High School Football Tonight for 10/28/11(Last night of the Regular Season)

Posted by Andy Durham on October 28, 2011 at 10:31 am under High School | 31 Comments to Read

Radio game tonight is Southeast Guilford at Page and we will have a pre-game on AM950 at 6:45pm and the kickoff is set for 7:30…..We’ll have updates on the other area games as well and we will have them on the site at Greensborosports.com and on the radio broadcast….We need all of our reporters to come through tonight and if you have additonal scores send them along too….Coach Turk, Greg Johnson, Brian Hall and Brian Formica have been real good about getting us these extra scores this season and all of our football fans out in the field have done a great job of keeping us up to date…..We be watching and listening for you again this evening, and thanks for the updates…..

Southeast Guilford(6-3/3-2) at Page(9-0/5-0)
Dudley(4-5/4-1) at Grimsley(3-7/2-3)
Western Alamance(8-2/5-1) at Northern Guilford(8-1/6-0)
Asheboro(6-4/3-1) at Southern Guilford(7-2/3-1)
Ledford(5-5/2-2) at Northeast Guilford(8-1/3-1)
Southern Alamance(1-9/0-5) at Smith(1-8/0-5)
Ragsdale(7-2/4-1) at High Point Central(5-5/3-2)
McMichael(2-7/1-5) at Eastern Guilford(5-5/3-3)
High Point Andrews(7-2/2-2) at Wheatmore(5-5/2-2)
Southwest Guilford(2-8/0-5) at WS Parkland(1-4/0-6)

Northwest Guilford(OPEN)
Western Guilford(OPEN)

HP Andrews
WS Parkland

*****Last week (9-2) and for the season, now (76-19)…..*****

  • Emily said,

    ADMs just released.



  • Just sayin!!! said,

    Looks like 4AA for Page this year!

  • Falcon Plumber said,

    Southeast Guilford will be bring the kitchen sink tonight.

  • Joe Marine said,

    SEG will need to bring more than the kitchen sink tonight at page, they will need to bring the whole house and the land it is on.

  • carolinablue said,

    4AA for Page – looks like a early exit from the playoffs

  • Damon said,

    Just got off the phone with my little brother and the Falcons will be ready to compete tonight.

  • Joe Marine said,

    Hey carolinablue, just because your team may have not made the playoffs this year or you are one of those former football players who got beat up by Page every year, making a prediction like the one you made is absurd. The only ones that can beat Page is Mallard Creek and the officials. Page will go far this year based on their stats.

    Damon, your brother may be giving you false hope or blowing smoke up your dress.

  • mark said,

    Joe Marine says:

    The only ones that can beat Page is Mallard Creek and the “OFFICIALS.”

    Look at the big tough marine already winding up (and WHINING UP) his “the officials hate Page and that’s why we lost” excuse.

  • Ok Joe said,

    I’lll leave the dress wearing and stupid comments to you. The game will be played on the field not on paper or online.

  • Joe Marine said,

    Mark think about this, how many officials are former football players who have been beaten up by Page over the years, especially in the 80’s, and now the only way they can beat Page is by the flag they wield. I never played football in NC, I am just a spectator. As a former Marine, I don’t whine, no need too. I am part of a brotherhood who has never and will never lose in anything we do. As for being big and bad, not me, just being truthful and calling what I see.

  • carolinablue said,

    Are you kidding me !!!! Page has been getting the call around here for many many years. That aways shows come playoff time as it will this year. Lets see what you have to say in about 2 weeks. I will be looking.

  • Damon said,

    One of my best friends is a former Page High School linebacker and Class of 91′ graduate. Even he doesn’t by the whole Page getting the shaft by the officials thing. I’ll be a fan of Page once the playoffs start. Tonight, I hope they come out flat and scared of the cold.

  • mark said,

    Joe Marine says:
    October 28, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Mark think about this, how many officials are former football players who have been beaten up by Page over the years, especially in the 80?s, and now the only way they can beat Page is by the flag they wield.

    Oh joe – now you’re really reaching. Considering most of the officials we have out there are pushing 60-65 years old I doubt many of them ever got “beaten up by Page in the 80s.”

    Come on – if you are going to start making excuses for Page you can do better than that.

  • Mike said,

    Page will lose is in the playoffs, maybe by mallard, or Butler, or RIchmond, or Scotland or Nw or EF, but they will lose, so enjoy your run, its about to come to and end, THE TRUTH HURTS!!

    Vegas MIke

  • Pagedad said,

    I wish I had the number of touchdowns called back on Page this year by the refs, it just becomes ridiculous. Maybe average one per game. Could average as high as two. We are ready for tonight.

