Page played with a purpose and they were making people proud of the Pirates tonight at Marion Kirby Stadium and NG Nighthawks win big on the road in Fayetteville

Posted by Andy Durham on November 19, 2011 at 12:02 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Wild game at Page this evening, as Butler QB Riley Ferguson threw for 347 yards and three TD’s in the first half to give his Bulldogs a lead of 26-12 at halftime and then the Page Pirates turned it on and turned up the heat and went on to beat Butler 40-26, at Marion Kirby Stadium….

Big plays by Page in the second half with big-time runs by James Summers, Drew Rogers, Orlando Hatfield and other Pirates like Brian Spain were making the key catches/receptions and even a man we had not talked that much about before tonight, Jalen Gavin, came up with key runs on returns and end arounds…..Some of those return yards by Drew Rogers were off of the chalkboard and off the charts……

When James Summers was not making plays on offense he was making plays on defense, with a key pick/interception late…..In the first half, Savon Wall was fighting to stay on the field and then in the second half he pulls off a stunning pass interception in the end zone and just like the pick by James Summers, it prevented a sure Butler Bulldog touchdown…..

Brian Spain had a fumble recovery on a kickoff and the Pirates were all over the place…..Shaun Workinger was running the football and playing defense like a man that was possessed…..

Page has had some BIG defensive efforts this season, but the effort in the second half tonight might have been the best I’ve seen all year and that second half was a HUGE Shut Out effort….

Again eleven key reasons why Page went on to win that game tonight……Shaun Workinger, DeAnthony Brooks, Jacob Green, Blake Hickman, Christian Cranford, Evan Roer, Grant Brewer, Will Henry, Ed Britt, Savon Wall, Carter Stanley…..There’s 11 reasons for you right there why the Page Pirates are still winning…..

James Summers is playing a lot like Ricky Lewis did for Dudley when #22 led the Panthers to Titles back in 2008 and 2009….#18 and #22, not too much separating those two young men right now……

More on the Northern Guilford Nighthawks work down at Fayetteville Byrd coming in the morning when we have more time to sort that one out….

Until then, Round Three Vitory by Coach G and the team from P-A-G-E tonight and the Big P was the place to be, to see the B-I-G Victory in Round Three…..


    I’m still in shock after seeing what I witness tonight. It wasn’t taking away from Page wonderful season, but I just have seen Butler played in games the last 3 or 4 years in the playoffs and base on that…I didn’t think any teams in this part of the state could handle what Butler/ Independence brought the last 8 or 9 years. Page did something I haven’t seen done to this Charlotte team…which was PUNCH BACK like a ROCKY MOVIE…….I have to give it to Page, they have no quit……THAT’S GOOD COACHING WITH GREAT KIDS THAT BELIEVE…….My hat is off to Page, I’m have to dig my foot out of my mouth on this one…WOW !!!

  • robert said,

    i think Page was sick and tired of hearing “greensboro cant hang with charlotte” what a second half. never been more proud of my Pirates! marion Kirby was rocking! go workinger! #35.

  • Triadwatch said,

    Pretty amazing game. It would be interesting to have heard the page lockerroom at halftime because they came out on fire. The biggest play was the cheap shot petsonal foul after the play had already gone for a touchdown for butler when page fumbled the ball going in for touchdown. That was huge. Congrats to page that was a incredible comeback.

  • Triadwatch said,

    It was funny to hear the pa announcer say it is 3rd down and a shipload, pretty funny