Northern Guilford Nighthawks to battle Unbeaten Byrd in Fayetteville next Friday night

Posted by Andy Durham on November 12, 2011 at 10:05 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read


Byrd (12-0), the top seed in the Class 3AA Mideast bracket and the No. 2 seed overall, will face Northern Guilford next week.

Read all on Fayetteville Byrd and check out the video and slide show at WRALSportsFan when you

  • its about time said,

    its about time northern plays someone good other than NW and Page

  • NG Fan said,

    It’s about time you get a brain….that’s what everyone said last year…and NG beat 4 conference champions in the playoffs then won the state championship at N.C. State. Against Page Logan and Daniel Downing didn’t play the whole second half. I would love to see them play against each other now.

  • football-lover said,

    @about time. how can you say Northern has not played anyone. 8 out of the 10 teams they played this season made it to the playoffs, seven of them to they second round. The one left out was Eastern Guilford and they lost to Northern in the first round. This says a lot for the Mid-State 3A conference, but says more about Northern because they smashed all of them. Stop hating and start congratulating.

  • Clueless said,

    NG Fan you are clueless…I’m sick of hearing yells excuses….poor Logan and poor Downing didn’t play the whole 2nd half…Page was still up at the half when they were in you moron…Maybe your coaches should have gotten them conditioned a little better so they could have been able to play a whole game…

    with that being said, I do hope y’all can bring one back to Guilford County again…So, good luck to the players even though you have moronic fans like the one above…

  • NotaCluelessFan said,

    Stupid is Stupid does…learn to spell before you call someone a moron…LOL

  • Titan Parent said,

    Does anyone know what happen at the Hitting Zone Titan game with Justin Smith?? Heard it got ugly……he is not coming back to Northern is he to coach??

  • Curious? said,

    Titan Parent – This is twice you have posted on here about Justin Smith, if you’ve got something to say then get it off your chest! Your a Titan parent
    tell us what happened and if you don’t know shouldn’t you ask like the Coach or maybe someone who was actually at the game watching their kid play ball.