Football in Focus at the Shane’s Rib Shack Tonight at 6pm

Posted by Andy Durham on November 3, 2011 at 1:32 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

On the eve of the high school playoffs, we will see guests from the Eastern Guilford Wildcats and the High Point Central Bison this evening…..

Quan Moss, Solomon Radcliffe and Coach Loosemore are due up to join us from Eastern and HP Central will send over Lashuran Monk, Antonie Copes and Tyrone Little tonight……..We will also be on the lookout for Will Johnson and Woody Cornwell from High Point Central…..Busy night tonight coming up at Shane’s and the food will be good too……Ribs, BBQ, Chicken, Burgers and loads of vegetables……

Join us LIVE beginning at 6pm, or watch back later on the replay from Shane’s Rib Shack, on Westover Terrace, just up the street from Grimsley High School……Right across the street from the Fire Station there on Westover…..

  • stan said,

    What game wil air on the radio friday night GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford….Sticking with the two Guilford County teams….Will have updates on the other games too…..

  • Denise said,

    I think High Point Central has a chance at this one tonight against Parker Ridge, I plan to be there and I hope everyone else will be there

  • NIECY said,


  • Kenneth said,

    I was just reading the News-Records sports section as it pertains to the highschool playoffs and what caught my eye was notable names from respective teams that have played in the past. For instance it talked about Page which has James Summers as one of its current best players and well deserved. Then it mentioned blast from the past for Page Todd Ellis, Trip Welborne,Haywood Jeffires,Jeff Dunn etc.. Reidsville which has always been a powerhouse did get Nat Brown, Jerome Simpson Isaiah Robinson, Anthony Crews etc.. Reidsville is 30 miles away. Then they mentioned Northern Guilford with a good player in T.J. Logan whom I believe should be the Player of the Year in this area. Then they went on to mention notable former players in Keenan Allen, Maurice Harris and Rocco Scarfone. Now Northern Guilford is playing Eastern Guilford and how can a reporter not mention notables such as Josh Morehead, Torry and Terri Holt for Eastern? If I am not mistaken I believe Torry Holt has had the greatest career in the NFL from this area and will be a sure Hall of Famer when the voting comes in.

    This is only to state that in journalism it should not be irresponsible and geared to that which one wants to stick out. Let the actual facts be the mouth piece and let it stand on its own accord. A reporter should make sure they do their research so that when they try to lend credence to something it does not bring about dubious responses. In short “DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE PUTTING SOMETHING ON PAPER”.

  • good run stuffer said,

    NIECY, #90 for the Bison is not bad but it didn’t take 2 to block him last week. Good run stopper in the middle but doesn’t get a push or pass rush. But defintely a good stuffer.

    For years I keep hearing about teh feared “Black Watch” defense. I am still waiting.

    BTW, good luck tonight. If you can complete a few passes and protect your QB while letting him use his feet you have a shot. Good luck to you guys.

  • Mike said,

    How about that Caligan Kid from SE Guilford back in the mid 90’s, u kidding me? Those are some great names up there, and I have seen just about all of em, but this kid (I think) was Guilford Co Player of the Year in Football and Baseball, East West both football and baseball, and you never hear a peep about that kid. Flat out one of the BEST athletes EVER to come through this area. Please someone tell they remember this kid? He was fun to watch, little stocky guy that could flat out fly, (running back and i think a catcher) He must have not gone on to do anything special, but when It comes down to best HIGH SCHOOL players in this area, he has to be top 5, at least talked about!

    Vegas Mike