Caldwell Acadmey gets split with Davidson Day on Monday night:Eagle girls pick up win and boys fall to #2 ranked team in the state

Posted by Andy Durham on November 22, 2011 at 11:32 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Caldwell Academy Boys vs. #2 ranked Davidson Day

1 2 3 4 Total
Caldwell 5 20 18 12 55
Davidson Day 15 15 22 18 70

Caldwell – Manning 13, Uchedike 12, Ikezu 12, Kobani 8, Wyrick 8, Branon 3
Davidson Day – Davis 17, Eddie 12, Brown 12, Anylade 10, Carnegie 6,
Albrittion 3, Mercer 3, Mozon 3, Jordan 2

* Davidson jumped out to an early 15-3 lead but Caldwell clawed back to
trail by only 5 at halftime. Caldwell cut the lead to 3 points a couple
times in the second half but could never jump past Davidson Day who
converted on free throws down the stretch to pulll away.

1 2 3 4 Total
Davidson Day 6 9 3 12 30
Caldwell 14 12 16 11 53

Caldwell – Ricard 14, Page 13, Tomlinson 8, Mancuso 4, Carlson 4, Kadlecek
3, Houser 2, Speckman 2, Carlson 2, Ganim 1
Davidson Day – Funderburke 14, Hamilton 7, Roberts 4, Harris 2, Bringewatt
1, Foothman 1, Ford 1

Courtesy of:
Dan Bozarth
Athletic Director
Caldwell Academy

  • Eagle Dad said,

    Good write up by AD above. Davidson Day is a good athletic team. They hit a lot of 3s on what appeared to be a triangle and 2 defense. If they are #2 in the state, then Caldwell is surely top 10. I counted 8 turnovers in the first quarter (and bet we had over 20 for the game) and doubt that we were much better than 60% from the free throw line for the game. A few less mistakes and if a few shots fall, we are right in it. Good high school game and look forward to some more good ball on Horsepen Creek Road as our Eagles continue to improve.

  • ranking clarification said,

    I believe they are ranked #2 in the NCISAA 2A as opposed to be ranked #2 overall in the state.

  • 2A or 3A good team said,

    The private schools are very different from the public schools when it comes to 2A vs 3A. In public schools there are few 2A programs that can compete with a lot of the 3A programs in sports but in the private/acedemy programs there often is very little difference at times. There are a ton of 2A basketball programs in the private schools that would blow out most 4A basketball teams. That is what is so “cool” about the type of schools that the private schools play because most nights you are able to see some really good basketball. Unfortuately with a lot of the public schools you will see 2 bad or marginal teams for both the boys and girls on the floor in the same night. This is also a product of so many good players transferring or never going to their local public high school in the first place. The crowds energy is generally better in the public gyms but the play on the floor has dropped. These are my opinions and observations over the past 5 years or so.