Sandusky tells NBC that he is innocent

Posted by Andy Durham on November 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is talking and he talked by phone to Bob Costas, of NBC News/Sports and the word from Sandusky is, that he is innocent of the most serious charges facing him in the child sex abuse case, that has exploded throughout the world of college athletics, in the past two weeks……

Sandusky trying to do an about face and say he was just horsing around with the kids and that what he did was wrong, but he says he did not do what the charges say he did…..

Here is the inside coming out of that NBC interview with Bob Costas……


NEW YORK — Jerry Sandusky said in an interview with NBC that he is innocent of the child sex abuse charges that have rocked Penn State and cost coach Joe Paterno his job, though the former defensive coordinator acknowledged he “horsed around” and touched kids.

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Should they put Joe Paterno’s name back on the Big Ten Trophy?

  • smh said,

    I figured this monster would take his own life once they let him out on bail. Instead, he’s got the nerve to be doing interviews and seeking more attention.
    Simply sickening.

  • WildManStan said,

    Jerry Sandusky has very, very bad lawyers.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    Here is someone who used to be at Penn State that will soon be at STATE PEN.