ADM update and news on Freedom High School in NCHSAA Playoffs

Posted by Andy Durham on October 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

On the ADM’s(Average Daily Nemberships/Total Attendance Numbers), based on the high schools’ enrollments, we get this news courtesy of Chris Hughes…….The numbers are needed before all official football playoff seeding and pairings can begin…..

from Chris Hughes at

Spoke with Rick Strunk of the NCHSAA and got the following info in regards to the ADM’s and Freedom H.S.

The DPI computer system is back up and working now but some schools have still yet to report their numbers. Que Tucker is contacting all of them and trying to gather the numbers.

He said their is no chance the playoffs will be pushed back due to the ADMs.

In regards to Freedom High School(Morganton), there has been no official announcement from the NCHSAA and that announcement would come from Freedom H.S. anyway, not the NCHSAA. The school has indicated it had video to be reviewed and it hasn’t submitted that video to the NCHSAA yet so therefore no resolution has been made yet.

from Chris Hughes at……

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