Overview on Oak Hill over Stonebridge Prep(California) as Warriors move to (4-0), from The Phenom Hoop Report

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Courtesy of Rick Lewis at The Phenom Hoop Report……from Saturday night at Mouth of Wilson, Virginia…..

Phenom Hoop Report

Scouting Report: Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Event: Oak Hill vs. Stoneridge Prep (California)

Evaluator: Rick Lewis

Twitter: @Coach_Rick57

Phenom Quote of the Day: “Attitudes have the power to uplift or tear down a

Phenom Hoop Report Philosophy: “Balanced, thorough, and detailed evaluations
based upon the 3 P’s philosophy of Performance, Production, and Potential”

In today’s issue, we have a recap of the Stoneridge Prep (California) vs.
Oak Hill Warriors game that was played on Saturday night at Oak Hill
gymnasium. Stoneridge Prep came into the contest with a 2-1 record with
impressive wins over LaHoya Prep and Impact Academy with a tough loss to a
very talented Westwind Prep of Arizona. Oak Hill came into the contest with
a 3-0 regular season record plus winning its pre-season scrimmage games vs.
Fork Union, Massanuttan and Hargrave Military. On paper, the Stoneridge game
appeared to be a formable opponent for the Warriors. The Warriors pulled out
an 80-64 victory over a well coached and highly skilled team that played
hard and executed their game plan nicely.

Oak Hill led Stonebridge 17-10 at the end of the 1st quarter as the Warriors
once again were stone cold from the perimeter. Stoneridge pulled within 3
early in the 2nd quarter (17-14) and then the Warriors got rolling and went
on a 22-5 run and led 39-19 at halftime. While Stoneridge made a run in the
3rd quarter, Oak Hill’s poise and half court precision execution was too
much for the California base team. Below is a summary of individual
performances for both teams. It should be noted that Stoneridge has some
very talented prospects. First up is Oak Hill.

Player: 5’11 Tyler Lewis

Class: 2012

Commitment: NC State

Evaluation: Overall, this may have been one of Tyler’s all around games in
an Oak Hill uniform. Tyler scored 20 points, dished out 6 assists, had 4
rebounds and 4 steals, but the most important statistic is Tyler had 0
turnovers and now has a 5:1 assist to turnover ratio for the season. Coming
into the contest, many people knew Tyler was excellent in the open court and
in transition, but he has been masterful in the half court set getting his
teammates involved and running the team. In addition, he played solid
defense and enjoyed a stellar performance. Playing in front of Bob Gibbons,
he stated afterwards that Tyler is a legit top 40 player nationally in the
2012 class while well known Brick Oettinger of the ACC Sports Journal and
Prep Stars has him currently ranked 32. His play early on justifies those

Player: 6’5 Jordan Adams

Class: 2012

Commitment: UCLA

Evaluation: For the second consecutive night, one of the country’s top
shooting guards struggled to find his range and didn’t even hit a 3 pointer
for the game, but still finished with 20 points for the game. The great
thing about Jordan’s game is if his shot isn’t falling he finds ways to make
things happen. Jordan attacked the rim and drew contact and fouls and made
8-8 free throws in the contest. In addition, Jordan had 8 rebounds and
dished out 3 assists. While Jordan is nationally known as a shooter, he is
the complete all around player and is a consensus top 30 player nationally
in our opinion and should get consideration for the McDonald’s All American
team. Simply put, there are not many SG that has the complete and total
package as Jordan and he has all the fundamentals, basketball IQ and overall
understanding of the game that separates him from his peers.

Player: 7’0 AJ Hammons

Class: 2012

Commitment: Purdue

Evaluation: As we correctly stated in our earlier Phenom Hoop Reports,
Hammons is a “sleeping giant” and the young man from Indiana is proving his
weight in gold. Remember, we are talking about a legit 7’0 with a massive
frame that has an NBA body and frame. AJ scored 7 points, but corralled 10
rebounds and blocked 4 shots. AJ is definitely going to make a lot of people
angry for not recruiting him harder in the pre-season. So far, the “sleeping
giant” has awakened and may be the unsung player for this year’s team. He
doesn’t have to score a lot of points to be effective and he is consistently
grading out as one of Oak Hill’s top player. AJ has been motivated and
inspired with his play early on and has shown a consistent work ethic on the
court and has been displaying a great attitude.

Player: 6’3 D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera

Class: 2012

Commitment: Georgetown

Evaluation: It was another dreadful night from the perimeter from the
reliable and accurate shooting guard from Indianapolis. He struggled early
on, but adjusted his game in the second half to attacking the basket using
this strong and muscular body to finish at the rim or draw fouls. D’Vauntes
hit 5-6 free throws and finished with 17 points while adding 6 rebounds and
dishing out 2 assists. That being said, D’Vauntes shooting mechanics and
fundamentals are simply too good and it won’t be long before those perimeter
shots are falling much for accurately and frequently. As we have stated
previously, he just needs to allow the game come to him. He is too talented
with a tremendous offensive arsenal.

Player: 6’5 RJ Currington

Class: 2013

Commitment: Open

Evaluation: My new nickname for RJ is “microwave” since he is fast becoming
the first guy off the bench and brings instant offense. Again, he was
pivotal coming in the 2nd quarter by providing a spark that helped Oak Hill
get on a roll and takes a commanding 20 point lead into halftime, but more
importantly RJ brings instant energy and always seems to make something
positive happen. Then again, maybe his nickname should be “sparkplug,”
either way the talented junior WG is a high major talent and is simply
gaining confidence in each and every game.

In addition, 6’6 PF Darion Clark added 4 points and 4 rebounds while 6’5
Memphis signee Damien Wilson had 2 points and 4 rebounds. Next up is the
breakdown for Stoneridge and be sure to check these guys out.

