High School Basketball Games Coming Up Soon

Posted by Andy Durham on November 16, 2011 at 9:40 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read

These are a few of the games that are coming up that we have been hearing about here at the site….

Friday Novemeber 18….
Greensboro Day School at Christ School

Tuesday November 22….
Durham Hillside at Dudley
Marvin Webster Classic 6:00pm High Point Andrews vs. West Forsyth
Marvin Wesbter Classic…..Wesleyan vs. Smith

December 2….
Christ School at Dudley

  • Hate to see said,

    I hate to see Dudley this year… Lost 3 potential starters Reggie Dillard (GDS), Brandon Clyburn (SWG), Shante Carelock (WC). The cubert has got to be bare. Sam Hunt is all by himself, everyone is going to key on him.

    But on the other hand I would hate to see if all of their transfers stayed…. the 3 mentioned above Jaquel Richmond (Weslyan) Josh Level (Christ School) Joey Mclean (HP Christian)

    Last year I said Dudley was rebuilding, this year with all of the losses they are just done.

  • Patriot said,

    Why are all thise kids leaving Guilford County Schools? They are leaving in bunches. There must be something that we do not know about. that makes these kids leave..
    Maybe Leigh Hebbard, the ounty athletic director can give us some insight.

    Just a side note. I read where the head football coach at Douglas Byrd in Fayetteville was suspended a game in 2010 for running the score up. They said he passed and called time outs in a game where he won 72-7. At least he did not onsidfe kick.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Russell Stone the head football coach at Douglas Byrd has some Triad connections….He used to be the coach at West Forsyth…..

    Dudley can still compete this year with Sam Hunt, Alvah Phillip, Richard Hayes, Chris Register, Darius Workman, and others…..I think Hayes will give them a boost……The kid can play…..Alvah Phillip is well thought of too and Sam is Sam….They have called him “Sam the Man”, in the past and he will have to be that this year…..

  • The Real Deal said,

    I thought the same about Dudley when all of their older players left….. and I gotta say after seeing them in a few scrimage games they don’t look bad at all. They have younger players that have stepped up tremendously!! It seems like the departure of Reggie Dillard and Brandon Clyburn maybe addition by subtraction. This young team believes in each other and are playing with a blue collar mentality and pace that I haven’t seen from Dudley in a while. There are by far more talented teams in this area but with Dudley’s sophomore class and Sam Hunt leading the way I think a lot of people will be suprised at how well they do this year.

  • and said,

    Another game to add to the Marvin Webster Classic is Wesleyan vs. Smith