High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Round One, ‘One and Done’ and some still have to play

Posted by Andy Durham on November 5, 2011 at 11:39 am under High School | 2 Comments to Read

We still have two games that need to be played and they will happen tonight/afternoon with High Point Andrews at Reidsville, set for 6pm and North Davidson at Ragsdale will roll at 7:30pm this evening…..Never liked playing a Saturday night game, wishing we could have stayed on schedule and played on Friday night, but as we said last week, “It is what it is”…..And let’s go Tigers and Red Raiders…..Different strokes(with the Friday rain/water), for different folks…Sure wish that they all could have played on Friday night……

For those that did get their games in, we end up nearly in a state of shock, with Northeast Guilford out in Round One and Southern Guilford with a solid seed and season, gone after just one playoff game….SG was a #5 seed and #2 in their pod….When was the last time NEG was out, after just one round? Man, that is crazy, but that is the life or death, of the playoffs…..Page was in a scoreless battle with Pinecrest, tied 0-0 at the half…..That is a bit wild and we should have a wild one, with Northwest Guilford at Page, next Friday….

Page got it rolling in the second half, behind the running of seniors Drew Rogers and James Summers….Rogers had 191 yards on the ground and one of his runs went for a 75-yard TD jaunt….Very little passing by Page last night, but when you get to the playoffs, you do what you have to do to win and Page did and with their defense, they post another shutout, their 5th of the season…..

Northern Guilford has a one-two punch that is as good, as probably any one-two combo in the entire state….T.J. Logan has to among the Top Ten RB’s in the state, with his running/rushing yardage and his scoring totals……The kid can fly and he can move…..Spinning, turning, twisting, running along low to the ground….This kid, T.J. Logan can do it all….Daniel Downing(QB) is the consumate field general for Northern….He is all over the place with passing, punting, running and everything, he is, the ‘Total Package’ and Northern has plenty of talent to go along with their ‘Dynamic Duo’, as you look at young Cam Harris, wide-open Tre Purcell, Austin Coltrane, Sam Parker, Ryan Johnston, little Malik Parker, Austin Simmons and that list goes on and on….No reason why this team should not be right there, with a great chance to repeat this year, at the 3-AA level….The coaches, led by Coach Roscoe, have done a fine job with this squad….I was at this game, with NG-Eastern last night and that is why we are giving out so many props here on this part of the REWIND, this morning….Fine job guys and continued success during the rest of the playoffs…..

Northwest Guilford got it rolling at Rockingham, against Richmond County last night and how about the Southeast Guiford Falcons???

For NWG, the Vikings as a team, posted 203 yards on the ground and two runs for scores from Reid Baxter and one from Dalton Dillon…As coach Woodruff said and I’m sure all of the NWG fans would concure, a very big win for the Northwest Guilford football program…..NWG will need both the running and passing parts of the game-plan, when they face Page next Friday….Page has been very tough and stingy on defense this season and NWG will need the type of game that they played last night at Richmond County and one like they had at Ragsdale, in order to get the win….Many times Page has laid the game on their defense and it has risen to the occasion so many times, with Blake Hickman leading the way with Workinger, Cranford, Britt, Brewer, Henry, Wall, Brooks, Green, Stanley and others on the way…..Can’t wait to see that game with NWG at PAGE…Really looking forward to that one….Big test coming for NWG senior QB Matt Pawlowski and think Matt will be ready…He was really ready at Ragsdale…..NWG running with Baxter, Dillon, Kristy and Harding will be ready too and it may come down to the Page offense and the NWG defense….We haven’t said as much about those two units yet….Good game/big game coming….

SEG, what did you Falcons do? You went on the road to Durham and came home with a first-round win….Fine job Falcons and we knew you had it in you….SEG putting up 30 playoff points, is very big within itself….Two TD’s Phil Petty and one TD for Jamal Petty and for the team, 317 yards rushing….109 yards PP, 108 yards JP and 88 yards for DB(Derrick Biggs)…..Big night for SEG overall to get the Round One win….The word is that the defense, led by Brent Frazier and other key Falcons, was exceptional last night at Northern Durham…..

We put the word out on Dudley and High Point Central in other posts today, so be sure to read those too……Very impressed with the effort I saw out at Northern Guilford last night and looking forward already, to the trip over to Page and Marion Kirby Stadium next Friday night and we might see some more from Jordan Putnam next week for Page…Maybe a Page pass by Pirate Putnam to Summers for a TD…..Who knows???

  • Todd said,

    Defense did a great job last night for Southeast Guilford. Shakir Turner with a Pick6. Willis Hunt/Chase Robertson/Barry Harris and several others I cant remember right now had the middle shutdown solid against the run and all had a boatload of tackles. Josh Martin with a big performance in the secondary too . Chris Chancellor with a 37 yard field goal just before the half to make it a 2 score game and put some pressure on Northern Durham. O-line performed well and the backs got the job done for sure.

  • NW Viking Fan said,

    The Northwest defense got stronger as last nights game progressed. Some huge tackles by Dillon, Lover, and Overcash in space; and then the strip (I couldn’t see who it was so I apologize for not giving credit where credit is do) which led to the Ritz fumble recovery for a touchdown; and then the interception by Parrish to seal the deal. Great TEAM defense last night!!!!