Player: 6’9 Marko Gujanicic

Class: Post Graduate

Commitment: Open

Evaluation: Gujanicic is your genetic highly skilled European player. At
6’9, he can play on the perimeter or in the low post area. This past summer,
Gujanicic played on the Serbian 19U National team and averaged 10 PPG and 6
RPG. He is highly skilled, fundamentally sound and is deadly from the 3
point line. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and is excellent
ball handler and passer for his size and position. Gujanicic enjoyed a solid
night for his team by having a team high 18 points. He is very versatile and
fluid and without question is a lock for mid major plus program and could
easily step into a high major program that is in need of a talented face up
PF. Currently, he has offered from UTEP and Rhode Island, but this list
should continue to grow once more schools find out about the talented
Gujanicic. In speaking with his high school coach, Gujanicic is averaging 17
PPG, 11 RPG and 4 APG for Stoneridge in their first 4 games. Pretty
impressive numbers for a pretty impressive player!

Player: 6’8 Viktor Mekevicius

Class: Post Graduate

Commitment: Open

Evaluation: Mekevicius is another European player with strong fundamentals
and a high basketball IQ. He is stronger than Gujanicic and did most of his
damage on the interior with nifty footwork in the paint. He is quite crafty
with his offensive moves and is excellent putting the ball on the floor and
attacking the rim. He tallied 14 points for the game and is averaging 17 PPG
and 11 RPG thus far for his team. Currently, he too has offers from UTEP,
Rhode Island and Oakland University. Without question, Mekevicius would be a
solid pick up for any mid major school. He simply knows how to play the

Player: 6’2 Dustin Watts

Class: Post Graduate

Commitment: UTEP

Evaluation: Watts signed with Seattle coming out of high school in 2010, but
according to their high school assistant coach he will sign with UTEP during
the early signing period next Wednesday. He is a strong and athletic WG that
has excellent length and bounce. He has a solid midrange game and can extend
the defense with his perimeter shooting.

Player: 6’4 Lawrence Domingo

Class: Post Graduate

Commitment: Open

Evaluation: Domingo is a strong and physically mature SG who usually leads
his team in scoring. Early on, he is averaging 21PPG and 9 RPG while dishing
out 5 assists. He scored 11 points for the night and has a slew of West
Coast offers from UCSB, UTEP, and Cal State-Fullerton and is also sporting
interest from Vanderbilt.

Conclusion: Oak Hill shot a dismal 5-16 from the 3 point line for 26% while
hitting 29-69 overall for 42%. Fortunately, the Warriors knocked down 18-25
free throws for 72% for the game. Oak Hill won the battle of the boards
corralling 40 rebounds overall and did a great job of protecting the ball by
only committing 10 turnovers for the game, but the biggest difference was
the pressure defense displayed at times by Oak Hill. Coach Steve Smith does
an excellent job of mixing up defenses going from man to man to zone traps
and at times created problems for Stoneridge. In addition, Stoneridge is a
very solid opponent and it wasn’t the best overall offensive performance by
the Warriors, but sometimes when shots aren’t falling you have to rely on
your defense to force turnovers and create steals and that’s exactly what
they did to win. Oak Hill finished with 13 steals and forced countless
turnovers for the game. Oak Hill now moves to 4-0 for the season and plays
again Tuesday night vs. Aim High Prep of Michigan.

  • Ted the Man said,


    I am not trying to start anything but it seems kind of weird that Rick Lewis is doing evalution on his son. Just seems a bit odd and bias. We all know Tyler Lewis is a great player and we love wathching him and Rick is not just trying to pump up his son. Tyler needs no pumping up, he is the real deal but just does not sit well with many.

    I think Rick needs to stop following Tyler around as a evaluator and start following him around as a father. Just do your eval and leave Tyler out.

    I just saying!

  • KIR said,

    I like reading about Tyler! Keep the reports coming!

  • keep the reports coming said,

    I do not know Rick nor would I have recognized that he was Tyler’s dad if someone had not mentioned. Every person is worth whatever their words and actions prove them to be – whether that’s gold or crap. His statements about his son appear fair and balance and they constantly seem to be the case with other players getting evaluations. Thus, I would say Rick’s word is gold and I have enjoyed the extra reporting. We often do not get to hear much about schools such as Oak Hill until they play a local school. I wish someone could have given us similar reports on PJ last year at Hargrove. Whether the reports come from a parent or whoever does not matter, the only thing that matters in the end is can the kid (Tyler) perform when needed. The answer is clearly yes now and it proves that he already “ready” for the next level with the competition that he is facing at and against Oak Hill. I just wish the local private schools in this area could create an Oak Hill type of program. Oak Ridge was on the edge of such a program before Stan’s personal issues killed it. Anyway – thank you Mr Rick Lewis for the reports. The reports are good to help other local kids measure how they may or may not compare to similar players when you have a local kid doing what Tyler does.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think Rick does a fair evaluation and he is evaluating the team(Oak Hill) and not just Tyler….I have been following Tyler since he was in the 7th or 8th grade and it is neat to be able to keep up with his progress this season, in is senior year……If it was an overall evaluation on say Forsyth Country Day each game this would be different, but when we are getting straight evaluations on the #1 high school team in the nation and we get them right here to the site, then to me that is a different story……Oak Hill is always a marked team, every time they go out to play and it is fun to see how they accept and meet those challenges…..

    I tried my best to keep up with P.J. while at Hargrave last year, and did to some degree, but hard to do with just what we could get from the Hargrave web site and from the Danville, Virginia paper…..With Rick’s reports, they are coming ready-made right to us and again, it is good to have a direct link to the #1 HS team in the nation in Rick and Tyler…..