brought all of his players with him. Why didn’t he stay at Oak Ridge? It is still open. We all know why Stan left, but why didn’t Delaney stay and build his program there? These moves are obviously not done for academic reasons. This is an AAU basketball team that is residing at Thomasville. There is obviously nothing that can be done about this, but we don’t have to like it.

  • Andy said,

    I think we are talking Thomasville Prep and they will be good and this might be a very big year for the Greensboro Day School girls….They have a load of key players returnng and this could be their turn……Pizza Hut/Little Four should be real interesting for the girls this year…..Page and NWG ready and don’t forget Smith they will be very steady on the girls end and the Northern girls do have a very srong supporting cast coming back this year….

    Overall, I have to feel/think overall, the whole ball game belongs to the SWG girls until somebody can knock them off….The are the returning champs and they have Lovette and Pone coming back….The SWG boys are loaded too with Leach, Day, Clyburn, Langley and many others……

  • Cecil said,


    You make a very good point! concerning the Thomasville Tech situation.

  • The Real Deal said,

    Has anybody ever thought or realized how hard it was for Delaney to get games last year because he was at Oak Ridge with the whole world plus Guilford County Schools boycotting ORMA because of Stan. Do you think they played Oak Hill 3 times last year because they wanted to???? NO!!!! Guilford County Schools were not permitted to play ORMA and that included girls. Stan made that a bad situation for everybody!!! Why not move and leave all of the horrible stigma behind that is ORMA. Seems like a good move for Delaney if you ask me, none of the bad stuff surrounding ORMA had anything to do with him. If he stayed there he would still be laying in Stan’s mess. Stan wasn’t just the B BAll coach at ORMA he was the Mayor!!! Delaney made a great move.

  • Kathy said,

    Who are some of the highschools in this area that runs pretty clean programs? In other words they play with whatever shows up for practice at their particular schools?

  • Andy said,

    No bad rumblings about Delaney while on his shift at ORMA…..He has a lot more input in his new setting at Thomasville Prep…..Hope they do well and show well for the basketball community….Looking forward to a great hoops season for boys and girls and hope that the GDS girls will get a chance to play T’ville Prep and what other private schools/academies will offer a challenge to these two locally this year….Hope that Bishop McGuinness will get on board with T Prep and GDS……I heard yesterday that Bishop lost their big center with a knee injury and she is a sophomore…..

  • Observer said,

    Andy I wouldn’t be so sure to make that assumption about Southwest especially with the rumor that Zena Lovette is not eligible for the first half of the season. And even with if Zena plays you Brittany and Shannon were a big part of the success at Southwest and it often goes unnoticed. Two young ladies that played varsity for four years and played major rolls when Coach Willis was there and also with Coach Bryan. How does the ‘ol saying go; don’t count your chickens before they have hatched. I would love to see your list going into Christmas Break I think it will drastically change.

  • Andy said,

    Let’s go with the assupmtion that Zena plays and then if she can’t and she has to join the team after the Christmas Break, the team will be even stronger then…..SWG has a solid program under Coch Bryan and Coach Willis did a very good job when he was there…..Southwest Guilford was even strong in girls basketball back in the days of the Christy sisters…..

    That is Donna Christy and her sister and I think Donna even coached at SWG after graduation from Greensboro College…..We can thank Bill Christy for girls AAU Basketball getting going in this area….Bill was the brain-trust of local Greensboro Girls AAU Basketball….Freddy Johnson for the boys and Bill Christy along with his wife Jean, doing it for the girls…..I remember them running the programs all the way back in the early to mid-80’s……

    All for the teams and it doesn’t matter who is at the top, we will be pulling for all of them…..Good comp makes all the teams better and I’m sure by next Monday Nov. 1, they will all ready to take on some new comp…..Especially by the end of practice next Moday, Nov. 1…….

    On teams for this year, again for the girls, it’s always fun to see if a team can repeat or exceed the previous year’s success…..And to be the best, you want to beat the best and you want to beat them at full strength…..

  • The Real Deal said,

    Just a couple of things to point out to those of you who know nothing about what your talking about.

    #1. Dudley is ranked that high because even though they lost five seniors they had more talent on their bench and JV team than most public schools had on there Varsity roster. Any questions……. Didnt think so.

    #2. Smith has brought back pretty much there whole team and a couple of impact newcomers that will give Quon Greer the help that she has needed sice Ashley Dubose and Lakendra Wilkerson left two years ago. They are deserving of being in the top 5 of this list. Especially over Northern Guilford. A team who has been ranked extremely high on this pole for the last two years and for the last two years has taken an early exit from the Little 4 at the hands of Smith. this year if they play in the Little 4 it will be no different. As a matter of fact if they play Smith this year it might get ugly!!! With Sam Cofer gone and no significant replacement for her scoring, rebounding and leadership it dosent look good for them against a team like Smith or Page in the Little 4.

