Big Win by Northern Guilford Nighthawks on the road, as Northern blows out Fayetteville Byrd

Posted by Andy Durham on November 19, 2011 at 12:33 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

Report coming in tonight/this morning from Nick Stevens and his team at the HighSchool OT by way of……(Along with and, the HighSchoolOT should be one of your top sites for high school football coverage in the state of North Carolina…… Mark it down, the place to be is the HighSchoolOT……

Northern Guilford blows out Douglas Byrd, 35-6

Douglas Byrd looked to continue their perfect season Friday night as they hosted Northern Guilford in the third round of the NCHSAA state football championships. But Northern Guilford had other ideas as the Nighthawks stomped Douglas Byrd 35-6.

Northern Guilford got the scoring started early in the first quarter. On forth down the Nighthawks went for it and quarterback Daniel Downing found Scooter Mooney in the endzone for the 28-yard touchdown, giving Guilford the 7-0 lead.

A turnover by Byrd, set up the Nighthawks second touchdown, as Downing took it in himself from inside the one-yard line for the touchdown and the 13-0 lead.

The turnovers continued late in the first half when Byrd quarterback Breon Davis threw an interception on his own 30-yardline. T.J. Logan picked the ball off and took it back 35 yards for the touchdown, putting Northern Guilford up 21-0 at the half.

The second half was more of the same as N. Guilford had its way with the Eagles, giving Douglas Byrd its first loss of the season, 35-6.

Northern Guilford will now advance and play Wilson Hunt in the semifinals of the Class 3AA bracket next week.

  • Tony said,

    Andy, I would think twice before shouting out some of the other Prep sport websites. NCPreps banned me from the messaging boards for simply mentioning in a post. Said I violated terms (mentioning another site) and received a 10 day suspension. Left me scratching my head when the guys like Simmons and others blast links all over the site.

  • Football Fan said,

    Andy, keep up the good are the only one covering NG….Guilford County news organizations didn’t cover NG playing D.Byrd. NG is in the final 4 and you wouldn’t know it in Greensboro. Shameful.

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    @Football Fan – Thanks for mentioning that. I was REALLY disappointed when I got home to watch the highlights and there was just a score running across the bottom of the screen. The comment SHAMEFUL is so true. News flash…..Northern is still in it, not just Page. I realize they would have had to drive to Fayetteville, but come on……2 Guilford County teams was all they had to report……

  • Page Nation said,


    Didn’t Page give you all the business during the season? I think they were there to cover that or did we miss something?

  • mark said,


    so that was you huh? I saw where you got dinged on NCPreps – they take that stuff way too serious. Funny thing is I think when posters mention other websites it’s better for business. High school football junkies want all the chatter they can get. The more the better.

    And congrats to Northern – figured they were in for a down year after losing Scarfone and Harris. Certainly didn’t expect them to run the road to another title game.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Tony, I hear what you are saying, but I always thought we were all supposed to work together…..Deana King at NCPreps has always been good to us and Chris Hughes over has sent us material quite often in the past….HighSchoolOT is a very good site….Most the others are bigger than us so we will just have to keep plugging along and keep our head up….Not ready to start any battles with the other sites, but it is good to get input on what is happening at the other locations…..Thanks Tony, and I will try and be more aware of the outside forces……Sometimes I do wish the other spots would take us a little more seriously, but there is not enough time to worry about things like that….Time to press on, press time in 15 minutes….

  • Football Fan said,

    It’s just flat out bias….this happens oh so few times in history… that 2 teams are in the final 4 playing for the state championship…and only one get’s covered…give me a break…one station talks about facebook half the show….they have no clue what people want to see. I’t football stupid….Both teams not just one…..they just don’t get it…and I don’t think they ever will.

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    @Page Nation – I wasn’t saying a thing about Page. I was referring to local TV/Newspaper sports coverage and with the 2 of us still being in it, I thought it would be nice to cover both games, that’s all. I am rooting for Page to win, and Northern to win, so we can match up again in our first game next year. That will be a game to look forward to all summer and I am sure local sports coverage will be HUGE ! LOL I know Andy and his crew will be there ! Thanks for the love Andy !

  • Football Fan said,

    Nighthawk 1 …ditto from me…it would be wonderful if we had 2 teams from Guilford County to win the state championship… It seems that WRAL is more interested in NG football than our stations…Digital Triad just posted the video that WRAL took of the game…I guess they are feeling the…

  • Football Fan said,

    If we have to ask our stations and newspapers to cover NG football….I just assume they not come……if there’s not enough in this world to disappoint people..this is one of them….. Go NightHawks…Go Page

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    Thank you Football Fan. Nice to know someone else gets it. I agree, we should never have to ask them to come and cover the game. So Nighthawks, keep up the good work and know that you have fans all over Guilford County that are rooting for you !

