Former Burlington Cummings hoops star J.T. Terrell waiting to join his former Wake Forest teammate Ari Stewart at Southern Cal

Posted by Andy Durham on November 7, 2011 at 8:02 pm under College | 6 Comments to Read

He played three seasons at Burlington Cummings and then one year at West Charlotte and then last year, he was at Wake Forest and then the troubles/problems set in and now he is set to play JUCO ball this year in Washington state and then next season, he will be ready to join his old Wake Forest teammate Ari Stewart, at Southern California……

Such are the life and life and times of J.T. Terrell, from Burlington and you can catch up with him when you CLICK HERE for the lowdown from down in Burlington at the Times-News and……

  • Air Cavs said,

    Smart move Terrell family. Kid can’t hack it close by in Winston Salem so let’s ship him to the state of Washington and then L.A. to improve his lifestyle. Interesting to see how this one pans out!

  • SG Supporter said,

    I can not even be mad at the last comment. Why does he get another chance when there are millions of kids who are not great basketball players who can not afford to go to college never get a first chance. In my text lingo, SMH!!!

  • Good Luck said,

    S G they are kids did you not make mistakes or were you perfect . Good to see that he gets a second chance.
    GOOD LUCK Terrell and dont look back.

  • SG Supporter said,

    I totally agree, what I am saying is that there are “MILLIONS” of kids who do not play sports and do not even get a “FIRST” chance. I agree people deserve a second chance, but why if there are people that do not get a first. To me also he was not a kid. America says that you are a man when you turn 18, so he was old enough to know what he was doing.

  • bottom line said,

    SG Supporter

    Bottom Line is this. Coaches want players that they think can help them win and not lil Opie!

  • SG Supporter said,

    You hit the nail on the head!