    #3. I think GDS girls will be pretty good this year, BUT putting them on the same level as a Thomasville Prep is a tad bit obsurd!!! I understand that all the GDS fans are excited about having probably there best team ever…. Thats cool and all but please think reallistically here. Yall will probably win your opening game in the LIttle 4 then you will have to play somebody like Northern Guilford who you will beat because we all know how lopsidded the Little 4 brackets will be with Smith and Page on the same side again. Then you might beat Northwest to make it to the championship to give yourselves a false since of accomplishment then get railroaded in the championship game by Smith or Page. When you have to play a team with dominant scoring at the guard positions. Hopefully its not Smith you have to play because we all know how that turned out when they had to come down to Lawndale last year. Lets just say that game was quickly approaching blowout status by the 3rd quarter. So I would be a little quiet about how good you assume your team will be. Especially when yall are gonna have to try to cash that check written by your mouth on Dec. 6th when Thomasville Prep comes over. Just some food for thought though.

  • Southern Guilford said,

    Hey what about Southern Guilford? We have a super team over here this year and should win 20 games. Look out Guilford County here we come!

  • Smith Graduate said,

    Northern Guilford? Heck we beat them even when they had Sam Cofer and pretty convincingly! I saw us play them last year and they look scared too death. I believe they scored less than 30 points if I am not mistaking. The year before we put Lakendra Wilkerson on Cofer and it was no match because Lakendra was much quicker and keener and had her on lock down and we went on to win the Little Four Tournament.

  • Dudley Pride said,

    Dudley was and is the best team in the area. Last year with or without the State Championship we were the best team. Some are saying that Page having Coach Britton over there is going to make a difference in the conference. The games will not even be close. Our program rolls like that!

  • Andy said,

    Southern Guilford…..Is William Whitaker still over there??? That man can coach…..Frank McNeil at Dudley and Wil Perry at Smih are two of the best young coaches in our area……

  • To "Observer" said,

    Zena is not ineligible to play at the start of the season so would like to end all rumors and assumptions now!

  • Andy said,

    Thank-you for the update on Zena…..Excellent news and thanks for the report…..We back her up 100% and we will go into every game with the feeling she will be there, instead of preparing for her not being there…….The Cowgirls will be a major contender this year……If not, I would really be surprised, if not shocked……

    Good luck to all the teams and the countdown is on for the first day of practice, coming next Monday afternoon….I bet you a bunch of players will have a ball in hand this weekend, thinking and getting focused for the first day on Monday……No school on Friday, so a long weekend to be get warmed up for Monday…..

  • Come On Son said,

    @ Andy everytime you mention SWG you never seem to want to give it up for J Hanner. He did lead the team in scoring last year? I figured your not a fan but wow.

  • Andy said,

    Got to get him back on my brain….Leech is easy to remember since he had a brother there a few years ago, Daye since I saw his monster dunks last year and he plays football too, Clyburn because I knew him from Dudley, Langley cause I watched his dad Keyford play in college……Jordan Hanner is my next project and I have to remember his name…..Working on it as we speak…..I knew Stevie Williams because he was here on the site all the way back in Middle School…..Jordan Hanner, Dave Hanners(UNC), Frank Hanner, Ray Tanners, Ray Bridges……

    Who’s the five? Is it Hanner, Leech, Daye, Clyburn, and Langley? Hanner is my next mission and I will learn his name in earnest…..Saw SWG-WG, SWG-EG(2 times) and SWG-NEG I think it was last year and Hanner is on the team…..Got to remember Jordan Hanner……Send me his uniform, I need to memorize that too….

    We’ll get him and I tried to list him yesterday, but it wouldn’t hit the screen…..Remembering Hanner…..First major project of the new season……

  • Andy said,

    It’s “Hanner Time”!!!!!

  • Amy said,

    I like Northwest Guilford to be the top girls team this year.

  • Lady Phoenix said,

    Rudd runs a program that help get girls in college!

  • The Real Deal said,

    uhhhh yea right Amy….

  • Alamance said,

    Alamance County Girls

    Best Two Teams
    Southern Alamance – Shaylen Burnett has transferred from River Mill. Look for her to be the best player in the Conference. Look out Dudley, Page, and all the rest. Southern Alamance will go from worst to first.

    Williams – The Stewart-Scott combo will make the Bulldogs a 3-A power.

    Last Years Best Team to This Years Worst Team
    River Mill – They only had seven players last year. Three graduated, Burnett transferred, the other three are injured, and there JV’s were terrible. Look for everybody to beat up on them, and give them some payback. They’ll be lucky to win 5 games!