N.C. State Torpedos the Flagship:The ACC Today with Football Finals(David Amerson/Dudley HS with another INT today and now 9 on the year)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 5, 2011 at 4:55 pm under College | 11 Comments to Read

N.C State 13
The University of North Carolina 0
Virginia 31
Maryland 13

Miami 49
Duke 14

  • Wolfpack said,

    Cheaters Never Win
    Winners Never Cheat
    5 in a row Wolfpack!

  • Andy said,

    Let’s hear more as this is a day of reckoning….Credit toward Gary Hahn, as he did use that line to close the game and his version went. N.C. State torpedoed The Flagship or something like that……

    For some crazy/unknown reason the North Carolina players were dancing on the field at the start of the 4th quarter today……Some king of Neutron Dance?

  • Footballfan said,

    Heard on the ACC report…Carolina’s head football coach said this week that UNC has higher standards than NC State. Huh? if true.. what arrogant thing to say before the NCAA decides Carolina’s fate.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    5 in a row for the academic integrity crowd.

  • Gfan said,

    As momma used to say “don’t let your mouth write checks that your…butt can’t cash”. . 5 in a row baby!! I bet your idiot coach doesn’t talk trash next time.

  • Dancing said,

    Andy…you’re correct…..I was there and saw it….# 90 Copples on CaroLIEna defense…..during a TO when “this is how we do it” was being played over the stadium speakers. There was about 6 minutes left, UNCheat had just lost the ball on downs in State territory.

    At that point, it was looking very bad for CaroLLLLLina but he had no worries on his mind. He is gonna get paid….and could care less what he leaves in his wake.

    It spoke volumes to me as to his character and probably a reason they are in the spot they are in.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    Of course this will not happen (since UNC is not YET a repeat offender with NCAA violations while on probation) but they may actually be better off with getting the death penalty from the NCAA. No football for a couple of years & start over by recruiting football players instead of dancers.

  • carolinablue said,

    Carolina still leads the series 63-32-6 so all you wolfpeckers enjoy while you can because its almost Basketball time. Where CAROLINA has won 10 in a row and that will go to 12 or 13 this year. I would say 14 but you will not go to the NCAAs again this year.

  • Typical Hole said,

    Yes carolinablue is right. It is time for basketball. I would not care if the NCAA gave us the Death penalty in football. It would get all of us holes properly focused on our real sport basketball. I just hope the NCAA will never bother Roy.If your not cheating then you’re not trying.We tried to become a football factory and we got caught.We have enough $$ from our basketball boosters so we do not need agent money to pay players like football tried to do. Also it doesn’t take nearly as many players to win in basketball as it does football so that makes it easier not to get caught.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    Can’t you Walmart tarholes come up with something more original than wait ’till basketball season”?

  • Mike said,

    Dear State Fans,
    Please name any other sport you can beat Carolina in besides football?? We still lead the overall series!! lol…poor redheaded step children.

    Vegas Mike