Former UNC Tar Heel football coach Butch Davis says, “I did nothing wrong at North Carolina”[Now with video]

Posted by Andy Durham on November 15, 2011 at 10:10 am under College | 7 Comments to Read

You can now check out the YouTube Video when you CLICK HERE….

Former University of North Carolina football coach Butch Davis spoke out on Monday, in a special opinion piece/article that ran in the News and Observer(Raleigh) and in the Charlotte Observer…..

Butch Davis spoke in high regard about his commitment to education:

“The point is, having students succeed and achieve their dreams of getting a college education is one of my core principles. Any suggestion that I have placed athletic success over academic achievement is just plain wrong.”

CLICK HERE to read all from the Charlotte Observer offering of this post……

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  • McFly said,

    Yet he refused to release his phone records and e-mail which are public information for state employees conducting state business. ????

  • Corporal Agran said,

    Tutor wrote the papers.

    Butch wrote the checks.

    Academic integrity my butt.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    We need to see the 216 phone records.
    We need to see Butch’s emails.
    We need to see Blake’s emails.
    We need to see the emails belonging to the other assistant coaches.
    If all of this happens and there is nothing in them to further taint UNC football then I will believe Butch.

  • ok...whatever said,

    Sandusky said he was not a pedophile either…

  • PigsFlyToo said,

    Just my opinion….The NCAA needs to check the cell phone records of every head coach at the university. All of them. The NCAA may find that these coaches have been contacting high school recruits in their freshman and sophomore years of high school. If they go back and check the coaches records and compare them to the may blow their minds on just how many calls are being made.

  • MCFly said,

    Butch has made his Youtube appearance as well.

  • Three Putt said,

    The definition of doing wrong was just taken to a new level thanks to Penn State—I’ll bet he “never had sex with that woman” either.