  • Dudley Panther said,


    All of you all are a joke. When Dudley was running the table, its amazing that none of you all were talking about coverage. But when Stan allegely did somethings out there you all tried to distance yuorselves from it while knowing it was happening all the time. You make it sound like you are including Page when reality you are really trying to promote Northern by using Page’s name.

  • Football Fan said,

    Dudley Panther….where in the world did you go to school. I didn’t understand a friggen thing you tried to write. Talking about a joke!

  • Nighthawk 1 said,

    @Dudley Panther – I wasn’t even around when Dudley was “running the table”(when was that ?) In the last couple of years it has been Northern, Northwest, and Page football everywhere I go. And the rest of what you said, What??

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Nighthawk 1……I am not a Dudley fan, but they dominated FB in the area from 2002-2009. They had a great run during that time. Page is just getting back to where they should be, and NW is just having a moment. Northern, right now, is off the charts.

  • Mike said,

    NIghthawk 1,
    Dudley is the cream of the crop in Guilford Co, you must not be from around here buddy, do some research before you make yourself look any more idiotic. NG has a long, long, long ways to go before even getting mentioned in the same breath as Dudley and Page football over the past 25 years. I know you are a new school and NG is making a name for itself, but when 3 or 4 state tiles like Dudley and Page and then come talk.

    Vegas Mike

  • Mike said,

    Maybe this will help you Nighthawk.
    Historically Speaking:
    Football: its Page ,Dudley ,Cummings, Thomasville, NE, Reidsville and Andrews
    Baseball: its SE, NE, WG, ER ,Asheboro and Glenn
    Basketball: its GDS, Dudley and WS Reynolds
    Soccer: its Page, Grimsley, NW, SW, GDS ,HPW and Ragsdale
    You guys keep it up and you will be on this list real soon.

    Vegas Mike

  • NotaMike Fan said,

    So Mike your saying NG has to join the good ol boys club before they are recognized. That’s intelligent.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Do we have to go through this again……

    Northern is 3AA Page is 4AA….

    Just like in the NCAA the SEC, ACC, etc. are going to get more coverage than teams in the Conference USA or the WAC. When Northern plays the big schools that have been here for 30+ years and have much larger fan bases like Page, Dudley, NW Guilford they get a ton of coverage…. but when they play teams like Byrd, Mcmichael, Rockingham, or Eden Morehead. Not many people care about the outcome of those games other than the Northern Fans.

    Same in College ball……When Boise State plays the big boys like VT, and Georgia they get a ton of coverage but when they play New Mexico state not many people care about the out come other than the Boise fans!

    Northern fans it is what it is. Not saying that your accomplishments aren’t as great as Page’s…. its just nobody other than your fans really care about the outcome!

    Just Sayin…..

  • NG Fan said,

    JustSayingAlotOfCrap… don’t know what the Sam Hill your talking about. NG beat the 4A South Carolina State champs this year…yes this year..NG beat Page last year..beat NW Guilford this year…and I’m sure that if Page and NG played again..I would put my money on NG. 2 of NG best players were out the whole second half in the Page game…if Page’s quarterback was out and they played NG again…it would be a whole different world out there on the football field….

  • Just Sayin said,

    @ NG Fan

    Not saying Northern isn’t a good team… calm the sam hill down! I was just sayin that Northern is a smaller school without a large fan base playing against a bunch of crap teams in their conference…..Not saying they didn’t play a tough Non-Conf schedule. When they played teams like Page, Dudley, and NW Guilford people from all over the area tuned in for those games! Now that they’re playing teams like Rockingham HS not many people in the Greensboro area other than Northern fans give a Rats tail about it!

    By the way you lost to Page and in Football you get one chance a year! So Northern fans quit bringing that up!

  • To NG Fan said,

    NG Fan,

    Some of your comments are stupid, silly, and a lot of other things.

    Look, most people in the area are pulling for the Guilford County schools, so you will have more people pulling for Northern to win than you will have people wanting them to lose. I for one wish Northern good luck. On the other hand, I’m so sick of hearing SOME (not all) of your fan’s excuses why you lost the game against Page. With your players still playing in the 1st half, Page was still winning 21-14 at half. If Page was losing, let us say 21-14 then I might would have to agree with you a bit; however, they were winning at the half. I’m annoyed with the excuses. There have been other Northern fans that just accept and say Page got us this year, and then we still have to hear whiney fans like you who want to make excuses. If your team was more conditioned for a whole game then we wouldn’t have had a question about the outcome at all. Who’s job is it to make sure your players are conditioned well enough to play a whole game, and if a player couldn’t finish a game then who’s job is it to make sure that the next guy is ready to perform? Maybe you should take the loss up with your coaches instead of wishing for a rematch of the two teams this year and probably getting the same result. I would gladly accept your bet on who would win.

    Last thing, good luck with Hunt this Friday night. Unlike you, I’m sure that Northern is more worried about preparing for Hunt than wishing for a rematch with Page.