Former UNC systems president William(Bill) Friday says the NCAA needs a tuneup, but without the NCAA, there would be total chaos in college athletics

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With all the discussions about reform within the governing body of collegiate athletics, the men that have seen the growth, the development and spiraling move upward of the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA); those men are saying that change is necessary, but that you have to be careful how you go about that change/changes….Many of those key figures feel that the NCAA has become merely an entertaiment industry and that it has lost the very ground that it’s foundation was created and built upon, Academics….The loss of the student in the term Student-Athlete has many influential educators shaking their heads and some are shaking their fists in disgust, saying what started out as a good idea, has become almost an uncontrollable mess….

Former UNC Systems President William(Bill) Friday spoke about these current issues and problems with…….

Mr. Friday:
“There has never been a time when intercollegiate sports (was) in as much trouble as it is right now,” Friday said. “(It) has all been a result of huge sums of money.

“If you want to see utter chaos, just take away the NCAA and have nothing. You can’t solve a problem by eliminating the NCAA and then standing there empty handed.”

Friday also added that the notion of college athletics has become more of a spectacle than a social benefit.

“What’s got to come one of these days is the realization that you can’t impose an entertainment industry upon an academic enterprise and expect it to work,” he said.

Former Greensboro-based judge Tom Ross, the current UNC Systems President and also the former Davidson College president, is also speaking out about the NCAA and you can read all the info from all these men of distinction, when you CLICK HERE…..

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