Greensboro Parks and Recreation Youth Football Games postponed until Monday November 21

Posted by Andy Durham on November 17, 2011 at 3:17 pm under Amateur | 3 Comments to Read

Same times/Same teams/Same games….But the Championship Games have been postponed TONIGHT and moved to Monday November 21 at Jaycee Park….

Lewis Center vs. Northeast in the Pee Wee Division, with a start time of 6:15pm Monday November 21…..

Windsor Center vs. Northeast in the Mite Division with a start time of 7:30pm on Monday November 21…..

*****Courtesy of Don Tilley, Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department*****

  • Just wondering? said,

    How many Championships has that Lewis Peewee team won all time?

  • Andy Durham said,

    That’s a good one for Mr. Don Tilley, Mr. Wayne Butler or even the main man Phil Hardin to jump on….Phil might have the access to the Lewis records from over the years……Others may want to jump in too….Mr. Stanley, or Mr. Edwards(Addsion) or others….They might know, but you would think that Don, Wayne or Phil would have an answer for us from the Parks and Rec from over the years….A good team downtown and at the various centers….

  • ol' bawl coach is back said,

    And while you checking that out about Lewis Center,let’s be fair and see how many championships the Windsor Ceenter Pee Wee and Mite teams have won all total. Let’s be fair now . . . . .don’t be surprised !!!!!