They really had it going on last night over at Southwest Guilford High School

Posted by Andy Durham on November 11, 2011 at 1:13 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

Made it over to SWG High School last night and did not get to see Coach Bryan and the girls basketball team, since I was coming out of the Shane’s Rib Shack Football in Focus program, but I did get to catch the Cowboys in action and it was OK at the Corral, for hoops last evening….

The parking lot was packed at Southwest Guilford, with cars everywhere and I would say that nearly the entire student body was in the house to see the Cowboys…..

The put on a good show in front of a Standing Room Only crowd and it was wide-open ball with no refs and just run and gun and get all the junk out of your system, before the real games/scrimmages begin….Run and gun and no defense and did not keep track of all the dunks and could not have kept track of those, even if I wanted to……Nearly everyone on that team, to a man, can throw it down and if they can’t they will be up at the rim…..

Everyone had loads of fun watching the workout/scrimmage and Coach Guy Shavers let them go last night, but he will reel them back in, before the season gets under way……

A few of the men we saw last night…..
Terrell Leach
Ray Bridges
Herbie Bridges
Jordan Hanner
Braxton Daye
Brandon Clyburn
KJ Langley
The Maddox brothers??
and others……..

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