  • ron said,

    Page normally get all the calls. If the game is close Page will win with the help of the refs. Southeast will beat Page tonight. Page is all smoke and mirrors.

  • John said,

    When you’re at the top, everyone is gunning for you. Page gets that. They are ready. They’re ready for SEG tonight and they are ready for whoever they take on in the playoffs.

    Page’s defense has given up a total of 56 points this year. In case you’re counting, that’s an average of 6.2 points per game. The Red Death has pitched four shut-outs this year, including last week’s 21-0 blanking of Dudley at their house. No team has scored more than 14 points against Page in any game all year.

    Defense wins games.

    Gillespie has built this team from the ground up. Whether they put Summers in the shotgun or line him up under center, no team has been able to stop Page’s ground attack. It’s been stymied for a quarter or two, but never stopped.

    On defense, they swarm to the ball and arrive with ill intent. They are fast and they get to the quarterback.

    Hey, anything can happen. But I like Page’s chances. First, let’s close out an undefeated season tonight.

    Good luck to the Pirates and good luck to all the other teams tonight.

  • Haters said,

    I think the saying goes haters gon’ hate. Go Pirates!

  • John said,

    Ron, what color is the sky in your world?

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I definitely have a dog in THIS fight!!!!!!

    Just left the Senior’s dinner and…let me put it this way…I’m not taking anything from the Falcons (I woke up this morning and that Falcon that has been following me mysteriously disappeared) HOWEVER….The Page Pirates are ready! They are NOT looking at next week! They are NOT looking at next month….They are looking @ RIGHT NOW!!! Again, I know that Southeast is going to bring it tonight so, I’m ready for both teams to leave everything on the field! I’ll go so far as to predict the win but I won’t make the mistake of even estimating the spread.

    I’m looking for my Pirates to finish up the regular season…UN–DEEEEEEEEEEEE-FEATED!

    Let’s get this, Pirates!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ Mike—
    I hope you take out some time to enjoy one of the local games tonight.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Just so you’ll UNfaithful followers have something to gripe about…..the score: Page is up @ the half…21 to 7. To quote one of my favorite artists Alicia Keys….”you can be suuuuure, it’ll only get better”

  • dale fulton said,

    Joe Marine,
    Most of us who were in “the crotch” don’t really need tell everyone about it. You must be a “peacekeeper” or an office boy Marine and not an 0311.
    Semper Fi brother,
    Dale Fulton

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I love my Pirates but I had to come to the car. It looks like we’re eating up the clock right now. I think the score is 35 to 13. Looks as if we’ll be ending our regular season undefeated. Congratulations Pirates!

  • Damon said,

    My parents left a little early and frustrated. Page did a good job of bottling up my little brother except for a few big runs (78yd TD and another 40plus run). Haven’t quite figured the logic in continually giving Page a short field with the squib kick or why we felt the need to go for two when the score was cut to 21 -13. Congratulations Page. I will have my Pirate hat on for the playoffs!

  • Mike said,

    Was at tne Scotland/Richmond game. sorry UU, Page would give these two a run for their money.

    Vegas Mike

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ Damon–
    I was going to ask you earlier who your brother was until I saw your stats. I’ll tell you this…you’re brother is VERY TALENTED! Just like I was sitting in the stands asking “who’s that” there are going to be many sitting in the stands at the collegiate level asking the very same question about him and they’ll be doing it just as I…while looking at his back as he’s in flight.

    Great athlete. Tell ’em I said so!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    @ Vegas Mike–
    I just saw the final score on the Scotland/Richmond County game. It’s funny, I’ve heard so much about Butler (last year) Mallard Creek (this year) Indy (previous years) but not too much about Scotland County. I’m going to have to give them some attention now..especially since I’ve seen them creeping up in the polls. I may even have to shake a chicken foot or two their way over the next few weeks! Lol!!

  • Damon said,


    He’s also an Honor Roll student. I would love to see him on the defensive side of the ball. I think he was born to hit, but he’s a pretty good high school RB. I have two other brothers currently playing college football. One is at Azusa Pacific. The other is at Independence Community College trying to improve his grades in an effort to move to a D1 program.

  • Pirate Country said,

    This is Pirate Country and trust when I tell you that Northern Guilford wants no parts of us. We demolished them at the beginning of the season and it could have been worst.

  • Ervin L. Ford Jr said,

    Na Page has been getting questionable Calls way back from the 70’s. It just comes with the program. lol . They love to hate US.